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Bruins' Horton hospitalized after collision

Posted on: June 6, 2011 8:34 pm
Edited on: June 7, 2011 5:19 am

BOSTON --- Boston Bruins forward Nathan Horton was taken off the ice on a stretcher after a blindside hit delivered by Vancouver Canucks defenseman Aaron Rome five minutes into Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final on Monday night.

Horton was moving all his extremities and he was admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital, the Bruins announced near the end of the first period. The team had no futher update on Horton after the game.

"I know I've got the same things that you guys got," Bruins coach Claude Julien said. "He  was obviously moving around. That's all that I've been told. I don't have any more to share with you guys."

Horton, who is tied for the second on the team in points in the playoffs, had just crossed the blue line where he delivered a pass to teammate Milan Lucic when Rome initiated the collision with his shoulder. Horton's head made contact with the ice and he appeared to lose consciousnesss.

Rome, who initially went to the penalty box, was given a five-minute major for interference and a game misconduct. A hearing is set with NHL officials on Tuesday morning. 

"I think what I would call it is a blindside hit that we've talked about taking out of the game," Julien said. "He made the pass. [The hit] was late. He came from the blindside.":

Canucks coach Alain Vigneault agreed that the hit may have been late, but they parted when it came to whether the hit was of the blindside variety.

"That hit was head-on hit [and Horton was] looking at his pass," Vigneault  said. "It was a little bit late. I don't think that's the hit that the league is trying to take out of the game. This is a physical game, you have big guys. Fraction of a second to decide what's happening out there."

The home fans booed loudly after as the replay finally displayed on the scoreboard moments before play resumed. They cheered later in the period when Horton's condition was displayed.

The Bruins did not score on the ensuing power play.

The collision reintroduced the topic of head shots on the game’s biggest annual stage. The league has taken steps over the last several months to limit concussions as standouts like Pittsburgh's Sidney Crosby and Boston's Marc Savard missed significant time this season. The Bruins were also without Patrice Bergeron for the first two games of the conference finals after he suffered a concussion in the second round.

Rome certainly appears to be in jeopardy of a suspension under Rule 48, which was put in place late last season to punish players who deliver hits to the head of an unsuspecting opponent.

The league’s general managers were against an all-encompassing rule that would ban any type hit to the head, but the league did establish new protocols for players who suffer concussions. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman also established a blue ribbon panel headed by former NHL player Brendan Shanahan. That panel is scheduled to present their findings to at the general managers meeting here in Boston on Wednesday.

Mike Murphy, the NHL’s senior VP of hockey operations, would make the final decision on whether Rome will be suspended. The league’s normal disciplinarian, Colin Campbell, isn’t involved on issues linked to the Bruins, who count his son, Gregory, as one of their players.

Shanahan will take over supplemental discipline decisions next season.

-- A.J. Perez

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Since: Feb 27, 2011
Posted on: June 7, 2011 10:11 am

Bruins' Horton hospitalized after collision

typical boston and bruins fan... crying about a hit because it happened to them.. No wonder why Boston nauseates me!

Since: Jul 30, 2007
Posted on: June 7, 2011 10:09 am

Bruins' Horton hospitalized after collision

spoken like a true Canuck fan...

Since: Dec 14, 2007
Posted on: June 7, 2011 10:00 am

Bruins' Horton hospitalized after collision..

That hit wasn't a clean hit 20 years ago.  You might not get suspended back then, but it was well after the pass and the cheap Aaron Rome who by the way has 1 goal and no assists in the play-offs made a 3 step run at him.  Nathan Horton was plus 11 and clear point leader in that catagory for us.  Rome should be suspended for the rest of the post season and there should be additional penalties since this was an act that was questionable from the coach.  The whimpy cheap Canucks took a run at a guy who wasn't looking.  If Vancouver says it's clean OK lets play it that way..  You will see the whimpy Sadin brothers sprinting off the ice including Burrows before they get hit.  They want no part of that at all..  By the way the Thorton ejection was absolutely horrible.  We wanted redemption and the league said we will stop it before you can.

Since: Jun 25, 2009
Posted on: June 7, 2011 9:56 am

Bruins' Horton hospitalized after collision

Your boy Chara didn't get suspended for his hit and that was worse. #1 rule in hockey keep your head up and don't watch your passes or you will end up knocked out flat on your back

Man do I wish you people had functioning brains.  That "#1 rule" you mentioned is long gone... you no longer are allowed to even touch a player that doesn't have the puck.  It doesn't matter if a player has his head down or not... no puck on his stick or at his feet means you can't even say boo to him... don't like that rule? Too bad..... 

As for Chara... I didn't like that hit either but it's impossible for the NHL to prove Chara specifically meant to knock him into the partition. They aren't in his head and had no way of reading his mind.... it is what it is.. thankfully the Habs player is ok....  but that hit has nothing to do with last night's hit....  Rome will get suspended and then you can cry all you want... expect an announcement later today.... 

Since: Apr 9, 2008
Posted on: June 7, 2011 9:54 am

Bruins' Horton hospitalized after collision

To kill a player!  THAT IS THE BRUINS WAY!  I think you are a little out of control and need to think about your statement.  We are talking about a game! 

Since: Jul 14, 2008
Posted on: June 7, 2011 9:52 am

Bruins' Horton hospitalized after collision

Everyone wants a suspension now. How quick you were to say no suspension when it was about your boy Horton and breaking the writen rules about throwing stuff into the stands. If they would have suspended Horton and Burrows for there actions then i could see suspending Rome. The guy missed the whole game and you had a 5 minute power play. I think that is enough. Your boy Chara didn't get suspended for his hit and that was worse. #1 rule in hockey keep your head up and don't watch your passes or you will end up knocked out flat on your back. Boston should have thought twice about scoring 8 goals that doesn't sit real well with the other team a specially with 3 in the last 1:30. Vancouver wins this one in Boston then goes home to finish you off!

Since: Mar 6, 2008
Posted on: June 7, 2011 9:48 am

Bruins' Horton hospitalized after collision

Don't know who your coaches/peers are Worldbme, but I don't want anyone, especially my kids being taught by him/them.

Since: Apr 25, 2011
Posted on: June 7, 2011 9:45 am

Bruins' Horton hospitalized after collision

Funny how things change....when Scotts Stevens did this to Paul Kariya in the finals it was considered a great hit and a major game a decade later it's a "brutal hit" that deserves a "major suspension"...we might as well change the name of the sport to futbol.

Since: Apr 7, 2011
Posted on: June 7, 2011 9:42 am

Bruins' Horton hospitalized after collision

Suprised so many people are trying to claim this is a clean hit, if only a little late.  There are clear rules in the new NHL about protecting players heads.  The player clearly targeted Horton's head, saying "it's the players responsiblity to keep his head up and protect himself" is not in line with the new NHL policies which are desperatly trying to keep the superstars on the ice and injury free.  These hits end careers; we may well have seen the last of Savard due to hits to the head.  It probably should be a suspension if the league wants to be taken seriously on these rules.  Not to mention I think they know they blundered the Burrow's bite and they need to make up for it.  

Since: Apr 30, 2007
Posted on: June 7, 2011 9:31 am

Bruins' Horton hospitalized after collision

Not a clean hit, he left his feet and it was about 2 seconds too late.  Horton did not have the puck, so even if he didn't get hurt it was interference. You throw in the hit to the head and the fact Rome left his feet, it's a dirty hit plain and simple.

This Vancouver team skates around and hits with their elbows up. They have a ton of stick work and cross check every chance they get. It's a shame because they are extremely fast and talanted, but they have two of the biggest antagonistic pussies in hockey in Burrows and  Lapierre.  At least Burrows has talent, Lapierre is just a pussy.

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