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Stamkos returns minutes after slap shot to face

Posted on: May 27, 2011 10:08 pm
Edited on: May 28, 2011 1:55 am

BOSTON --- As blood seeped from the gash along the bridge of his nose, Tampa Bay Lightning forward Steven Stamkos was still a gamer even after the contest ended.

“I have broken my nose before,” said Stamkos, one of the first player to talk to reporters. “It was just a weird play. The guy cut in front of me right before and I didn’t see the puck coming. It just hit me square on.”

Stamkos lay on the ice only briefly after he absorbed the slap shot off the stick of Boston Bruins defenseman Johnny Boychuk in the second period. He hopped up as blood poured from his nose, he slammed his helmet onto the ice in anger and he went to the dressing room.

“Who knows?” Stamkos said when asked what the trainers did to stem the bleeding. “I just wanted to get back as fast as I could. This obivoulsy was the biggest game of my life.”

He only missed only about five minutes of game time as he got patched up and the equipment manager attached a cage to his helment.

"That is what it is all about," Lightning forward Ryan Malone said. "We mentioned it before the game. The team wanted to pay a price. It is stick on puck and you take one in the face and that could be the difference. Stammer is a warrior. He got his first taste of the playoffs this year, obviously, but for him to come back in and play solid and generate offense of that, it shows the person he is."

In fact, it sounded like the loss was much more crushing than what Boychuk unintentionally inflicted.

“It was a little breakdown in our system,” said Stamkos, who was on the ice when Nathan Horton scored the game’s lone goal. “It is tough. It is over with now and it was a good effort.”

-- A.J. Perez

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Stamkos returns minutes after slap shot to face

Good point, I played sports but never broke my nose, although it would have an impact, I don't think it would be signficant enough to worry about whether you could play or not, maybe just limit them to shorter shifts. I never thought a broken nose made anyone completely incapable of breathing through the nostrils, although it no doubt, has an affect to some extent. Pro athletes are conditioned enough to endure it I'm sure.

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Posted on: May 29, 2011 7:56 pm

Stamkos returns minutes after slap shot to face

I think what people are failing to recognize is how hard it is to get thru this type of injury being related to breathing.  I've read people talk about being able to skate still, or to still see the puck, however it's clear that maybe some, just based off of not playing ice hockey themselves don't realize how difficult it is to be effective on the ice if you can't breathe.  I have to assume that with a broken nose he had to be experiencing difficulty with this and it had to have played a role on endurance.

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Stamkos returns minutes after slap shot to face

I give Stamkos credit, mostly for showing his focus was on the game itself; the desire to get back in there and his reaction after the loss. If someone takes a slap shot and it hits a guy's face, I'll take a broken nose and some blood over losing my vision (perhaps permanantly) He showed great heart wanting to get back in, something every real athlete should have but apparently is not the case. Game 7 conference finals, if you can still see the puck and move with the play, you have to put it all out there that night.

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Posted on: May 29, 2011 6:03 pm

Stamkos returns minutes after slap shot to face

should be interesting to see the Lightning in the offseason.  How much is it going to take to keep Stamkos?  Will it be too much?  Will they regret giving LeCavalier so much knowing this day was coming.  He's only a RFA however any team could throw an offer out there that TB can't match.  If I were the GM of any team and had the money, I'd quickly pass up on 4 first rounders for the rights to this guy.  

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Stamkos returns minutes after slap shot to face

Rod Brind'Amore used to have the ugliest nose in the NHL,  Steven Stamkos appears to be the one to step up and take his place now that Rod has retired.

This is what I like about the NHL.  Injuries that would land most athletes on the DL a hockey player misses one or two shifts and it's back on the ice.  Take a puck to the face, break a nose and miss on shift.  Take a stick to the face take 18 stitches and miss 2 shifts only because the doctor is slow. 

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Stamkos returns minutes after slap shot to face

Is anyone tougher than a hockey player? Literally, is anyone tougher than a hockey player?? And Stamkos isn't a gritty, hard-nosed (pun not intended) bruiser that lacks any skill outside of getting hit by pucks. He's an offensive wizard. He's a highly-skilled superstar. And he missed what, two shifts? Can you imagine if that was one of the NBA's flopping drama queens?

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Stamkos returns minutes after slap shot to face

I wasn't surprised at all that he came back like everyone else on here has said Hockey players ARE different and this WAS game 7 with a trip to the cup finals on the line.
That all being said I still applaud Stamkos for getting out there and playing as solidly as he did after  being injured shows the kind of quality player the bolts are fortunate enough to have.
That all being said though I will say "GO B"S!!!!!!"

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Stamkos returns minutes after slap shot to face

Hockey players are a different breed...that was about as visually viscious as it gets....Stamkos is a warrior...hat's off to both teams, that was as good a game as you'll ever see.....I'd like to say Thank You for showing everything that's good about sports...skill, professionalism, sportsmanship...and, by the narrowest of margins, the home team prevails.....remember that....there are no such thing as meaningless mid-season games....

Very nice post.  And yes, hockey players certainly are a different breed.  I'm not saying athletes in other sports aren't tough but there is nothing like hockey.  It's a gruelling 82 game schedule and usually easily over 100 games for the teams that make it to the finals.  That shot Stamkos took to the face was unbelievable to say the least... nothing I haven't seen before but man oh man how tough do you have to be getting up after a shot to a face like that, skating unassisted off the ice and to the dressing room only to retun a few minutes later. That was a laser..... 

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