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Duke #1? That's a joke

Posted on: February 26, 2011 2:41 pm

Duke is #1 in the latest poll.

Knock knock..., sorry.  I thought I was being punked by the Associated Press and the Coaches.  But then I saw the rankings  and realized it was true.  Duke is #1.  I still can't figure out why.

The Blue Devils are exactly 1-1 against the RPI top 30.  That one win (North Carolina) is their only win against a ranked team. The loss was to St. John's.  Their other loss is to unranked Florida State (RPI 48).

So that's what the Blue Devils have to offer.  Now let's compare.

Second ranked Kansas (Coaches Poll) also has two losses. They are #1 in the RPI.  Duke is #6.  Check Kansas.

Kansas has two wins against the RPI 30 (Arizona, Missouri).  Duke has one.  Check Kansas.

Kansas' best loss is to a top 5 team (Texas). They also have a loss to Kansas State (RPI 33).  Duke's best loss is St. John's (ranked 23) and the bad one is Florida State (RPI 48).  Check Kansas.

So clearly, there is no logical way to rank Duke ahead of Kansas at this point.

It gets better.

Ohio State is ranked #3 (Coaches Poll).

They also have two wins against the RPI top 30 (Purdue, Florida).  So they are even with Kansas there.  But when you expand that to the top 50, Ohio State has eight wins, while Kansas has just six.  Check Ohio State.

Ohio State also has two losses, both of which came to ranked teams on the road.  Kansas lost once at home and once by 16 to an unranked team. Check Ohio State.

Don't even get me started on Pittsburgh. The Panthers have six wins against the top 30, and all three losses are against RPI top 30 teams.  Yet somehow the Panthers are ranked #4.

Usually voters are pretty good at nailing down at least the top 5, but they butchered it this week.  Here are my top 5:

1)  Ohio State
2)  Pittsburgh
3)  Kansas
4)  San Diego State
5)  Texas

That's right, no Duke.

That's not a joke.

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Posted on: March 7, 2011 12:44 am

Duke #1? That's a joke

I agree, but the committee often seeds teams based on rankings.  While the rankings are pointless, the seeds often have an impact on who wins the national championship.

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Posted on: February 26, 2011 3:09 pm

Duke #1? That's a joke

I have found that when it comes to college basketball, it doesn't pay to get too worked up over who is number one. Every year in March and early April we crown the number one team, through a tournament that makes all of the polls that take place during the season pointless.

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