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Boston's Bergeron suffers 'mild' concussion

Posted on: May 7, 2011 1:24 pm
Edited on: May 7, 2011 4:44 pm
Boston Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron suffered his third concussion of his NHL career in Friday’s series-clinching victory over the Philadelphia Flyers

Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli told reporters Saturday that Bergeron suffered a “mild concussion,” reports CSN New England’s Joe Haggerty. But with Bergeron’s concussion history, any new head injury won’t be taken lightly --- especially with the NHL’s new concussion standards pressed into use this season. 

“He went into the Quiet Room after he was hit, was assessed by our doctors, took the NHL-modified SCAT II test and was deemed unable to return. But what I’m told is that the concussion is mild,” Chiarelli. said  “When I spoke with him after the game he was a little despondent, but he was quite lucid. He was despondent having suffered another concussion. It was just okay”

Bergeron, the Boston’s leading scorer this postseason with 12 points (two goals and 10 assists), was checked by Flyers forward Claude Giroux in the opening minutes of the third period of the Bruins’ 5-1 Game 4 victory over the Flyers at TD Garden, a hit Chiarelli said was a “shade late.”

One bright spot is that he reportedly went home, not to a hospital, after team doctors ruled the symptoms weren’t serious enough to warrant closer observation. Next up for Bergeron is a visit to the neurologist, which will help determine his path back to the ice.

Bergeron, 25, could miss the first couple games of the Eastern Conference Final. The matchup with the Tampa Bay Lightning is set and the series will begin after the both West series ---- Detroit vs. San Jose and Nashville vs. Vancouver --- are settled. 

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Boston's Bergeron suffers 'mild' concussion

well i can be happy that the Bruins have a great young team right now, should be good for years, and have knocked Montreal out the last 2 playoff meetings and hold a 6-3 playoff record against the habs in the last 9 meetings

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Posted on: June 3, 2011 3:39 am

Boston's Bergeron suffers 'mild' concussion

Miamitom, en bref the Montreal Canadiens have won the Stanley Cup 7 times since the last time  the Boston Bruins won it, so who cares about your 90-94 span? Heck even the Toronto Maple Leafs have 7 Stanley Cup wins to the Boston Bruins 2 once past the Bobby Orr Bruins!

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Boston's Bergeron suffers 'mild' concussion

Hey Miamitom, I'll pop on here also, no malice nor prejudiced intended, think I'm a bit older than you ans Quebecdom, not saying anything more than I've lived longer and certainly have witnessed more Stanley Cup Parades was nearly a yearly event during the 60's and 70's down Ste Catherine's street.
 Let's talk Bruins Stanley Cup victories, or is that Bobby Orr Stanley Cup victories. Guess to put this into perspective the previous time the Bruins won the Stanley Cup prior to the 69-70 season was the war torn 40-41 campaign. We all know the Bruins won the Stanley Cup for a second time 71-72, so that's 2 Cups in 70 years, but what of that Bruins team the 70-71 juggernaut that reconstructed the record book:
This season saw a marked increase in goal scoring, especially by the , who shattered dozens of scoring records as they set the mark for most goals by a team (399) by nearly a hundred over the previous record holder. They also set records for most victories (57) and points (121). Phil Esposito set records for most goals in a season with 76 and for most points with 152. Defenceman won his second consecutive and set a new record for assists with 102. The Bruins also had the four league leading scorers, the first time in history this was achieved (the only other time being by the Bruins in 1974), and seven of the top ten leading scorers, the only time in NHL history this has ever been achieved. Furthermore, the Bruins set marks for the highest scoring single season marks at every position: center (Esposito), left wing ( with 116), right wing ( with 105) and defense (Orr), as well as for a forward line (Esposito centering and Hodge).( Wikipedia)...
The Montreal Canadiens were matched against the Boston Bruins, and in one of the most extraordinary upsets in hockey history, was hot in goal for the Canadiens as they ousted the Bruins in seven games. Game 2 featured what many perceive as one of the greatest comebacks in NHL history. With the Bruins leading 5–2 heading into the third period, the Canadiens, who had trailed 5–1, scored 5 goals in the final session to win 7–5. The prominent Canadian sports journalist lists the Canadiens' comeback has the in his over 49 years of covering hockey. In game 4, became the first defenceman to get a hat trick in a playoff game when Boston won 5–2.
 Read em and weep, Miamitom, perhaps you got some ghosts out of the closest with the Bruins winning in overtime in the 7 th game, while the Habs had their 3 best defencemen injured, enjoy it while you can. Dino CHara ( sic) is no Bobby Orr^^.
 Go Canucks Go!!!

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Boston's Bergeron suffers 'mild' concussion

Third in the conference is something people forget by the second game of the next round.  Nobody remembers the second loser, except maybe people who don't know what winning feels like.
3rd in conf?? the standings?? the standings come playoff time are meaningless....and the Bruins are in the finals, smart guy......and ohhhhhhhh quebecfreak pops on.....figured youd be under a rock after my B's took out the flopping said championships and im a sports fan, i love winning in any of the 4 major sports....although football and hockey are my 2 favorites.....i love my team winning in any and all sports!!

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Posted on: May 12, 2011 8:56 pm

Boston's Bergeron suffers 'mild' concussion

Hockey surfer dude,  H-O-C-K-E-Y we are discussing here on the NHL site!

Don't give a flying fuk about crappy unfair NO CAP baseball and basketball ! Where owners simply BUY a championship with unlimited payrolls and always the same boring and tiresome franchises, year after year that show up in the playoffs!


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Boston's Bergeron suffers 'mild' concussion

You become relevant when you win, Tommy Boy.  Third in the conference is something people forget by the second game of the next round.  Nobody remembers the second loser, except maybe people who don't know what winning feels like.


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Boston's Bergeron suffers 'mild' concussion

It's the B's year! I have never seen them skate, stick, and play Defense like they are now. I have been a westcoast Bruins fan for 40ears and this team has got it!

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Posted on: May 11, 2011 9:11 pm

Boston's Bergeron suffers 'mild' concussion

If you ever have that once-in-a-lifetime experience of being a world champ again
not sure what sufer dude means, im from CT. you must be slow.....anyway ive had the experience of my teams being champions, not in hockey, but my Mets won in 86 and my Lakers, well we've been champs manyyyy times.
but before you start saying im some bandwagon fan let me say that ALL the teams i root for, yes an odd group, but ive been a fan of ALL since i was about 7-8 years old,  never jumped ship and have stuck with all for 35 years or so.

Call me when Boston is relevant again, yawn.
if you cant see the Bruins are relevant THIS year, being in the semi finals, i dont know what to tell you. all i can say is the Bruins are still playing and the habs are starting the back 9 about now

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Posted on: May 11, 2011 5:19 pm

Boston's Bergeron suffers 'mild' concussion


N.B. The original article read's as  " ...17 YEARS in a row" but should read as " ... 17 SERIES in a row".

The Editor apologizes to the readers, and fully regrets the erroneous statement that unintentionally diminishes the extraordinary nature of this sporting feat, virtually next to none in organized sports.

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