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Who will win the Premiership title?

Posted on: May 2, 2011 9:53 pm
Just wondering what premiership fans think about who will win the title? I thought ManU was in the clear but it looks like Chelsea might be the ones to take it. As an Arsenal fan, I'm not a fan of either one and was glad to see Arsenal win over the weekend. It was something positive but it was still a season I'm looking to forget. I still remember seeing my first Arsenal game when I visited London in 2003 and they were always winning something until recent years. Wenger has to do better at getting more players (and more experienced players) if the gunners are going to win something next season.

Also wondering what fans thought about who will get relegated this season?
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Posted on: April 29, 2012 6:19 pm

Who will win the Premiership title?

The 2011-12 Premiership title has come down to the Man City v Man Utd match (30/4/12) and Man Utd need eithr a win or draw and can't see Fergie leaving with less than a point.

Wolves down and after Wigan's recent results and Bolton picking up points, Blackburn and QPR (29/4/12) needed to get at least a point each in their fights to stay up however, both teams have lost, heavily and without any resistance and think they will join Wolves in the Championship next season

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Posted on: May 5, 2011 7:54 am

Who will win the Premiership title?

Thanks for your comment mattries37315, it should be a great game this sunday and I agree that it will probably be a draw. Still tough to call on who will win the title but it would be exciting to have it decided on the final matchday. I would like to see Everton beat Chelsea since I'm a big Tim Howard fan, Everton is playing here in philly in a few months which is a game I definitely will be getting tickets for. I think it's still amazing when he went from MLS (Metrostars) to ManU some years ago and was awarded top premiership player after his first year. He will be a major factor for us in the Brazil 2014 WC, recently saw him play in NJ against Argentina and he made some impressive saves vs. Messi that shows he is one of the world's best. I think Reis should have a shot to make the WC squad also, Howard and Guzan are locks at 1st and 2nd but I think he should get a chance as the 3rd keeper. Hopefully Bradley will call him up for the Gold Cup games this summer since he deserves a shot. 

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Posted on: May 4, 2011 8:34 pm

Who will win the Premiership title?

Since Man U and Chelsea playing this Sunday things will either become very clear with a Man U victory, stay the same with a draw, or become muddled with a Chelsea victory thus resulting in a tie at the top.  Since a Man U victory basically clinches the title, let's say one of the latter two scenarios happen.
Man U faces Blackburn and Blackpool in their last two matches, who are near the bottom of the table fighting to stay out of the regelation zone.
Chelsea faces Newcastle United and Everton in their last two matches, who are either in the middle though still in danger of regelation or near a European position as of right now.
Talent-wise Man U seems to have the better draw the last two games, however Chelsea might be facing competition that doesn't have anything to play for while Man U will be facing determined clubs who don't want to be demoted.
I'm going to say Man U-Chelsea draw this weekend, Chelsea defeats Newcastle while Man U draws Blackburn next week, then both win the final weekend resulting in Man U winning the title by 1 point.

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