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Report: Blue Jackets talk to Flyers about Carter

Posted on: June 9, 2011 3:16 pm
Edited on: June 9, 2011 3:30 pm

To make way for Ilya Bryzgalov and to help shore up their goaltending problems, the Flyers will have to clear space on the roster. That's a given. According to the Columbus Dispatch, the Blue Jackets could be willing to help Philly shed some salary by chasing Jeff Carter.

Multiple NHL sources have told The Dispatch that the Blue Jackets and Philadelphia Flyers have discussed a trade that would send Flyers center Jeff Carter, an All-Star in 2009, to Columbus for a top-six forward and the No. 8 overall pick in this year's draft. That top-six forward, presumably, is 21-year-old Blue Jackets winger Jake Voracek, a restricted free agent.

Though it could occur sooner, it's likely such a trade wouldn't be completed until the first round of the entry draft is held on June 24 in St. Paul, Minn.

While the Flyers are still under the cap at this point, if they are to sign Bryzgalov to a deal he's looking for -- in the $6 million-per-year range -- they will need to do some trimming. Carter becomes an obvious target. The first reason being he has an annual salary of $5.27 million. Secondly, they are tied down to Carter for a long time as his contract doesn't run out until 2020-21. Third, he doesn't have the no-trade clause that would hamper a deal. Add in the fact he has plenty of ability (see his team-leading 36 goals this season) to intrigue teams despite his massive deal, you can understand why Carter is the target to ship. While Philadelphia probably isn't keen on shipping one of its best players, it's a move they need to make and Carter is the most logical.

The deal from Columbus' end is a bit of a risk, tying your organization to one player for so long. But it's a franchise in need of a jolt. Bringing a player like Carter, who is just 26, and pairing him with Rick Nash could help attract attention to a team that has made the postseason only once in 10 seasons. The nature of the game forces the hands of teams like Columbus to have to go for the bold move to make it. Sometimes it pans out, sometimes it doesn't. Adding a consistent 30-plus goal scorer in his prime, the chances of it panning out are pretty good.

Carter, while he has been outstanding in Philadelphia, has been a bit maligned by the team's faithful for his lackluster postseason showings. In the playoffs he has 21 points in 47 career games and a minus-14.

It has also been suggested by USA Today's Kevin Allen that Florida could be a place for the Flyers to look to shed salary. The Panthers are well below the salary floor at this point and will have to spend just to get there.

-- Brian Stubits


Since: Apr 10, 2009
Posted on: June 9, 2011 5:18 pm

Report: Blue Jackets talk to Flyers about Carter


As I think most of what you just said is pretty spot on, the only disagreement I have is not calling Voracek a top 6 guy. I think he is, and you would enjoy having him on your team.

I think the voracek and an 8 overall pick is a pretty good deal for a guy who doesnt seem to show up in the playoffs on a pretty well stacked group of forwards already. and it would enable you to spend the big money on a goalie. Id'e say its a pretty darn good starting point for other teams to try to match before the draft. Look at this as whole if it were one trade, carter and what a third rd pick & future considerations? for a pretty good forward, an 8 overall pick, and a stud franchise goalie? (assuming he signs after the freed up space) sounds like a great deal to me.

that said, pretty much everything else I agree with ya, kinda weird they would give him the huge extension just to ship him out so soon.

1 more thing I'm wondering is if Winnipeg has anything to offer for him, or if they are going to get into the richards bidding come free agency. They got new owners who seem commited to winning, and have some cap space, they could be contenders for a trade as well as florida which was mentioned in the article. This could get interesting in philly.

Since: Mar 22, 2009
Posted on: June 9, 2011 5:15 pm

Report: Blue Jackets talk to Flyers about Carter

Homer needs to keep Carter, he is our best natural pure goal scorer on the team and regardless of his contract, he should not be moved. He fought some injuries this year and still put up 36 goals on a team that shuffled their lines for the last 3 months of the season every other night. His postseason play is an issue, but haven't the Flyers struggled in the playoffs since... hmmm, 1975?

2 names that SHOULD be gone from this team next season: Scott Hartnell, Kris Versteeg. Hartnell is a locker room guy but is the most inconsistent 25 goal scorer in the NHL. He is beyond frustrating to watch and personally, I wouldnt care 1 way or the other if he was traded. Versteeg is my fall guy for the team chemistry falling apart. They brought in Versteeg, shuffled the lines and the chemistry was crap the rest of the season, and he made 1 dreadful turnover in our zone after another, costing the Flyers a few games down the stretch and #1 seed, not that it would have mattered this season, but it might next season.

2012 Cap Hits:
Scott Hartnell, $4,200,000
Kris Versteeg, $3,083,333

Total: $7,283,333.

In my opinion, that is enough Cap room to ink Bryzgalov to 4-5 years/5.5-6mill per season and still attempt to resign Ville Leino. He should command about 3-3.5mill/season, I see him signing a deal similiar to Giroux, 3 years, around 10-12mill.

The other casualty unfortunately, is going to be Sergei Bobrovsky. Our "goalie of the future" is not going to sit around being a backup playing 20 games a season for the next 5 seasons, not going to happen. Trade him now while he has value and I will take the established veteran. + Bobrovsky would come with a $1.75 million cap hit next season for a backup.... If the Flyers felt he was ready to lead this team, they would have handed the reigns to him for next season, and wouldn't have pulled him after 1 shaky playoff game.

My 2012 Flyers Roster:


Daniel Briere $6,500,000
Mike Richards $5,750,000
Jeff Carter $5,272,727

Claude Giroux $3,750,000
James Van Riemsdyk $1,654,166
Ville Leino $3,333,000

Jody Shelley $1,100,000
Andreas Nodl $950,000
; ????

Ben Holmstrom $750,000
Blair Betts $700,000
Darroll Powe $850,000


Kimmo Timonen $6,333,333
Braydon Coburn $3,200,000

Chris Pronger $4,921,429
Matt Carle $3,437,500

Andrej Meszaros $4,000,000
Danny Syvret $525,000


Ilya Bryzgalov $6,000,000
Brian Boucher $975,000

2012 Salary: $60,002,155
2012 Cap: $63,500,000
Cap Avail $3,497,845

That leaves you roughly $3.5 million to sign a 3rd/4th line winger, and possibly a 6th Defensemen because Syvret is still a work in prorgress, and hopefully, a little wiggle room if you need to make a move during the season.

While they would need to figure out their line combos and if they kept Syvret, probably change up a d pairing so as to not leave 2 young players in Meszaros and Syvret playing together, I would feel EXTREMELY confident in that team heading into next season. The depth obviously will not be there for scoring as it was this year, but look where that got them, the depth disappeared in the playoffs... Goaltending will resolve those 25-40 goals we will not get during the regular season, and maybe 10 in the playoffs.

If you move Carter, you still need to move 1 of your young budding D-Men... which puts us in the whole we had facing Chicago in 2010... a lack fo D depth...

In summation, trade Hartnell and Versteeg, and give Bryzgalov the keys to Ed Snider's house.

Since: May 13, 2011
Posted on: June 9, 2011 4:30 pm

Report: Blue Jackets talk to Flyers about Carter

there is a sucker born every minute so its fitting that philly would find one in the christopher columbus bilu jackets as philly's w c fields once said the columbo blu jackets are the answers to the flyers prayers of should i say the suckers to their prayers

Since: Nov 5, 2007
Posted on: June 9, 2011 3:56 pm

Report: Blue Jackets talk to Flyers about Carter

If Jeff Carter is somewhere else besides Philly next year... I will be shocked.

When you look at the roster and say who could be moved to adjust the cap and shake up the lineup, it makes sense. I get that. In fact, I wanted them to move Carter before this past season just to balance out an abundance of centers, versus a need for wingers and/or a goalie.

But when the Flyers were looking to make a few moves during the 2009-10 and the window to trade Carter was there, Holmgren flat out said he was going no where. Then he followed that up by giving him a 12-yr extension in 2011.

So before the 2011-12 season starts, I'm to believe Carter is leaving town???

And, aside from cap space, we only get a high draft pick (which the Flyers NEVER value) and a "top-6" forward with some youth???

I don't think so.

And lets be clear about one important thing here too... There's a difference between a top-6 forward from Columbus and a top-6 forward from Philly. Aside from Nash and Umberger, those other players couldn't touch our top 9 on the 2011 roster.

Nothing is impossible, and the Flyers, a team that has always had the ability to do whatever they wanted before the cap came into play, are still learning how to budget their roster... but the chances of this happening have to be low.

Holmgren has let the NHL world think Carter is available before, and I think he's just letting more of the same take place.

If a deal is to be made that involves Carter, this doesn't sound like the best one out there for the Flyers to make.

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