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NFL Playoffs 2012 Predictions

Posted on: January 17, 2012 12:48 am
Edited on: February 1, 2012 9:17 am
I made these picks prior to each round but didn't have a chance to put them up on here. I will continue to make edits until the playoffs are over.

AFC Wild Card Round

6. Bengals 24, 3. Texans 20

5. Steelers 28, 4. Broncos 13

NFC Wild Card Round

3. Saints 38, 6. Lions 35

4. Giants 27, 5. Falcons 17


AFC Divisional Round

1. Patriots 31, 4. Broncos 23

2. Ravens 27, 3. Texans 10

NFC Divisional Round

4. Giants 33, 1. Packers 31

3. Saints 27, 2. 49ers 21



AFC Championship Game

1. Patriots 34, 2. Ravens 20

NFC Championship Game

4. Giants 27, 2. 49ers 23



Super Bowl

AFC-1. Patriots 29
NFC-4. Giants 26
MVP: Tom Brady
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Posted on: January 18, 2012 10:40 pm

NFL Playoffs 2012 Predictions

Appreciate the feedback, guys. In the Wild Card round the AFC was the toughest to call for me. Houston and Cincinnati both had rookie quarterbacks going into their first playoff game so I pretty much flipped a coin and went with who I thought was the better of the two. In retrospect I probably should have gone with the rookie quarterback at home rather than the rookie quarterback on the road, but what are ya gonna do? As much as I like Tebow I couldn't pick the Broncos even at home against an injury-riddled Steelers team. Those were tough calls for me. The NFC was much easier. I didn't see the Lions winning a shootout against the Saints in the Superdome -- a place the Saints hadn't lost all season. I also couldn't pick the overrated Falcons on the road against an above average defense with a good pass rush in an outdoor venue. Those were both easy calls for me.

Since then it's been the exact opposite. The toughest Divisional Round game for me to call was Niners-Saints. Seeing as it came down to the wire -- four lead changes in the last four and a half minutes -- I don't feel too bad about that pick. I felt fairly confident about the two AFC match ups but I still had a tough time with the Packers-Giants game. I felt more and more confident about the pick as the game approached but I had no idea the Giants would handle Green Bay so easily. It was a very satisfying win for me.

The NFC Championship game is another toss up in my opinion. I always like going with the hot team in the playoffs so I ended up going with the Giants. I don't feel good about it, though, and I wouldn't feel confident if I picked the Niners either. That should be a good game. In the AFC I would be shocked if the Patriots lose. Not surprised; Shocked. I don't like the Ravens' offense at all and with a banged up Ed Reed I think Brady ends up throwing three or four touchdowns. Baltimore's defense is a bit overrated if you ask me. They're still up there with the top five or six in the league but they aren't as elite as they used to be. I'll take the Pats at home against the Ravens eleven times out of ten in this game.

The team I'd like to win the Super Bowl the most of the four teams remaining is San Francisco. I like Harbaugh, Gore, Davis, Smith, Bowman, and Willis quite a bit. Gore, Davis, Smith, and Willis have all played on some bad teams and it would be nice to see them win. However, the best possible Super Bowl match up would be Pats-Giants mostly because of the Super Bowl 42 story line. It would also be a really good game. If it ends up being Pats-Niners I'd be okay with that, too. As long as I don't have to watch the Ravens' offensive ineptitude in the biggest game of the year I'll be okay.

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Posted on: January 18, 2012 4:46 pm

NFL Playoffs 2012 Predictions

Even being an optomistic Patriots fan I believe that the Pats will win but somewhere between 7-10...will take a larger margin of victory so I do not have to fret the whole game.

New England 27 Baltimore 20

I see the Niners winning a close game by less than a touchdown.  Much has been made about the Giants offense (and they are playing great in the playoffs) during the regular season the Niners scored only 14 points less than the Giants.  This game in my opinion will come down to which team has the fewest turnovers.  The Niners were the best in the league and should be the deciding factor.

San Francisco 23 New York 20

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Posted on: January 17, 2012 1:46 pm

NFL Playoffs 2012 Predictions

*see, proofread before hitting return...

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Posted on: January 17, 2012 1:45 pm

NFL Playoffs 2012 Predictions

I concur w/ your championship picks but I wouldn't be surprised to a much larger AFC spread. I pick the Pats to go all the way.

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