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Pirates 2 Phillies 1

Posted on: April 8, 2012 1:53 am

            In a game I was in attendance for, the Buccos and Alex Presley made my day.  With two outs in the bottom of the 10th, Presley came up with the winning run via Mike McKenry who actually entered the game as a pinch runner for Rod Barrajas who nearly ended the game with a drive that hit the top of the wall and came back onto the field to keep the Phillies hopes alive for a little while longer.  After lumbering into second, Barrajas gave way to Mckenry who was bunted to third by a Clint Barmes sacrifice.  The next batter was Josh Harrison who entered the game earlier and hit a double in his only other at bat.  Jose Tabata popped out, making the second out of the inning and leaving it up to the speedy Presley.

           Now, let's go back to the beginning of this event.  My wife Kathy and I were to meet my son Ben and his girlfriend Mallory at the Honus Wagner statue in front of gate A at the beautiful PNC Park.  Perfect.  There they were waiting for us with tickets in hand to give us for my birthday present from him.  Go in and as we walked through the concourse we noticed we could barely get through 'cause it was packed with an unusually high number of Phillie fans.  In our seats we were surrounded by the loud mouthed, ignorant, disgusting people wearing red and blue.  It took everything in me to not punch one of those boastful, idiotic, obnoxious, Phillie fans in the face as they cheered and chanted any time a Phillie player did anything remotely good.  The one comment that stuck in my mind that was uttered by the dimwit Phillie fan behind us when Alex Presley was introduced for his at bat was " Ha ha ha who is he? ha ha ha!"  I just looked back and said "You'll see!"

          He saw alright... he saw Presley use his speed to beat out an infield hit and win the game fo my beloved Buccos!  ... And I took great joy in turning around and looking at the now puzzled fan from "Filthadelphia" who was now holding his head in his hands in disbelief.  Yes, it was a beautiful sight to see especially having to deal with the over-bearing jerks who would blurt out "PHILS!" every single time us Pirate fans cheered "Let's go Bucs!"  The Pens took care of the soon to be "out" of the playoffs, Flyers earlier in the day and the Bucs finished them off at night, so go back to your hole on the other side of the state where you can be rude to each other and boo the players on your sports teams...'cause that is all you're good for you lousy scum of the earth Philadelphians!    

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