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Ex-NHLer Mike Danton helps save seizing teammate

Posted on: September 19, 2011 1:51 pm
Edited on: September 19, 2011 5:28 pm

By Brian Stubits

Mike Danton, the former St. Louis Blues and New Jersey Devils forward who was incarcerated for admitting to conspiring to hiring a hit man, is playing overseas in Sweden these days. In his team's season opener this weekend, he played a massive role.

With the game more than half-way through the final period, Danton's line mate Marcus Bengtsson (nicknamed the Vanilla Gorilla and also called Bangan) and best friend on the team took a hit that sent him to the ice, then into a seizure. Having spent five years in prison, he saw his fair share of seizures and thanks to the certification in first aid he earned while locked up, he did his part to help Bengtsson.

Danton recounted the entire scene on his blog in great detail. Be warned there is a little use of colorful language in the form of expletives.

His tongue, I thought. S---, he is going to choke on his tongue. I tried to open his mouth, but to no avail. Also, I did not want him to fall unconscious, so I began to slap him fairly hard in the face. The way I looked at it was that I owed him that for the direct hit to my head in paintball last weekend. Max and Roger were holding the Gorilla down with all they could. As his eyes continued to roll into the back of his head, his mouth finally opened a bit. It was at that time that I jammed my fingers into his mouth and clawed his tongue. While I did that, Max and Roger tilted Bangan on to his side to keep his tongue and blood from sliding into his throat. It was at that time that I felt the strength of the Gorilla’s jaw clamp down on to my fingers. I ripped them out before I lost them.

The post goes on from there, but the ending is a happy one. After six or seven minutes of convulsing, Bengtsson stopped and was eventually taken to the hospital where he couldn't recall any of the actions that put him there. But Danton could, and did.

Whether or not Danton did the right thing (I am no medical expert) can be debated, but all of his actions were intended to help his teammate and friend in an emergency situation.

As Danton points out, there have been too many tragedies in hockey recently. Thankfully, he was able to at least help prevent another from happening.

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Ex-NHLer Mike Danton helps save seizing teammate

Consider this:  It is entirely possible, and in fact probable, that Danton's five years in prison have just saved someone's life!  Now that's an irony to celebrate.

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Ex-NHLer Mike Danton helps save seizing teammate

While you are 100% correct in both points, it is possible to asphyxiate on your tongue. This is why EMTs and Paramedics use oral adjuncts to keep the tongue from obstructing the airway when the patient is unable to manage their own tongue.

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Ex-NHLer Mike Danton helps save seizing teammate

exactly! he's a hero, because he did EVERYTHING WRONG?

I suffer from a seizure disorder, and have had to sit and listen as friends and family members received actual isntructions on what to do if I get sick, and they ALWAYS say "don't put your fingers (or anything else) in the person's mouth." I know someone whose fingers got nearly bitten off once because they didn't follow that advice.

They should take the article down, or add a sections explaining what Danton did wrong.

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Ex-NHLer Mike Danton helps save seizing teammate

Mike Danton should just stick to hockey and not do first aid. The first 2 important things that a person is taught during first-aid for a person having a seizure is.

 1. You don't hold them down, you are supposed to clear the area around them so that they dont injury themselves on something close by them.

2. You never put anything into a person mouth who is having a seizure, espically your own fingers. It is impossible to swallow your tongue.

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