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Posted on: March 12, 2011 11:21 am
So here we are, an NFL season in 2011? A lot of people are saying they wouldn't want one or that we should boycott the 2011 season when it finally comes to be.  Now, I don't see that happening. This country is way too in love with its NFL teams to ever stop watching them when they play.  But truth be told, all this BS that is going on between the now dissolved union and team owners is driven by greed!!!
Gordon Gecko once said "Greed is good, Greed works!" Well I guess that I'm not really one to dispute that claim since I clamor for the dollars everyday at work.  I live in a capitalistic society and enjoy the benefits that come with it.  I like to buy nice clothes and live in a comfortable apartment but when it comes down to the CBA and the NFL, greed seems self-destructive.  Much like the near nuclear melt-down of our entire financial system just a couple years ago, greed is very dangerous.  It is a double edged sword that can hurt everyone near it.  I'm no communist but I'm a borderline socialist who believes that it's important that everyone be taken care of before #1 gets his fill.  I think it's important for everyone to get a taste of the pie first, before the baker takes what he wants from it.  
In this case the owners are the bakers.  I understand that without them we would be watching Peyton Manning throw touchdown passes to Reggie Wayne in a parking lot or at least some high school field in Godknowswhere USA.  But why won't these guys release their financial records to the union? How much money are they really making off of Ticket sales, jersey sales, popcorn beer and hotdog sales? My guess is that, while the players are being greedy themselves, they have a pretty good idea of how much the owners are really making and want their fair percentage of that to distribute amongst the labor pool.  It seems rather reasonable to me.  Yes, I am siding with Labor.  These owners are trying to give up the least amount possible and the players are trying to receive the most amount possible, it's understandable.  But I believe that the owners have PLENTY to give and that these players need a larger piece of the pie to spread around.  Not just to the Tom Bradys and Albert Haynesworths but to the special teams player on Detroit that you've never heard of before.  Or to the 36 year old lineman who is nearing the end of his career and has never made 7 figures and will have such bad health problems for the rest of his shortened life that he will barely be able to keep a job.  These players need a bigger piece of the pie just to live out their days.
And lets not forget about the REAL people who get hurt by this.  The thousands of now unemployed stadium workers who don't have any real savings and will now be searching for a job in what is still a dismal economy come this August.  Nobody factors people like that in when they decide to take this case to litigation or choose not to comply with union demands.  
For me, I just want to watch football this fall and winter.  Please give me my Seahawks back!
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