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Wisco Sports High - Badgers rolling

Posted on: February 28, 2011 3:33 pm
Well, everyone who didn't know me and could possibly be reading this blog would need to figure out eventually that I'm a Sconnie.  I was born and bred in Green Bay, WI before living in Madison for 5 years and becoming a proud Wisconsin alum.  A friend coined the term for me and it's absolutely true: I'm on a Wisconsin sports high. 

After watching first hand the high preseason ranked Badger football team survive against Arizona State this year by a blocked PAT, then stumbling against Michigan State during their "heartfelt" run, I was also on hand for the #1 OSU upset.  I'll always remember the moment as my old college roommates jumped up and down less than 10 seconds into the game as David Gilreath crossed the goal line and we repeatedly yelled, "NO FLAGS! NO FLAGS!", then being the first guy on the field out my gate and running like the wind towards Gabe Carimi.  After that its been a blur: a trip to Hollywood and LA for the oh so close Rose Bowl, returning home to Lambeau for a few Packer games en route to our Super Bowl victory, and most recently being on hand for the #1 OSU upset -again!- in bball (dressed with my buddies as a Badger storm troopers and Darth Vader of course)

YEP, YOU COULD SAY I'M ON A WISCONSIN SPORTS HIGH!  The Brewers even wisened and finally signed some pitching to make us NL Central frontrunners.

And what's been especially cool, though usually I prefer the underdog status, is just that - being a front runner.  The Badger football team was highly ranked preseason, picked by many to win the Big 10, and we got the BCS rank we deserved down our strong stretch.  The Packers were preseason favorites by literally everyone to go to Dallas, and after recovering from our World War II like injuries we were 6 seeded but picked to win it all by many still.  The Badger basketball team was picked in the bottom of the Big Ten this year and our star players were overlooked, but now are also getting the respect deserved by voters.  Bo Ryan and the gang have climbed from top 50 to top 10 in both polls, the highest ranked 6 loss team before "storied" programs like UNC, Syracuse, Florida and Arizona (whom all also have 6 losses - thank you Alex Ringeisen).  And now the Brewers, with their power hitting and new mound masters, are being pegged #1. 

Traditionally the little state of Wisconsin gets forgotten up here in the Great North.  People tend to stop at Chicago, where I currently live, and for God knows why.  But my small state is making waves - um - icey ones...?  A few years back there was a story about Boston being the greatest sports city in the world.  The Celtics had won the NBA finals, the Pats the Super Bowl, the Red Sox the World Series, the Bruins were playing ok, and BC and even Boston U were having good years.  Well move over ya bloody bleeeeps!  Us beer drinking, brat eating, manure spreading, Cheeseheads are movin on up!
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