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Disagreeing is still common ground

Posted on: May 18, 2011 6:18 pm
As I spend more time on this site reading the message threads and blog responses I am struck by how so many people who have opinions that I disagree have stated them so well that I am forced to seriously consider thier point of view. I am also struck by how puerile some of the posts are. Sports are something we all have in common; whether we support them or detest them they are an ever present presence in our society. By communicating on this site we all the chance to demonstrate our passion, our knowledge and more importantly our character. those who can articulate their passion without resorting to namecalling and/or mindless partisian bickering will have my admiration and respect. You may disagree with what i say and I amy disagree with you but we will still be united by our love and passion for sport.
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