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Connect the Dots

Posted on: May 4, 2011 11:11 am
As an Auburn guy I've heard the following paraphrased statement a bunch of times:

"Yeah, Auburn won the national championship. Better enjoy it because it's gonna be taken away in about five years hahahaha.."

OMG. That's so hilarious! Wait, I'm an Auburn fan. It's not really that funny to me.

I guess what I don't get is that the people that say this are very, very lousy at playing a game of connect the dots.

Surely I'm not so old that by saying 'connect the dots' I'm dating myself. I bet if it were an IPad app you'd have people connecting the dots all over the dang place, acting like it's this new, hot thing. I digress. For those who aren't in the know...or over 30 (ahem)...connect the dots is a game where you start at '1' or 'start' and draw a straight line from the beginning to the next number. 1 to 2 to 3 and so forth. At the end your drawing has created some sort of picture.

If Auburn were to be stripped of a national title that would mean the NCAA has gone from 'start' to 'end'...and Auburn is somewhere closer to 'end' than 'start'. What's in between 'start' and '(whatever the heck number 'Auburn' would be in this scenario)'?

Well, at a minimum, Mississippi State University. I'm not going to bore anybody here, but Rogers and Bond and blah blah...this is where the pay for play stuff started. Presumably. Wouldn't questions have to be asked about the recruitment of Cam Newton at Miss State? Wouldn't Miss State have to face sanctions first, since this is where things started?

Wait. Cam Newton didn't start playing at Auburn. Or Miss State. He started at Florida. Now, Cecil Newton made a comment about 'not gonna be free this time' or blah blah...but if we're gonna be thorough we'd have to start from when Newton was first recruited right? No? Yes? Cheese?

My point is this: if Auburn does go down, and the NCAA has to explain WHY Auburn went might be a lot more than Auburn that goes down. If you're gonna assume AU is gonna lose the BCS title and chuckle to yourself, acknowledge that nothing happens in a vaccum. Connect the dots, if there are any to connect. In order to do that you can't simply start at 'Auburn'. Start at the beginning. Get the entire picture. And that picture, if any part of it is true, would be very, very ugly for a lot of schools. At a minimum, this connects Miss State and Auburn.

Or conclude that maybe the whole picture you were looking at was one of those magic eye images that reveal there wasn't anything to see in the first place but Auburn holding the title for 2010. And the only people that wishes that a team that wins a title and loses it to NCAA sanctions are kinda pathetic.

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