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the customer isn't always right.

Posted on: February 21, 2011 10:12 pm
First off, I say uck it, there is nothing good on the tv set, and I feel like writing. Because as you may know, everything that comes out of my fingers is genius. If you think not, then you are calling my mom a liar, and that is one thing she is not, because the judge told her if he caught her lying one more time, she would in contempt. Anyways, Let us get to the real stuff, the blog.

In sports you hear the phrase "if you do what the fans want, you will end up sitting with them". And I for one, will admit that there are a lot of dumb fans in the world. Especially if they don't agree with me. But anyways, fans will go crazy after one loss, and will think is the end of the world if this or that happens. There are some that a sensible, and understand that it is a process, and it takes a lot of moving parts to make a winning team. But, having said that, lets get back to the part where if you do what the fans want, you will end up sitting with them.

In pretty much any business in the world, the business tries their best to make sure that the customers gets what it wants. And for teams, well, the fans are the customers. Teams are not rock bands, that can say "hey, this is my art, and if you don't like it, that tough". Teams want to make money, and we all know they are greedy as they come. So, why don't teams listen just a little to the fans. I am not saying to do all, and everything that the fans want, but come on, throw them a bone man. Why not have suggestions in the websites? I don't know, some ramblings. Go see Sucker Punch it looks fun. Also, I think my next dog will be a St. Benard, I want a really big one, so I can ride him around NYC, like he is a horse! Also, don't ever practice the game of Russian roulette. That's a game best to just jump into. uck it, I am not proofreading this load of junk.
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