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More Sidney Crosby reports, denials

Posted on: August 22, 2011 7:29 pm
Edited on: August 22, 2011 7:42 pm

By: Adam Gretz

Are you ready for some more reports on Sidney Crosby's status for the start of the regular season (and yet more denials of those reports)?

If so, you're in luck, because CTV out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, reported on Monday that Crosby has suffered another setback in his recovery, stopped his workouts, and may not be ready for the start of the regular season. As expected, Crosby's agent quickly denied the report.

If you've heard this song before, it's because it's been playing on a non-stop loop for the past six months (or more).

From CTV:
Sources say Crosby's concussion symptoms returned last week and he cancelled all of his scheduled on-ice workouts at a Halifax-area rink.

Penguins players are expected to appear at training camp in mid-September and it appears Crosby will not be one of them.
Think back to last week when a nearly identical report surfaced from Josh Rimer of SiriusXM Radio, only to have the Penguins quickly address it, with general manager Ray Shero saying, "Training camp is a month away, so there's no expectation for me that he won't be ready or will be ready. He's doing his usual routine. He'll probably be in a week before camp starts. We'll evaluate him then."

This time it's Crosby's agent, Pat Brisson, doing the talking. Brisson said, via the Associated Press, that Crosby "hasn't been shut down by anyone and has instead adjusted his summer program to address the different needs for his recovery."

And 'round and 'round we go.

The fact this is still an issue at this point, with no clear idea of whether or not he will be ready for the season or how his recovery is really going, is a definite concern -- especially on the same day a former NHL player announced his retirement because doctors told him his concussion history made it unsafe for him to continue playing. But, as has been the case throughout this entire process, the only person that seems to have any definitive idea as to what's going on is Crosby himself, and he's not talking.

It's Aug. 22, and we don't know whether Crosby will be on the ice for the Penguins when training camp opens (let alone the regular season), and it's obvious that we won't know that for sure until he is or isn't on the ice when the Penguins open camp.

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More Sidney Crosby reports, denials


Really, please look up the dates of Gary's start as commissioner and when the rule was in place.  

In 1992, the NHL created a rule that made policing on the ice a whole lot more difficult for players who were enforcers. The Instigator rule (46.11) was created, which on its surface made it that much more easy for players known for delivering cheap shots to keep on delivering without having to deal with an enforcer, who wanted to settle the matter right there. 

The rule states that an instigator, a player who throws his gloves off first, throws the first punch or delivers what’s deemed a threat, will be assessed a two-minute minor instigator penalty, a major penalty for fighting and a 10-minute misconduct. The consequences become even stiffer if a player does this multiple times.

So reading those rules alone make it obvious that the harsh penalties are not even worth the trouble to put a dirty player in his place.  Even if a player wants to go and take exception to a hit put on him or one of his teammates, the one being threatened can skate away, knowing that he has the instigator rule on his side and that is as good a deterrent as anything. It is almost like giving the player who dishes out the questionable hit a compromise. Would you like to tangle with the other team’s tough guy in the corner or take the $5,000 fine and a game suspension, which amounts to a slap on the wrist? Most of these players have been choosing the later. 

So the rule was established for the 92 - 93 Season and Gary Bettman started as commissioner on 2/1/1993 which is the same season

Florida's expansion was approved before Gary had the job, TB was already in the league  It's probably easier to argue how no commissioner was going to be able to stop expansion because of the easy money in owners pockets, and the expansion wasn't going north at the time.   Gary had just fleeced ESPN with a ridiculous tv contract, expansion was happening in U.S. markets or Gary would have been booted.

So you are saying it was a good idea for Gary Bettman to put teams in Columbus,Phoenix, and Atlanta and take a stupid contract with Verses instead of ESPN which offered more money

Because it's more fun to blame people for stuff they didn't do. 

Funny, the NHLPA can be the key piece of two work stoppages yet they can't get a rule adjusted that protects their own.   Too easy to blame Gary for the injury.    The gms, or NHLPA have never pushed for the change, and since Gary uses (or hides for foil-hatters) behind player saftey issues, I think it would have been fairly easy (compared to a strike) to get a rule change.

You can have your opinion  which you have every right to but I believe Gary Bettman has done nothing but wreck the game that a lot of us grew playing and watching for many years.

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More Sidney Crosby reports, denials

suck on that BUCCS and Mara....I rest my case.....

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More Sidney Crosby reports, denials

Gotta love the pittsburgh loyalty...

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More Sidney Crosby reports, denials

So the CBS sportswriter is basically telling us nothing we didn't already know! Just more rumors about whether Crosby is healthy or not. This has been going on all summer and is nothing new. I even said the same thing:"The only one who knows Crosby's condition, is Crosby himself!". So does that make me a sportswriter also? I also said it's 50/50 whether Crosby is ready for the start of the season. Mainly because it's been eerily quiet on the Crosby front ever since he bowed out in January. And there's just no way of knowing how to take that. I take it as not necessarily good, or why wouldn't Crosby come out and say he's fine?.............CUP4PENS

little ceasars
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More Sidney Crosby reports, denials

I'm from Pittsburgh and a huge Pens fan, but I've been saying since last year. Sid is done. He will be off the ice more than he is on the rest of his career, if it does move forward. If he does come back and play, the Pens should trade him for whatever they can get, and cut their loses. I know Sid's the face of the Pens, bout what good is he if he can play, and be a huge cap hit, not to mention destroying team chemestry each time he comes and goes as well... Don't get me wrong, I like Sid the kid, and wish him well, and hope that he comes back, but I don't forsee that happening, and for the teams and the future this most be done...

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More Sidney Crosby reports, denials

To me, being though for a hockey player means going into the traffic and not being afraid to take one for the team. Crosby proved that he can do that, everytime he's on the ice.
Bad injuries and recurrent injuries can happen to anyone, even to the toughest players. It depends on several factors, independent from "individual toughness"-is such a thing exists, like how hard you've been hit, the locus of the lesion, how the docs manage your injury and recovery, your past injuries in this body area that might have weakened the structures, plain bad luck, etc... And some kind of injuries are really hard to recover from, for anyone, and only depends on fundamental healing mechanisms that apply to every human being. Some asymptomatic damage can also snowball rapidly if unproperly diagnosed.
PLayers that are depicted as though, are either players who were lucky enough not to be hit on a vulnerable spot, players who are especially intelligent regarding their own safety while playing, players who received really good medical care that prevented small injuries to snowball, etc.;  but there are no superhumans that can't be injured by any means (outside movies). 
And a guy like Crosby who is always controlling the puck and plaiying along the boards certainly exposes himself to more hits and cheap shots than can cause the initial damage that would eventually be really hard to totally recover from.

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More Sidney Crosby reports, denials

No, Gary needs his Sid, so hurry back Cindy, uh, Sid cause the Capitals are waiting to ring you bell


Its mar725 the game chat troll, when have the Caps can't rang anyones bell ?

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More Sidney Crosby reports, denials

Hey mara (isn't that a girls name?).  Why don't you go root for another sport, like the WNBA.  We don't need d@#kh%$ds like you watching the sport of hockey.  Your lack of respect for the players is obvious.  There have now been numerous players that have lost their careers due to concussions.  It is not a laughing matter.  If you don't like Crosby, fine.  But bashing a guy who may not ever play the sport that he loves again just shows what an a$$hole you really are.  BTW, I can't stand Ovechkin (who is the real slew foot king, there is a nice video of all of his cheap shots on line)  so I don't write about him.  Grow up and grow some testicles.  Real men don't make snide remarks online hiding behind a girls pseudonym.  Or, maybe you are just a woman trapped in a man's body.  You know that they have procedures that they can do for you if that is the case.  Good luck!

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