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College Hoops 2011-12

Posted on: June 27, 2011 12:23 pm

Am I the only one that thinks that all the teams switching conferences is getting ridiculous?  The worst is TCU.  Supposedly this is because of football as to why they're joining the Big East.  They are too far away, geographically, from the other teams.  The Big East is my favorite conference, but as a basketball fan, all I can see is the negative of this change.  TCU is better suited for the Big 12; and at least they're a better football conference. 

Let's be honest, 17 teams is way too many for any conference.  No conference should really have more than 12 teams so as to keep the schedule fair and competitive and to give a truer picture of who the best teams in the league are.  There are around 10 good programs in the Big East, as far as hoops go.  The rest are also rans and no matter how hard they try, it will continue to be that way unless they move to other conferences or form a new one.  Once mighty DePaul is now a patsy.  The only way they can really get back to prominence is to leave the Big East.  The Big East, no matter what anyone says, is a basketball conference first and foremost.  Most the schools in it will always be basketball schools and football, no matter how good it gets, will be secondary.

This is why TCU is such an enigma in this move.  TCU is a better football school than basketball so why not join a different conference with more football prowess.  Don't see the moves of schools like Utah and Colorado being positive in many ways either.  I say the NCAA needs to step in for the sake of basketball and help create some realignment that makes sense.  i don't mean be a dictator about it, but they should help keeps schools closer geographically to help out the student aspect of these student-athletes.  Lesser travel saves money as well.  The NCAA can veto some of these moves. 

Does everything have to be about money?  As a basketball fan, I'm really sick of schools changing conferences for football.  I hear BCS references in college hoops.  Really?  This college BASKETBALL, NOT FOOTBALL!!!  The BCS system is all about money and a complete joke in truly determining a national champion.  I believe everyone truly sees that whether they admit or not.  This mindset should NEVER be a part of college hoops!!   At the very least, why can't a school be a member of one league for basketball and another in football?  They're two separate sports and let's keep it that way. 

I'm always curious to know what others think so anyone who wants to comment please do so. 

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