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Big East move should help keep Patterson at TCU

Posted on: August 3, 2011 9:18 am
NEWPORT, R.I. – Besides all the obvious benefits of TCU’s move to the Big East – money, better BCS bowl access, money, more television exposure, money and money – another plus for the Horned Frogs is it could make it easier to keep Gary Patterson in Fort Worth.

Patterson has been mentioned as a candidate for multiple openings in past years, but has remained at TCU. He begins his 12th season with the Horned Frogs on Sept. 2 against Baylor. The Horned Frogs are playing their final season in the Mountain West before moving to the Big East next season.

“Gary has an opportunity to create his own shadow,” TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte said. “You can go somewhere else and you’re following some one else’s footsteps.

“You go to Alabama, it’s still Bear Bryant. You go to Texas, it’s still Darrell Royal. You go to Arkansas, it’s Frank Broyles. It’s still Woody Hayes at Ohio [State] and Bo Schembechler at Michigan. Gary is that figure for us. He is our iconic figure.”

The Horned Frogs are in the process of $105 million expansion and renovation of Amon Carter Stadium. It’s scheduled to be completed for the 2012 season. That’s only one piece of the puzzle, Del Conte said.

“The one thing we have to continue to do is invest in facilities, invest in staff and invest in our program,” Del Conte said. “But Gary’s created that iconic figure for us. That’s something to be said.

“The grass isn’t always greener. That whole field is riddled with people who thought it was greener and they’re now skeletons littered in the weeds.”

The Horned Frogs first game in the renovated Carter Stadium in 2012 will be against Grambling on Sept. 8. TCU’s first season as a Big East member also will include home games against Oklahoma, Virginia, Cincinnati, Louisville, South Florida and West Virginia and road games at Pittsburgh, UConn, Rutgers and Syracuse.

Even though the Horned Frogs aren’t members of the Big East yet, Del Conte has an opinion on the league's expansion.

“Whatever we do, you have to have significant value to the mosaic that is already there,” Del Conte said. “If not, keep the league at what it’s at. Nine, 10, 12 [teams] – I have no dog in that race. Our forefathers do. My opinion is you have to add significant value and preserve the Big East’s tradition and history in basketball and what Dave Gavitt created way back in the day.”

Del Conte said he’s confident a Big East team will be playing for a national championship – in football – in the very near future and referenced near misses by Cincinnati in 2009 (if Texas doesn’t edge Nebraska in the Big 12 title game) and West Virginia in 2007 (if the Mountaineers defeat Pitt in regular season finale).

“There will be a Big East team playing in the national championship game soon enough,” Del Conte said. “There will be.”


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Posted on: August 3, 2011 11:08 pm

Big East move should help keep Patterson at TCU

People always seem to forget that Gary Patterson has been at TCU for 12 YEARS, and TCU has only recently come under the national microscope with their success. Not only that but Patterson is on old, corky coach that would'nt fit in well with other schools. Lets wait and see what TCU can do without a lot of their offensive and defensive play makers this year, then judge Patterson as a coach after that.

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Posted on: August 3, 2011 10:29 pm

Big East move should help keep Patterson at TCU

setmetheball says they will go undefeated and and no championship which maybe true but the sad thing is they would still be much better off. they have the same problem now but they barely get in a bcs game at all. at least in the big east if they go undefeated they are guarenteed a bcs game and they get all the perks of more tv money and all the other money available. it is a lot better situation than they have now its a no brainer

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Posted on: August 3, 2011 7:08 pm

Big East move should help keep Patterson at TCU

Good move for Gary Patterson to stay at TCU.

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Posted on: August 3, 2011 2:34 pm

Big East move should help keep Patterson at TCU

Patterson makes $3M and Texas A&M Mike Sherman makes $2.2.      That is surprising, good for coach Patterson, however I still see undefeated season in the Big East and no BCS Championship game for them.  

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Posted on: August 3, 2011 9:35 am

Big East move should help keep Patterson at TCU

Patterson is not going anywhere.  It would be very hard for him to find a better deal than what he has at TCU.  There really only about 5 jobs in the country that are better when you consider everything.  Patterson is already paid well with his current salary and has a tremendous amount of side benefits that makes his monetary package a great deal.  He also gets to avoid the stress of playing at a big state University.  He could lose some at TCU and be fine.  If he did that elsewhere he would be out.  Going to these other schools is a dangerous game, Dan Hawkins is no longer a coach and Meyer had to retire from coaching even after winning a couple of titles.  The more you think about, you will recognize that GP has a great deal in Fort Worth.

Also, Patterson is not without his warts.  This is one reason why he is a good fit at TCU.  These warts would become an issue at other schools but TCU accepts him as he is.  It is a good fit for both parties.  However, you are right, the new stadium, move to an AQ conference, and greater exposure which will lead to better recruiting, more money to the program, etc. all make a great deal even better.  Since he will also have the opportunity to play for a national title if he continues to win at TCU, there is little reason to look elsewhere.  As Del Conte says, he would be just another name elsewhere, but he could be a legend and have a lasting legacy at TCU.  Why would you not want to become TCU's Joe Paterno?

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