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Daily Skate: Burke not too pleased with criticism

Posted on: July 5, 2011 11:30 am
Edited on: July 5, 2011 11:49 am

BURKE BURN: If you happened to catch the free-agency coverage on TSN (Versus was carrying the stream) you probably noticed Toronto Sun columnist Steve Simmons more or less lambasting Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke for not being present on the opening day of free agency, which included the team's meeting with Brad Richards. Instead, he was spending Canada Day with troops in Afghanistan. Burke, who had plenty of communications with everybody back in Canada via cell phone and Skype, is offended by the criticism, saying he would do it again. The National Post has the whole story.

RICHARDS OR POORER? Since Brad Richards elected to sign with the Rangers, it's been a lot of euphoria in Blueshirt land as they finally got a top-line center they hope can give them close to the production that messiah Messier once did. But it's not all rainbows and sunshine. Blueshirt Banter reins in the party on Broadway a bit by looking at the downsides to Richards, going deep into the world of statistics to do so.

COLE AS GOOD AS GOLD: As you might have gathered by now, this was not a deep free-agent class by any means, so it was tough for teams to fill their needs. But Montreal Canadiens blog Lions in Winter thinks the team did a fantastic job of taking care of its principle need: a top-six power forward. Outside of the pipedream of signing Richards, the conclusion is that Erik Cole was about the best fit they could find.

HEAT-ING UP? Dany Heatley had 26 goals and 38 assists for the San Jose Sharks last season. For most players in the league, those are great numbers. For a guy that has shown he can score 50 goals in a season? A little lackluster. So he gets a fresh start in Minnesota, a team that will be looking for every ounce of scoring it can find. Michael Russo of the Minneapolis Star Tribune takes a look at the new partnership between the two and how they all hope it brings a return to form for Heatley.

TORRES' TREK: Raffi Torres is the son of a Mexican father and Peruvian mother who hails from Canada and has red hair. All make for one interesting player ... and determined. Torres, who just signed with the Phoenix Coyotes, gained that proverbial chip on his shoulder growing up facing the prejudices of playing hockey as a Latino. The Arizona Republic explains.

By Brian Stubits

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Daily Skate: Burke not too pleased with criticism

As an American who regularly engages in busting Canadian chops when it comes to hockey, I APPLAUD Mr. Burke's decision to go visit kids who are putting their *ss on the line -- offering his time up to talk a little puck with the kids overseas is a great thing to do -- and while I don't know him personally, I'd be willing to bet that Mr. Burke wishes he could do more.

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Daily Skate: Burke not too pleased with criticism

I often think the media could start a fight in an empty house. For openers, the guy goes to Afghanistan to visit the troops and this is viewed as a crime? The guy is one of 30 general managers on a bottom third team and his every move is reported like he is a rock star. Paris Hilton might want to hire his agent to try to revive her career, or whatever it is she's famous for.

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Daily Skate: Burke not too pleased with criticism

Burke went to Afghan to show that the people here are thinking of the troops . And Simmons of the T.O. Sun , has a problem with thatr ? Ask Steve what he did for the troops . He will tell you , nothing . He also what's Burke to get rid of Kessel . Good thing that he can write about hockey . He shows that he doesn't know anything about hockey .
;    The RANGERS got they're man ? I'm gpoing to tell you something , this is the last season with Shalther at the helm . Either will the Cup , or find a new job . So , he's going to over pay Richards , and he won't do anything on the ice . I think Glenn will be looking for a new job around Jan. He couldn't fnd a coach , and his player finding , either they were too old , or only wanted to play when they wanted to , which , wasn't that many times . He really should have been canned 5 years ago .
;    The Habs , they signed Price , so they think they are in the playoffs . Well , I think they need a couple more lines than Price , everybody else is geting better . But , that's why you don't blow our Cap , like the Habs  did .       
;    The Wild will learn a  big lesson with trading for Heatley . This is his 4th team in 10 years His 50 + scoring is long gone . Heatley is not a team player . He only plays when he wants to . Ask the Sharks . You would have think that he would have grew up by now , but he is lacking in that . I think that the Wild will get burned on that trade .
;      Torres , I can't figure him out .He came to Buffalo , and he didn't do anything . He only when through the motions . I don't think he even had a shot on net in those 6 games against the Bruins , two seasons ago . Granted , Buffalo wasn't the place to be , but , come on man ! You're  to be a pro , not a little cry baby . If you didn't want to come , you should have said something to your agent , and your team , the Blue Jackets . Or even the Sabres . He didn't even get an assist , I don't think . Yeah I got issues with him .

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