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London police charge 26-year-old in bananagate

Posted on: September 28, 2011 12:14 pm
Edited on: September 28, 2011 2:18 pm

By Brian Stubits

The London, Ontario police received some tips yesterday about the identity of the person who threw a banana onto the ice when Wayne Simmonds of the Flyers was competing in the shootout last week. On Wednesday, the department leviedcharges on 26-year-old Christopher Moorehouse under the trespass to property act, a provincial statute. John Matisz, writer for the London Community News, first reported from the police briefing.

Frank Seravalli at the Philadelphia Daily News had more.

"Mr.Moorhouse has been served with a part three summons, and if convicted of this offence -- could be liable to a fine of not more than $2,000," police chief Brad Duncan said. "This is a provincial offense and not a criminal charge, and will be dealt with in the provincial offenses court.

The fine is little comparted to the shame and ridicule Moorehouse will receive for having committed the act with racial undertones, considering Simmonds is black. On that front, the London police decided against charging Moorehouse with a hate crime.

"We took a very, very careful look at the circumstances and in this particular case it did not meet the threshold of a hate crime," Duncan said. "You have to demonstrate the incident was motivated by hatred - but the circumstances, and the statements that we've received, would not meet that threshold of a hate crime."

The Flyers soon released a statement after the arrest, thanking the London police for pursuing the case.

"We would like to express our gratitude to the City of London, the police department and the many fans who came forward with information leading to this arrest," team president Peter Luukko said. "We fully support the efforts to prosecute this individual. We have zero tolerance when it comes to this type of foolish behaviour. We will not tolerate it at the John Labatt Centre nor any of the other facilities we manage. The Philadelphia Flyers look forward to our annual preseason game next fall and playing again in our home away from home, the John Labatt Centre."

Moorehouse has retained council, according to the London police. Moreover, the "individual has indicated he is sorry" for the incident. I'd imagine so.

"I want the public to let him have his day in court ... we don't want individuals deciding to take action," Duncan said.

The court process might still have some time to go, but the court of public opinion won't likely wait. Moorehouse will have to deal with that part himself.

Photo: AM980 News Talk

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London police charge 26-year-old in bananagate

What the hell are you talking about? I think your intentions are good, but you have some analytical flaws in your arguments.<br /><br />To start with your statement "human beings are monkeys" is factually incorrect. We may have evolved from monkeys, but we are Homo Sapiens not Simians (also point of note: Darwin's Theory of Evolution has not been proven definitively, albeit it may be generally accepted as true). Next your statement "It's only fun to tease someone when you can get a reaction" is true, but you are confusing teasing with taunting. Teasing implies good nature whereas taunting implies malicious intent. Next you say "Look at it the way we look at cartoons when they use banana peels to...slip".......What? Really? What planet did you grow up on George Jetson? This doesn't even make sense so I can't come up with a wittier retort than that. You further say he may have done " with the intention of distracting the shooter". Oh yeah it is normal to carry bananas in your pocket to hockey games and then just happen to throw them (among all the things that could be thrown) at black players as it just happens, simply to distract them.....NOT. Lastly you say the people who are dismayed at the banana toss are the ones "who have a perception problem". So when did speaking out against an overtly racist act become a problem? I think you are trying to say that we perpetuate racism by persecuting an act that isn't racist, but that just isn't true in this case.   <br /><br />The only smart thing you said was that we should hold judgement and allow the guy to talk and let social justice be done.<br />

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Posted on: December 15, 2011 6:49 pm
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London police charge 26-year-old in bananagate

excuse me for my slip, I should've specifically stated I had 4 points...or maybe i should've begun with 'a few points'. In fact I am an English speaking Canadian but if it makes you feel better about yourself to correct a minor English issue as opposed to my points made then go ahead. As for bitterness, what exactly would I be bitter about? That I'm not American? Thanks but no thanks. I just get extremely annoyed when Americans feel the need to rip on Canada or Canadians, as a whole, for really no reason at all...have you even been to Canada? Do you know any Canadians? Did someone sell you a bad bottle of maple syrup? Is there actually any basis for any American negativity towards Canada or Canadians? With regards to the riots, Americans have already shown their true colours...Detroit 1984 and Los Angeles 2010.

I think the only thing you're smelling is your ignorance

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London police charge 26-year-old in bananagate

Queuball, you aren't even worth my time.  Go teach grammar, science and your analytical analyzation somewhere where people want to hear it and will rate you higher than your sucky 88 rating scrub.  Please, you make me sick.  Did you think you were on or the official Harvard website.  Hahahaha, only an idiot would come on here and play professor.

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London police charge 26-year-old in bananagate

My buddy just asked me for a fag(cigarette). Should I call GLAAD?

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London police charge 26-year-old in bananagate

well, let's see, Watergate was almost 40 years ago, so don't hold yer breath for that change.  I don't know if the term is used in UK, Ireland, Australia, NZ, so those are options if you decide you just can't take it anymore and want to continue speaking English

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London police charge 26-year-old in bananagate

By the way, my wife & daughter are american. I've lived here for 25 yrs & still classified as a resident alien(CANADIAN) by choice. nuff said.

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London police charge 26-year-old in bananagate

I was born & raised in Canada. Professional Hockey brought me to the U.S. Both countries are great. Please stop the cheap(childish)shots at each other. It's not a black/white issue or a gay/straight issue. It's just Avery being Avery(A CLOWN SHOW).

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London police charge 26-year-old in bananagate

A couple of things:

1. Its clearly a slow day in hockey news. If this happened at a local high school nobody would care but because it happens to a sports figure it somehow becomes newsworthy.

2. For those who are commenting on this being a waste of police time, I'm pretty sure they can take a break from the coffee and doughnuts for a few hours since London isn't exactly crime central.

3. I love how the Americans are the first ones to ridicule Canada whenever there is a negative story about us...anything to take their minds off of their own problems I guess.

4. To Heritage08, yes the Canucks fans were classless with the riot but at least we're good at something...when was the last time Cleveland was good at anything?
I smell the bitterness from here.  Just because it is already snowing there don't take it out on us.  We don't need a Vancouver stateside please.  And by the way, "a couple of things", by definition would be two things.  As you made four points, I believe you should have said, "a few things."  French must be your first language.

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