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NHL Regular Season 2011-12 Predictions

Posted on: October 1, 2011 11:41 pm
Okay, the time has come to throw some predictions out there for the upcoming hockey season. I'm going to post the division standings, playoff seedings, the Conference Finals particapents, and the Stanley Cup winner. I'll also throw out my thoughts for the major award winners. Here's what my brain is telling me:


1. Pittsburgh Penguins (105)
2. New York Rangers (99)
3. Philadelphia Flyers (94)
4. New Jersey Devils (90)
5. New York Islanders (80)


1. Buffalo Sabres (101)
2. Boston Bruins (97)
3. Montreal Canadiens (89)
4. Toronto Maple Leafs (87)
5. Ottawa Senators (73)


1. Washington Capitals (109)
2. Tampa Bay Lightning (95)
3. Carolina Hurricanes (88)
4. Florida Panthers (84)
5. Winnipeg Jets (79)

Eastern Conference Seeds

1. Washington Capitals
2. Pittsburgh Penguins
3. Buffalo Sabres
4. New York Rangers
5. Boston Bruins
6. Tampa Bay Lightning
7. Philadelphia Flyers
8. New Jersey Devils

9. Montreal Canadiens
10. Carolina Hurricanes
11. Toronto Maple Leafs
12. Florida Panthers
13. New York Islanders
14. Winnipeg Jets
15. Ottawa Senators


1. Detroit Red Wings (105)
2. Chicago Blackhawks (100)
3. Nashville Predators (96)
4. Columbus Blue Jackets (90)
5. St. Louis Blues (87)


1. Vancouver Canucks (102)
2. Minnesota Wild (88)
3. Calgary Flames (83)
4. Edmonton Oilers (76)
5. Colorado Avalanche (71)


1. Los Angeles Kings (107)
2. San Jose Sharks (99)
3. Anaheim Ducks (90)
4. Phoenix Coyotes (84)
5. Dallas Stars (78)

Western Conference Seeds

1. Los Angeles Kings
2. Detroit Red Wings
3. Vancouver Canucks
4. Chicago Blackhawks
5. San Jose Sharks
6. Nashville Predators
7. Columbus Blue Jackets
8. Anaheim Ducks

9. Minnesota Wild
10. St. Louis Blues
11. Phoenix Coyotes
12. Calgary Flames
13. Dallas Stars
14. Edmonton Oilers
15. Colorado Avalanche

At this point I'm going to put three predictions down as far as the Conference Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, and the eventual winner: Head pick, heart pick, and gut pick - they are what they sound like (figuratively, not literally).

Head pick:

ECF's: Penguins, Bruins. WCF's: Kings, Blackhawks. SCF's: Penguins, Kings. Winner: Penguins. Conn Smythe: Sidney Crosby.

Heart pick:

ECF's: Penguins, Rangers. WCF's: Red Wings, Blackhawks. SCF's: Penguins, Red Wings. Winner: Red Wings. Conn Smythe: Pavel Datsyuk.

Gut pick:

ECF's: Capitals, Sabres. WCF's: Kings, Sharks. SCF's: Capitals, Kings. Winner: Kings. Conn Smythe: Jonathan Quick.

Regular Season Award Winners:

Evgeni Malkin (PIT)
Vezina: Henrik Lundqvist (NYR)
Norris: Shea Weber (NSH)
Calder: Nino Niederreiter (NYI)
Selke: Pavel Datsyuk (DET)
Adams: Lindy Ruff (BUF)
Lindsay: Alex Ovechkin (WSH)
Richard: Alex Ovechkin (WSH)
Art Ross: Evgeni Malkin (PIT)
Jennings: Henrik Lundqvist (NYR)

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Posted on: October 5, 2011 4:07 pm

NHL Regular Season 2011-12 Predictions

Why, yes, I am a Wings fan Smile How did you know?

The Canadiens will probably make the playoffs because I pick them to be on the outside looking in every year. Last year I had them 10th and the year before I had them 13th. I was about 5 seeds off of where they actually finished so the Hab's will probably end up with the 4 or 5 seed at the end of the season Tongue out

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Posted on: October 4, 2011 6:48 pm

NHL Regular Season 2011-12 Predictions

Hey Dogbert: Should I presume that you’re a Dead Wing fan through and through?  When trying to rationalize the whole NHL, never underestimate the strength of the HAB's organization.  The Detroit franchise is still attempting to disprove their overall winning finesse and ability in hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup to their shoulders. Wink


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