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Like it or not, Auburn....

Posted on: June 7, 2011 1:39 pm
...should join LSU as being 2-time BCS champs.

By the way, I'm still strong on my stance. I don't take pleasure in USC being stripped of their title. In all honesty, I think it's an overly dramatic, caught up in the now kind of thing that says if you make a mistake we must destroy you the utmost in every way possible. Did Reggie Bush do some against the NCAA stuff? Yeah. Did Pete Caroll know about it? Probably. Should they be stripped of the title? Eh. Seriously, eh. The team did have Leinart and White. The team did lose Mike Williams before the season because of the NCAA and still steamrolled damn near everybody. Bush was electrifying and you could probably argue that USC STILL could have won a championship without him. They were GOOD.


Since the BCS did decide to strip USC of their title it should fall to undefeated Auburn as a result. Am I homering? No way in hell that I, as an Auburn fan, can say that I'm not homering. But hear me out.

The result of the Orange Bowl is wiped but Oklahoma is still counted with a loss. Oklahoma got whipped so soundly by the team which can no longer be named that the BCS saw fit to drop Oklahoma to number THREE. Behind 13-0 Auburn, who beat Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl 16-13.

The BCS powers that be are intentionally muddying the waters when they say that 'we can't go back to play another game' or 'we can't speculate who would have been in the championship if USC is out of the picture'. Sorry. This is a beauty contest. Auburn finished second. USC had to step down because years ago they took nude photos and we just found out about it. The crown goes to runner-up.

It seems that the BCS is almost saying that 'we want to punish USC' but not 'we want to piss off USC'. They're already pissed.

Guess what? Fans of the 2004 Auburn team, not to mention the team itself (duh), were pissed too. We were denied the opportunity to play in a game we felt we belonged. And as years went by it was simply a footnote in history that the Tigers of '04 were a great team that chose to be great at the wrong time.

History has now been revised however. The story should have a happy ending for Auburn. 2 time BCS champs.

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Posted on: June 7, 2011 1:41 pm

Like it or not, Auburn....

Wow...totally forgot Florida as well...airball...

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