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Kings GM talks Doughty negotiations, 'holdout'

Posted on: September 16, 2011 4:31 pm

By Brian Stubits

Will the Kings ever be able to re-sign Drew Doughty? I'm starting to wonder.

Aside from paying even more than what they have been willing to (reportedly $6.8 million annually, same as the team's highest-paid player Anze Kopitar), there doesn't seem to be much left.

With training camp for Los Angeles opening today, Doughty is officially a "holdout." Technically, he's not a holdout because he doesn't actually have a contract, but that's semantics, hence holdout in quotes.

Technicalities aside, Lombardi is getting down to business. In an interview with Rich Hammond at L.A. Kings Insider, he went into detail about the negotiations and you can feel the frustration from Lombardi through the screen.

“Obviously we’re very disappointed that he’s not here. I don’t think it’s any secret, what we think of this player and his abilities and what his potential is," Lombardi said. "Where we’re at now, we certainly stretched the limit in terms of paying him amongst the top players in the league, paying him appropriately within the team’s salary structure and, most importantly, being able to keep this group together."

Going into great detail of the negotiations up to this point, Lombardi insists that all the options have been explored. Short-term contract and revisit again in a couple seasons? Discussed. Name it, Lombardi says they have tried it.

Lombardi's goal was to have the negotiations done by July 1. Some of the reasons obvious: it would have given them a clearer picture of their cap space headed into free agency, would have taken care of the headache, etc. But Lombardi also wanted it done then so Doughty would be focused on offseason conditioning, a big concern for any player who is in a contract dispute.

But now Doughty is missing company time. The summer is over and Kings are in camp. So Lombardi says that brings up a whole new twist in the talks: salary deductions for each day missed. Check out the follow exchange.

LOMBARDI: “The problem we have, and we’re going to have to see how this evolves, is that generally with a player, you establish his market value and he signs up for 275 days of work. That was the one thing that changed during the CBA, that players were paid during training camp. So, quite frankly, it’s the way we have to approach this. Let alone missing a day or work, as well as getting behind your teammates in terms of preparation. It probably makes this a little more difficult, but you have to factor that in now. You’re not getting a full year’s work as of today.”
Question: Meaning the offer gets reduced by however many days he’s not here?
LOMBARDI: “Well, as we talked about before, there has to be some finality, in terms of when the players are supposed to report. It’s no different, I think, than what the other teams have done. It’s, `OK, now we have to regroup here and see what evolves,’ and then I have to go back to ownership. It’s no different than anything else. You do this based on 275 days of work, and now it’s down to 274.”

If, and that's a big IF, Lombardi is telling the truth, this has a serious chance to destroy the negotiations, not like they are so promising in the first place. But Lombardi has been around the block and knows how unpredictable these negotiations can be.

"Like I said, these things can change in a short time. It’s not that it’s not encouraging. It’s a little disappointing, but we’re also excited as to what I’m seeing and feeling downstairs. We see this kind of thing happen, and eventually it will be resolved. We can’t let this, in any way, derail us from the focus we need here every day.”

Now something will likely be reached at some point, obviously, but it still doesn't seem like it's going to be soon.

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Kings GM talks Doughty negotiations, 'holdout'

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Kings GM talks Doughty negotiations, 'holdout'

That's it, I'm ordering the "Grammar and Spelling for Dummys" for myself today.   CBS, please give me a spelling and grammar check, please, I'm too lazy for the preview feature.

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Posted on: September 20, 2011 10:52 am

Kings GM talks Doughty negotiations, 'holdout'

Lombardi needs to wake up and shorten the years to get this deal done.    Very little reason to assume cap won't keep rising for a couple years (assuming CBA is similar).   Doughty will be 30 going into the last year of that contract.   I think it's obvious by now that Doughty doesn't want to give up a UFA contract while still at his peek, and he probably thinks that's going to a couple years earlier.   

Lombardi needs to give him the same or a little more per year and he needs to shave a couple years off.   This team is in a "win now" mode.   He must be forgetting how close the standings were last year, there aren't many games to throw away.  The West has been represented by the 1 or 2 seed each of the last 5 years.   Get Doughty on the ice and Lombardi, that son of a Pulford (in-law), needs to meet their demands.   I don't believe Lombardi let it go this far.   Even though I hate seeing kids hold out, I must commend Doughty and Meehan, as I think they're doing the right thing in the circumstances, it's not like LA doesn't have the space right now.    

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Posted on: September 20, 2011 3:08 am

Kings GM talks Doughty negotiations, 'holdout'

It matters immensely that Drew is not in training camp..not only for the team to work together, but Doughty was not in the most stellar shape last season.

Drew Doughty is being ridiculous. The Kings offered 6.8 million per season, but won't go higher because they feel (correctly) that Anze Kopitar should be the highest payed player on the team. Doughty's agent has demanded no less than 7 is a holdout over $200,000. Come on Drew just sign already...

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Posted on: September 18, 2011 10:23 pm

Kings GM talks Doughty negotiations, 'holdout'

I did not realize that dougie123.  You are quite right, that really makes Dean`s whining about the missing days even more stupider.  Who cares if he misses days when he has no contract with the Kings, they only have his NHL rights at the end of the day.

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Posted on: September 18, 2011 8:57 pm

Kings GM talks Doughty negotiations, 'holdout'

Pure and simple this is down to greed. In times of players trying to get the best deal for themselves; then I could understand it, however, in this case it seems that he won't even discuss  a new contract and shows contempt not only for the team, but for the team's fans'.

Players appear to be holding everything, and the fans are constantly left scratching their heads at what is happening!

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Posted on: September 18, 2011 12:40 pm

Kings GM talks Doughty negotiations, 'holdout'

Drew Doughty isn't in his final year of his entry-level contract. Drew was drafted 2nd overall in 2008 and he signed a 3 year entry-level contract then. He played out his 3 year contract and is a restricted free agent. If Lombardi keeps it up no one will want to play for him in LA. i don't blame Doughty for wanting the money he deserves. Maybe if the other teams wouldn't of paid the other free agent defencemen the BIG BUCKS Doughty would of accepted the latest contract offer

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Posted on: September 18, 2011 12:22 pm

Kings GM talks Doughty negotiations, 'holdout'

Doughty desveres more money hen they are throwing at him. If you look at what some of the other free agent defencemen got for money and then they are not even close to what talent Drew Doughty has. If Lombardi wants to say Doughty should have salary deductions cause he is not at training camp is retarded. The Kings won't be able to sign him with that attitude. Lombardi should of resolved this issue before training camp instead of beating around the bush. Maybe the Philadelphia Flyers should do some more moves and free up cap space and go after Drew Doughty. The Kings GM must be not that bright if he is saying that Doughty is a HOLDOUT. he can't be a Holdout if he isn't under Contract.

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