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The truth

Posted on: July 20, 2011 9:44 am
I've heard a quote, and since I'm way too lazy to google it (and really, that is good and dang lazy) I'll paraphrase: People are inherently lazy. If you tell someone something that is a fact and sound authoritative enough people will buy that explanation and accept it as truth.

For instance, if you're a high profile college football coach and you wear a sweater vest and profess your faith in Christianity you might be able to speak and have any word you say about football and the way it operates as true. Especially to those who don't have a normal day to day job in football. Too obvious to talk about Ohio State?

How about something more down to earth? A military guy can use a bunch of acronyms and talk about something they generally know nothing about. To a civilian that person may seem like the most credible person in the room. As a guy in the military people I know have inferred that I have been trained to fight; that I have been taught map-reading skills, that I have knowledge on how to operate aircraft, etc. It's funny...if I actually did have training on all of that how would I have time to actually do anything other than train? I digress.

As it relates to sports, what I am talking about is that the media is the lay person's source for information. More specifically as an Auburn fan I have seen the media constantly take second hand information and spin it as 'breaking news' or 'fact' when it takes only a modicum of thought to see that the story was very hastily put together. But as soon as this news hits the masses and it's reported by media the word is taken as true.

It is an awesome responsibility to have and I wish that more members of the media took it seriously. Nowadays members of the media seem more interested in getting that insta scoop or promoting hit rates rather than tell the truth. Salaciousness rather than substance.

It's not likely to change. That doesn't make it right.
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