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Another step taken to keep Coyotes in Arizona

Posted on: April 20, 2011 6:00 pm
Edited on: April 20, 2011 6:21 pm
The Phoenix Coyotes could be eliminated from the postseason via a sweep by the Detroit Red Wings tonight, but their future in Arizona may not come to quite as an abrupt end. 

The Goldwater Institute -- a public interest group that has threatened a lawsuit to block the sale of $100 million in bonds that would help keep the Coyotes Arena -- has agreed to meet with Glendale officials on Thursday, The Phoenix Business Journal reports. The meeting with Glendale officials, however, won’t be open to the public.

“One way to ensure transparency is to have journalists present, which is an option the city declined,” Goldwater Vice President Starlee Rhoades told the publication. “However, to ensure transparency, we have agreed to have a neutral third-party transcript of the conversation made available to the public and members of the press. We are pleased to be meeting with Glendale in this open manner and look forward to sharing the results of the meeting with you.”

The league -- which has funded or directly run the team for more than two years -- has attempted for months to find a way to keep them in Arizona. A current deal with Chicago businessman Matthew Hulsizer is contingent on that bond sale. 

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said on a Toronto radio station Wednesday that the league won’t be off to “Plan B” -- widely speculated to mean a move back to Winnipeg -- immediately after thhe Coyotes are eliminated (via the Globe and Mail): 
"It's not really a fair question," he said. "And the speculation that we've been holding some announcement waiting for them to stop playing is absolutely wrong. We're still focused on trying to make it work in Phoenix.

"And I hope we're successful. Obviously when the Goldwater Institute killed the deal, it was a huge setback. Nobody expected them to do that. We didn't think it was right that they did it, but the focus is still on making it work.

"Do we have an infinite amount of time? The answer's obviously not. But we haven't been holding an announcement waiting to see when the Coyotes are done playing, I assure you of that."

-- A.J. Perez
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Another step taken to keep Coyotes in Arizona

Well KenDoll....most of the player's I imagine you root for on your Blackhawk team do in the offseason. And pretty much anyone who likes free healthcare? How about you? What do you pay? But hey, we won't sling insults back your way...maybe one. You realize why the rest of the world is always pissing on you and some of your american compadres( most are great ), it's not because we hate you's because the U.S is shaped like a giant TOILET BOWL, we're just aiming in your direction is all. Take a close look, ya might want to sit down and think about it for a while, maybe bring a magazine Dummy.

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Another step taken to keep Coyotes in Arizona

Your absolutetly right on that one, we are a country at peace man...We have it made living here. Only ignorant people talk down to Canadians after everything weve done for the States...To those who hate Canadians, GO FUCK YOURSELVES AND ENJOY THE RIDE...

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Posted on: April 22, 2011 1:03 am

Another step taken to keep Coyotes in Arizona

I'd rather live in Canada then the States right now, see what the dollar is worth here compared to your crappy currency? up to a dollar 5, I can go walk into a hospital, get surgery..and not have to pay a damn cent...and someone isn't going to sue me for looking at them wrong, or shoot me for the same reason.....Canada isn't involved in multiple wars with no end in sight....peoples homes aren't being foreclosed upon, we don't have to bail out businesses left & right....were not trillions in debt...shall I continue?

Bye Bye Glendale , bring back The Jets!!!! Send the commie back to Russia!

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Posted on: April 21, 2011 11:54 pm

Another step taken to keep Coyotes in Arizona

Who would want to live in Canada??? The only difference between a Canadian and Mexican are the skin colors!!HAHA!!

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Posted on: April 21, 2011 8:26 pm

Another step taken to keep Coyotes in Arizona

Sounds like you are extremely upset over something you have no control over or influence on. Until and unless you have skin in the game you should be respectful of everyones opinion expressed here. I don't mind other people differing from my point of view. However, I do take exception to arrogance and name calling and belittling people. I don't like Bettman any more than anyone else. I think he's been terrible for the game of hockey and if it were in my power, he would have been fired long ago. As far as the Pheonix Coyotes go - they left Winnipeg for a variety of reasons but mainly they couldn't make the required revenue to sustain and grow the franchise so they moved. I didn't like it at the time and now I wouldn't like it if they moved back. To me it's just not right. I think the solution is to award a franchise to Winnipeg, keep Coyotes where the are and move Detroit into the Eastern Division and eliminate the instigator rule and have at it. Again, JMO.

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Posted on: April 21, 2011 4:37 pm

Another step taken to keep Coyotes in Arizona

The Phoenix Coyotes = a failed experiment. How much more money do they need to lose before someone actually realizes that it is a mistake to force them to stay there? There aren't enough people who care about the team in AZ. Even Gretzky was smart enough to bail out before impact!

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Posted on: April 21, 2011 4:28 pm

Another step taken to keep Coyotes in Arizona

Hey Bettman:

The Goldwater Inst didn't kill the deal. All they did was threaten a lawsuit. If you or the city of Glendale want to proceed, go right ahead.
What are you afraid of?

Better yet, why don't you find someone, other than the taxpaying public, to buy the arena and then buy the team? Go ahead and find someone...maybe a Russian mafia billionaire or how about some middle east/arab royal family.

Go get someone....that's your job! Don't try to put in on the taxpaying public....who by the way, could care less about the NHL and hockey in Phoenix/Glendale. They might care about it in Anaheim or San Jose or LA, but not in Phx.

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Posted on: April 21, 2011 3:07 pm

Another step taken to keep Coyotes in Arizona

My Friend, I could not have said any of this any better.  You covered all points perfectly.  It is sad that we (I am a Winnipegger) have a higher attendance rate at our AHL hockey team's (Manitoba Moose) games than Glendale does for the Phoenix Coyotes do at an NHL level.  I have read many other opinions here today and it seems very clear that there are some very wise people abroad.  Bettman's dream of having an all American league + Montreal and Toronto with teams in the largest demographical areas has finally been exposed for what it is.  It is clear that a state does not have to experience winter like we do here, or have snow on the ground a few months of the year for there to be fans there, that is not what we're all trying to say.  But for crying out loud, there have to be fans at the bloody game.  The economy was very different when we lost the Jets.  The dollar was a fraction of what the U.S. dollar was and there was no salary cap at that time.  For any Coyote fan that feels that we lost our Jets to you because of the same reasons you may lose the Coyotes, you are sadly mistaken.  I watched the Jets push the Red Wings to 6 games that last year, a hell of a feat considering Detroit finished with 131 points (62-13-7 that's 62 wins, 13 losses all year, AND 7 ties...) that year, before the dumb method that is in place now.  What an accomplishment it was to reach 50 wins in a season back then.  Detroit won 62 games in regulation that year.  I was at the last game in Winnipeg Arena.  I watched our guys fall 4-1 at the hands of those Red Wings.  Every fan present and watching on TV held that team close to our hearts.  We may have lost our team due to economic reasons, lack of a proper owner, our arena was among the worst in the league... All valid reasons why we would have lost our team.  No one argues that.  But never let a Jet fan hear you say it was because the fan support wasn't there.  We created the "White Out"... Calgary followed it with its "C of Red"... And Glendale tried it out.  Sadly, since the change in color sweaters being the home jerseys now, it looked like there was 10,000 fans all cheering for the Wings last night in the desert.  Way to go, Glendale.   

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Posted on: April 21, 2011 1:58 pm

Another step taken to keep Coyotes in Arizona

Montreal - 100.0% of capacity
Calgary - 102.8% of capacity
Toronto - 102.9% of capacity
Vancouver - 102.4% of capacity
Ottawa - 96% of capacity
Edmonton - 100.0% of capacity

Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa didn't make the playoffs, but the support is there.  I'm an American, but I'm also a realist.  Put the team in a hockey market that will support them.  They never should have left Winnipeg in the first place

To top it off those numbers you're quoting are basically pretty standard numbers for the last 5 years so the support is definitely there.   And Toronto hasn't made the playoffs in a long time but people still go to the games.....    the american dollar back then is what destroyed the Jets in Winnipeg but that is no longer an issue today and most likely won't even come close to what it was anytime in the next 20 years.  Hockey in Winnipeg would be fine..... why they are still talking about keeping hockey in Arizona is unbelievable in itself.   Still have a hard time believing there is even one investor world wide that would spend the kind of money necessary for an NHL team that is losing that much money every year. 

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