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Navy nearly to Big East before Pitt, SU exited

Posted on: September 20, 2011 5:53 pm
Edited on: September 20, 2011 9:47 pm
Before the sudden news broke last weekend that Pittsburgh and Syracuse were leaving for the Atlantic Coast Conference, the Big East was in the final stages of acquiring Navy as a football-only member.

No official invitation was extended by the league, but both parties had extensive discussions about Navy joining the league in football only and it very well could have happened in the next couple of weeks, college football industry sources told

Besides Navy, the Big East also was targeting Air Force and league sources felt confident both schools would have been Big East members, perhaps within the next year – that is until Pitt and Syracuse announced they were leaving for the ACC.

“Navy is one of the most special things out there, prestige,” said an administrator who would benefit from Navy being in a BCS league. 

“I don't see why Air Force doesn’t fit in a BCS league,” said the same person. “Class, class, class.”

However, with the Big East’s future now in limbo, it’s uncertain if Navy and/or Air Force will remain interested in joining either a Big East without Pitt and Syracuse or a merger of leftover teams from the Big East and Big 12 conferences. That is, in fact, if the Big 12 loses Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas and Texas Tech to the Pac-12.

Navy is one of four independents with Army, Notre Dame and BYU, but doesn’t enjoy the automatic qualifying BCS access that Notre Dame does. Navy is in solid shape now with its own television deal, but with the division growing by the second between the automatic qualifying BCS leagues and non-AQ BCS leagues, Navy might feel it has better long-term security in an AQ BCS league.

“There were discussions and dialogues on a number of issues,” said an individual with knowledge of the talks between Navy and the Big East. “The question now is: what is the Big East going to look like in the future? How do they right the ship? I don’t think they even know that.”

Meanwhile, Tuesday night in New York, the league’s presidents and athletic directors from Cincinnati, UConn, Louisville, Rutgers, South Florida, TCU and West Virginia will meet with Big East commissioner John Marinatto to discuss the league’s future.

The meeting is for the league’s decision makers to gather face-to-face and see who wants to be a part of the Big East’s future.

“If they don’t want to be in the league, then they should make their intentions known and leave,” said one league official.

Also on Monday officials from Big East schools and the Big 12 schools proposed meeting Wednesday in Chicago to discuss the possible merger between the conferences. However, it was decided that meeting would that not be held because of legal issues involving both leagues.

UConn and Rutgers have been reported as possible candidates to the ACC, while West Virginia targeted the ACC or SEC, but was notified that neither league was interested.

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Navy nearly to Big East before Pitt, SU exited

Navy wouldn't hurt the conference, but Air Force would.  Not for fans, Academics or the football team, but for increased travel costs and a school that simply doesn't have the budget that can even scratch the surface of either Syracuse or Pitt.  Think about it, for both the Big East and Air Force.  Air Force would be traveling at least 1500 miles for all of it's conference games and anyone in the Big East who played Air Force in Colorado Springs would have to do the same.  ECU and UCF are MUCH better fits for the Big East, more revenue, good fanbase and they are located right in the middle of Big East territory. 

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Posted on: September 21, 2011 4:09 pm

Navy nearly to Big East before Pitt, SU exited

Notre Dame will go to the ACC or Big 10 if joining a conference.  Any illusions of them joining a conference with Army and Navy are just that...illusions. 

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Posted on: September 21, 2011 11:41 am

Navy nearly to Big East before Pitt, SU exited

I don't know why adding AF & Navy would hurt the conference, these are very respectable schools and have a pretty strong following/fan base. I'd have loved to see the BE go hard after one of the "big" schools, but alas I just don't think the conference has the "star power" to make that happen--so why not go after strong schools? IMO, Big 12 & BE are on about the same level athletically speaking, even though some haters would like to think we're unworthy of AQ status. Granted, BE record sucks in BCS bowl games, but in general our bowl record is solid.

@knightgrad, I would love to see UCF join the conference, definitely seem to be a growing football threat. It would be great to have a yearly "I-4 War" with USF. Um, but we're definitely getting more quality talent than UCF right now--recruiting favors us, but I'd love to put it to the real test on the field again.

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Posted on: September 20, 2011 11:34 pm

Navy nearly to Big East before Pitt, SU exited

Gipper, my thinking for having Army/Navy in the Leaders Div, and AF in the Legends was that they could still all play each other (Army/Navy a Div game, last of the season) and AF would be an out-of-division conference game for both, thus maintaining the Commander in Chief's Trophy.  As for cost, both Army and Navy each travel to Colorado Springs every other year with today's set-up, so there's no change.  With the addition of Notre Dame, again, Navy and Air Force regularly travel to South Bend annually, so there's no change there either.  You'd be hard pressed to find four better academic institutions that play big time football, and they ALL went to bowls last year!

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Navy nearly to Big East before Pitt, SU exited

Oh yes they are!

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Navy nearly to Big East before Pitt, SU exited

I am not surprised that the Big East was going to add Navy. The Big East will not do anything to help its position because it is absolutely beholden to basketball. The leadership is pathetic and will not be proactive in any way. The Big East is going down as a sinking ship. I cant help but think about the movie Titanic (maybe I will score some points with my gf with this reference) when the captain justs watches the approaching iceburg but was confident or proactive to steer the boat away from imminent disaster. Remember when the Big East turned down $1.5 billion? Unbelievably shortsighted and foolishly optimistic. Haven't we been talking about super-conferences for about 3 years? And wasn't the Big East the biggest suspected target of poaching? They obviously knew this but turned down the big payday. Teams might have stuck around had they known they could spread that cash around. Actually, no they wouldn't have. They would have had to give a bunch of that cash to Depaul, Marquette, and Georgetown. If UCF choses this conference I will puke. Poor TCU is trying to backpedal as we speak. Big East thought they were too good for UCF. Haha. We would be the second best team in that conference the day we join, biggest student body, higher than average attendance, and the 2nd biggest television market. I say we stick around the conference USA. At least conference USA wants to be proactive with talks with the Mountain West. A conference with UCF, TCU, Boise State, Houston, ECU, SMU, Southern Miss, Air Force, Tulsa, and others will be much more superior than the left-over Big East.

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Navy nearly to Big East before Pitt, SU exited

LOSE  L O S E  LOSE...idiot<br /><br />

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Navy nearly to Big East before Pitt, SU exited

How would Navy going to the Big East keep the conference afloat in any way? The way I see it is like another reader wrote to get Army, Navy, Air Force and Notre Dame to join the Big Ten. The only problem that may arise from this is the travel costs incurred by the East Coast teams travelling out to Lincoln and Colorado Springs. The one thing I'm curious at is if the Big East falls apart, what part will the Big Ten play in all of this? Seeing that West Virginia got the door slammed in their face from both the ACC and SEC it seems their last option other than becoming independent would be joining the Big Ten. The follow-up if that happens would be does the Big Ten go after other leftovers in the Big Ten area (i.e. Cincinatti, Louisville) and possibly Rutgers if they don't get an invite from the ACC? I can say one thing for sure: As a college football fan, I'm excited with the realignments happening even though some old-school rivalries have gone by the wayside.

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