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Stars-Coyotes game at Reliant Stadium called off?

Posted on: July 5, 2011 1:19 pm
Edited on: July 5, 2011 1:20 pm

By Brian Stubits

A little while back we told you about the plans for a preseason game between the Stars and Coyotes to be played at Houston's Reliant Stadium. Scratch that.

From Mike Heika at the Dallas Morning News:

Word just came down that they could not make the planned pre-season game between the Stars and Coyotes at Houston's Reliant Stadium happen.

The guess is it will just be held at [American Airlines Center in Dallas], but we'll see when the official pre-season schedule comes out later this week.

Admittedly, I'm disappointed by this news. I was really looking forward to a "Summer Classic" being held, even if it was set for a domed stadium, helping considerably to control the temperature. Still, semi-outdoor September hockey in Houston? I was interested, and we're talking preseason hockey here, so that's not an incredibly enticing spectacle to begin with.

No word on why it is being called off. At this point we still have no NFL games to interfere.

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Stars-Coyotes game at Reliant Stadium called off?

Your points against outdoor hockey games are terrible. 

Not even worth getting in to. 

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Enough with these out door games. I don't see NBA teams wanting to play
outdoor games on an asphalt schoolyard court, the NFL rushing to play a
game anywhere but where there are luxury boxes and good turf even Bud
Selig has not suggested they play games on a real sandlot. All the fans that
are so hungry for outdoor hockey go to Minnesotta or Winnipeg and play
on an outdoor public rink. You'll probably freeze you privates off and be
amazed how much more a puck stings in the cold. As a kid we played in
outdoor leagues, hoping to get chosen to play in an indoor league. I still
play indoors and out, but my olde bruised and battered body prefers the
indoors. Note to Emperor for life, Wee Gary, it's a novelty that is wearing
mighty thin. 

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