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West Virginia turned down by ACC, SEC

Posted on: September 20, 2011 12:35 pm
Edited on: September 20, 2011 1:06 pm

With the uncertainty of the future of the Big East, it's no secret several schools are seeking conference membership elsewhere. West Virginia, however, appears like it will remain in the league as Big East sources told that the Mountaineers will not be accepted into either the Atlantic Coast Conference or Southeastern Conference.

WVU had enquired with both leagues, but WVU officials told representatives of the Big East those overtures had been denied and they were remaining in the Big East.

West Virginia athletic director Oliver Luck released a statement on Sunday concerning conference realignment and ironically did not mention the Big East once in his statement.

"There is no question that the landscape of college athletics is once again changing," Luck said. "West Virginia University has great tradition as the state's flagship land-grant institution and we will continue working to do what's best for our University and its athletic teams. No matter how the college athletic landscape changes, there is no doubt WVU is and will remain a national player."

After Saturday’s news that Pittsburgh and Syracuse were headed to the ACC, there have been various reports that UConn and Rutgers are likely candidates to join the ACC

Both schools have released statements about conference realignment, leaving open the possibility either or both would leave the Big East if extended an invitation to the ACC.

Also, Monday Big East commissioner John Marinatto told the New York Times that he expects to make Pitt and Syracuse honor the Big East’s withdrawal agreement - $5 million and 27 months notice. If true, that means the Panthers and Orange could not join the ACC until July 2014.


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West Virginia turned down by ACC, SEC

That post was to UtahGetMe2

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West Virginia turned down by ACC, SEC

As developments occured, this was a surprizingly astute post regarding West Virginia (and TCU) into the Big 12. Now lets see if your observations about Louisville and, say, South Florida pan out.

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West Virginia turned down by ACC, SEC

I just can't seem to articulate Certainly you are able to kinds objects could possibly have noted earlier on this page, but nevertheless , at a minimum your company gave them getting this done in the right way, than most unhealthy blog owners these days!

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West Virginia turned down by ACC, SEC

West Virginia turned down by ACC, SEC

Just throwing this out there...... but West Virginia was formed because it was a part of Virginia that chose not to secede from the union.  Did this play a part in the SEC saying not to them?

May be true. But some people need to consider that UVa thumbs their nose at the SEC's fine institutions, and that Kentucky stayed with teh UNion as well and was once part of Virginia. That being said, I think it is the stereotyping of WV=Hillbilly=Dumb as the problem. Hard-working, honest, friendly, compassionate, and God Fearing are adjectives I'd use for most West Virginians, but those don't fit the model used to justify WVU's exclusion from a major conference after realignment.  

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West Virginia turned down by ACC, SEC

you are a dope.  If nobody cares then why is WVU 13th in 2011 merhcandise sales?   Also, if you check the ratings of their nationally televised games you will see that they are consistently in the top 10.

do you actually research before making comments or are you just ignorant in general?

2010 Merchadise sales

The top 25: 1. Texas, 2. Alabama, 3. Florida, 4. LSU, 5. North Carolina, 6. Georgia, 7. Michigan, 8. Kentucky, 9. Penn State, 10. Oklahoma, 11. Notre Dame, 12. Tennessee, 13. West Virginia, 14. Nebraska, 15. Auburn, 16. Wisconsin, 17. Kansas, 18. Missouri, 19. Florida State, 20. Arkansas, 21. Texas A&M, 22. Illinois, 23. South Carolina, 24. Texas Tech, 25. Clemson

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West Virginia turned down by ACC, SEC

Nobody outside of West Virginia cares about West Virginia... the Tv market there is about the same size as Idaho or North Dakota... In all honesty... nobody cares about that state or school.
nobody outside of Detroit cares about Detroit, so what's your point?

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Posted on: September 26, 2011 10:56 am

West Virginia turned down by ACC, SEC GO Big 12!

Got some schools here I am surprised are not being talked about for the Big 12. Also some points.

1: Don't replace, Expand: Look at the proactive ACC going to 14 schools and follow that model. say Mizzou leaves and add 6 teams.

2: considering the picked over land scape, take the hot stock/merger/acquisition approach and build schools in smart markets that will also build the conference long term

3: Teams: I have 8 that would make financial sense and 2 that would keep the conference strong in regional tradition

4: Teams ranked in order:

1. San Diego State: This is a perefect example of a great school, location, market, stadium, facilities, recruiting ground and already a city with Holiday Bowl ties to the Big 12. A destination for any road game for good travel bases. Also this is a school with a base that would raise in passion if they played in a good conference. I still can't believe this school gets no headlines other thatn its region, excluding the Pac-12 that already has that market, the location only makes sense for the Big other BCS conference.

2. BYU: obvious-own network, tradition, Slat Lake and national market for alumns and religion

3. West Virginia: they want out, the market is unappealing, but the mark in that region is and especially with a relevant school looking to get out of the Big East this is a power school that should be in to maintain conference relevancy to counter Iowa St, KSU, and Baylor

4. Louisville: Northern KY and South Ohio market, relevant tradition especially in BasketBall good match with KU...a GREAT football stadium and facilities good market for recruiting..keep close to WV for regional tie in

5: University of South Florida: recruiting market and presence...not sexy now but like SDSU this is a school that could rise rapidly in a great conference and also a great addition to say an eastern conference with already relevant Louisville and WV..a penny stock that could pay off huge with the conference to back it

6. Cinncinati? well we start to dip a little regionally with already going after Louisville who also has that market, but you even solidify it more there and add to an Eastern conference of USF, WVU, and Louisville...Great BBall tradition, great market, good recruiting, good facilities, great passion in the region if in a great conference.

7. TCU! surprisingly low I know, but again how much do you gain when your entire conference footprint is already here..this is only a power add for a great football school to boost the stregth of the conference.

8. Memphis: not sexy unless Calipari is still coaching hoops, the potential market is intriguing, also a good add for the East plenty of potential to be relevant for the conference..great hoops tradition...they do Care about football in Memphis as well.

9. Central Florida: see USF, but less sexy

10. Houston: if we werent talking dollars this move makes perfect sense but since we are this adds no new revenue but only a school with potential to be really great in the right conference..already better or eaqual to ISU, Baylor, and KSU in relevance.

*11. UNLV: intriguing market and BBall school, but culturaly Vegas would never match with the Big 12 region

5:So waht do we have here?

1. Pre-Big 12 and BCS tie-ins, TTech, Baylor, ISU and KSU could just have easily been mid-majors and some would argue with the exception of KSU and TTech could still be...but their profiles have been rasied in the right conference to build them.

2. The football traditions would rapidly rise in this conference with all the tools at the disposal of the football tradiition rich Big 12 playing your conference championships in Jerry World would only help nationaly.

3. These schools need the big 12 1-5 just as much as the Big 12 needs them. This means? Texas and OU can still get thier way in the conference while these other schools reap the rewards of raising their own profile long term.

4. You may have a basketball conference to finally rival the ACC or at least be the second best

5 after a half decade or so, with the right leadership and vision this could be the highest paid TV conference due to its national market affiliations

Food for thought: think bigger than 12 and bigger than the Southern plains to save your conference long term

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West Virginia turned down by ACC, SEC

WVU fans = Delusional.....Its sad really

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West Virginia turned down by ACC, SEC

CBS wasn't the one who broke the story about Mizzou, It was the Kansas City Star:

Just another delusional, inaccurate, classless WVU poster!!

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West Virginia turned down by ACC, SEC

I think WVU would work as a SEC member if all of this really was about making confrences stronger in major sports,but its not its about t.v. money and .well just money.WVU would compete in the big-3 of college sports football,baseball and basketball and im sure they could thrive in other sports aswell but thats not what this is all about.

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