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Video: Peter LeBlanc's match penalty

Posted on: October 3, 2011 9:47 am
Edited on: October 3, 2011 9:51 am
By: Adam Gretz

The Chicago Blackhawks closed out their preseason schedule on Sunday with a 4-1 loss to the Washington Capitals, and the most noteworthy thing to come out of the game was probably the fact that Peter LeBlanc, a 23-year-old forward and former seventh-round draft pick of the team back in 2006, received a match penalty for this hit on Washington's Alexander Semin early in the third period.

Semin loses control of the puck, and in effort to bring it back in, turns around to retrieve it when LeBlanc skates by and clips him.

The match penalty brings an automatic hearing, so he's going to be getting some sort of contact with Brendan Shanahan, apparently the busiest man in the NHL lately, in the coming hours/days. Whether or not anything comes of it -- or should come of it -- has been the debate of the day and a matter of which fan base you're paying attention to this morning.

The video posted above makes it difficult to see whether or not A) LeBlanc made solid contact with the head (or any contact with the head) and if it was targeted, or B) if Semin simply did a masterful job of sellling it and drawing the penalty. Or if it was a little of column A and a little of column B, and that's certainly possible as well.

This animated .GIF, via Japers' Rink, makes it seem like there was, in fact, contact with Semin's head which will leave open the possibility of LeBlanc earning a couple of games on the sidelines if the NHL concludes it was a violation of Rule 48.


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Video: Peter LeBlanc's match penalty

I would think that getting hit in the throat, which looks to be the only plausable point of contact from the hit seeing as LeBlanc's arm never went above the collarbone of Semin, would not cause Semin to jump then buckle his knees beneath him before he hit the ice.  I'm in accordance with most everyone on here in saying that this was indeed embellishment.  Semin was probably waiting to hear that LeBlanc was getting the boot from the game before springing up as he did with no ill effects.  In the end, Shanny needs to crack down on these Greg Louganis wannabes.  This means you too Sedin sisters!

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Posted on: October 3, 2011 4:45 pm

Video: Peter LeBlanc's match penalty

Semin is playing on the wrong team, all the floppers are in Montreal and Vancouver.

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Video: Peter LeBlanc's match penalty

i think you know what angle Im gonna pproach this at. Take out the instigator penalty and bring back the enforcers and I wont say ALL of the shadiness on the ice will go away but it would make a much bigger dent than people realize. this hit/penalty was weak at best. im not too familiar with LeBlancs work so Ill reserve some of my judgment. I can see how people want the game to get 'cleaned up' but repeatedly suspending and fining people will turn into white noise....which by November we wont be far from - hell Im already there. Im sooooooo sick of the league making changes, just let the guys play AND police themselves and things will work themselves out. Id give anything to be in Shannys position right now. Let hockey go back to the days when those things were more prevelant(80's and early 90's)  even for a couple weeks and if it doesnt work fine Ill never bitch about it again. instead constant rule and game changes will continue and not only confuse and hinder the game but turn fans off and regardless of what defenders of this say its the truth not the Im done with my rant and I didnt even call anyone out and was relatively PC about it


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Video: Peter LeBlanc's match penalty

HockeyBob I'm suprised by your post this was a bad call and shouldn't have even ben a penalty.
2 years ago I wouldn't have thought this was even a penalty and I would have been furious that the Hawks weren't on the pp especially after Semin went to the faceoff circle after he got up.  

I'm not sure the elbow caught his head, but it may have clipped the chin or hit him in the throat, I don't really know for sure, but that's not the point imo.   The point is that players can no longer throw their arm up and out towards an area above the center of their chest anymore.   I'm okay with the league trying to change the way some of the players hit because it's out of hand right now.  

Pominville, Crosby, Green, Bolland, etc. too long of a list messed up because of concussions.    The game is not better with all these hits anymore, I love most of the hitting, but it's gotten out of hand.    I'm sick of seeing a no-talent (by NHL standards) 26 year old come up and suck because 2 or 3 guys are out with concussions on top of the normal injuries incurred every year.    The world did not need to see McCrae and Reaves on the ice last year at the same time because Perron took a headshot from freakin Joe Thorton.   The culture has to shift, not change dramatically, imo.    Some of these hits need to be abolished or the technique changed, I could care less about the "onus on the player with the puck" stuff, enough is enough.  

Play hockey, not "Ram into people" and then maybe play hockey.  

Technique (for hitter and puck handler) needs to be changed, the equipment, and the officiating and subsequent suspensions.    I really don't care that LeBlanc didn't hurt (maybe even missed the head), the technique of throwing the arm and elbow up and out has to change or players must know they're risking a major and suspension when the do it.   

Why was LeBlanc even in the lineup...because of a headshot to Smith likely.   LeBlanc had already been sent down to Rockford on the 26th, he doesn't have a contract with the Hawks.    Players like Brendan Smith think the only way to make a club is to destroy somebody instead of being good at hockey (which Brendan Smith is).   The result is a suspension to Smith, Ben Smith goes out with a concussion and then his replacement almost concusses a top player in the game and a favorite player to hate because LeBlanc thinks the only way to a contract is to knock the snot out of somebody.   It's out of hand, and I'm sick of so many crap players getting ice time.

I don't believe I'm ranting because freaking Semin was "almost" a victim of a dirty play, arguably because of poor situational awareness too.

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Posted on: October 3, 2011 12:39 pm

Video: Peter LeBlanc's match penalty

but Semin did not get hit
I watched the game yesterday and it didn't look bad, but a couple angles showed it looked like he did get clipped in the head, and we've seen how dangerous that is.   Tough to call embellishment unless it's like Abdelkader's the other day, but it's more fun to think of Semin as guilty until proven innocent.    LeBlanc still needs to get suspended no matter what Semin did or didn't do.  His trainers and coaches should get hammered for letting him get back out his next shift too in a preseason match.    That's a worse risk to the team and the player than some of these hits guys are suspended for.

Embellishment/dive schools have been around for a really long time, I'm sure we'll see some new tricks to add to the dive book.   Whether it's the "head down" for an extended period, or whether it be the Barnaby fakeout from 2006, the Chelios eating of the stick to draw blood in the early 90s, the Lemieux whining with arm gestures in the late 80s, and back and back and back.   My new favorite was the "Horton not checking out of the hospital until after the hearing was over" move.    We'll see plenty more new and creative stunts, but it's tough to assume somebody is faking a head injury.

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Posted on: October 3, 2011 12:31 pm

Video: Peter LeBlanc's match penalty

Your right Cutter it is gettin retarded. This was straigt embelishment. HockeyBob I'm suprised by your post this was a bad call and shouldn't have even ben a penalty. I know the leage is trying to make a point but this is really weak by any standrds.

 Were gettin to how it was back in the mid 90's with every player looking to take a dive anytime they were touchd when the new interfrence and obstruction calls were being put in place. I understand your trying to hellp your team but as a fan too much of this hurts the game:(

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Video: Peter LeBlanc's match penalty

Especially when his diving earned a 5 minute power play...diving needs to be reined in as well as the head shots...tired of players acting like they were shot and then not miss any ice time.

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Video: Peter LeBlanc's match penalty

Hey Hockeybob - I can see your point about the arm being extended, but Semin did not get hit? Semin should be penalized/suspended for diving.

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Posted on: October 3, 2011 11:05 am

Video: Peter LeBlanc's match penalty

LeBlanc needs to get suspended for that hit.   Extended the arm up and out, doesn't matter where Semin's head is, just can't do that stuff anymore.    He was on a tryout for the Hawks, contract with Rockford and called back up to get a crack at one of the last few of Stan Bowman's 50 contracts.   Probably not going to get one now.    Too bad a tryout player is hitting top league players in the head.   Hate it,

Semin stayed down, which is fine, even if he's not hurt, but why the heck didn't he even miss a shift?   Trainers and BB should get slapped for letting one of their top forwards on the ice after a head shot.   It was a freakin preseason game, the league has seen dozens of players stay on the ice after a headshot and then say they had concussion symptoms later.    Why take a risk with Semin on the ice again?   Even if he was embellishing (which wouldn't be a bad move), he still took a shot to the head and may not even know he might have been injured.   Take him out of the freaking game!   LeBlanc will get some suspension time and the Caps have some idiots behind the bench risking one of their best forwards.  

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