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TCU to join Big 12 in 2012-13

Posted on: October 6, 2011 11:11 am
Edited on: October 6, 2011 4:27 pm

TCU will accept an invitation to join the Big 12 Conference for the 2012-13 school year, college football industry sources told

Multiple TCU sources told "it's a done deal." 

TCU was scheduled to join the Big East on July 1, 2012, but instead will join the Big 12. By leaving the Big East before it officially became a member, the Horned Frogs will have to pay a $5 million exit fee but is not bound by the Big East’s 27-month requirement for notification.

TCU chancellor Victor J. Boschini told the Big East Thursday morning that the school has scheduled a board of regents meeting for later in the day.

The addition of TCU to the Big 12 replaces Texas A&M, which is headed to the SEC.

"We’re proud that TCU has been invited to join the Big 12," Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds said in a statement. "Their commitment to academics and success on the field make them an excellent fit. With a solid budget and strong financial support, they have been proactive at improving facilities. Their close proximity to all conference institutions makes for a comfortable travel situation."

The Big 12 still must determine if it wants 10 or 12 members. Tuesday, Missouri gave chancellor Brady Deaton the authority to pursue its options about joining another conference.

Sources told that if Missouri stays in the Big 12, the league likely would stay at 10 schools, including TCU. However, if Missouri leaves for the SEC -- and the Birmingham News reported Missouri currently does not have unanimous support -- the Big 12 likely would add three more schools to get to 12. The leading candidates would be Louisville, BYU, West Virginia, Cincinnati and Tulane.

The loss of TCU is another blow to the Big East. The league also lost Pittsburgh and Syracuse to the ACC, but commissioner John Marinatto has said previously the Big East would make Pitt and Syracuse honor the 27-month exit agreement, meaning they couldn't join the ACC until 2014.

Without TCU, Pittsburgh and Syracuse, the remaining Big East football members are Louisville, West Virginia, Cincinnati, UConn, Rutgers and South Florida.


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Posted on: October 7, 2011 12:19 pm

TCU to join Big 12 in 2012-13

That's an individidial decision made by the players after leaving BYU, not a decision made by the school, which was my point.

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Posted on: October 7, 2011 10:32 am

TCU to join Big 12 in 2012-13

TCU (and it's 9,000 undergrads) has to be jumping for joy right now.  Any new school that comes to the Big 12 will be a small mid-major and will be getting big time revenue sharing.  However, as a current and/or a long-time member of the conference, you can't be too happy that A&M, Nebraska, and Colorado are going to be replaced by TCU, BYU, and Tulane.  Revenue for the whole conference will be far less with these 3 little schools too btw. 

The Big 12 may have dodged the bullet now, but for how long?  The big 3 schools can't like where the conference is headed and the Big 12 imo is still as fragile as it was before TCU joined. 

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Posted on: October 7, 2011 1:52 am


Shame on any reporter that passes that one along.

You know, you don't have to repeat every name some random yahoo pulled that out of his butt.

It's okay to conduct a little follow-up investigation.

They were on the verge of dropping to DIII not too long ago.


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Posted on: October 7, 2011 12:35 am

TCU to join Big 12 in 2012-13

I'm hoping Houston will get invited.  To be honest the old southwest never should have split

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Posted on: October 6, 2011 11:13 pm

TCU to join Big 12 in 2012-13

really, they accept checks to play in the nfl, that is played on sunday know it all. It is okay when it comes to the money, if it is all about faith, why does it stop when it involves money.

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Posted on: October 6, 2011 11:10 pm

TCU to join Big 12 in 2012-13

This is gonna be on a whole new level, you mentioned 5 of about 25 total programs. They will not be as successful when they have to play against the bigger schools with much larger budgets. Maybe you should know more about what you are talking about, they will not be facing the same level of competition. I hope they do get invited and start getting smashed trying to compete weekly.

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Posted on: October 6, 2011 10:34 pm

TCU to join Big 12 in 2012-13

Why Not Sewanne? Better than freaking Tulane

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Posted on: October 6, 2011 9:30 pm

TCU to join Big 12 in 2012-13

Actually, it is about academics.For example, last year the SEC and Big paid $20 million per team for athletics...that is chump change compared to the $800 plus MILLION Michigan received in academic grant funding. Overall the B1G received almost 3 BILLION in academic grant funding last year. Yeah it's about money but not the money you're thinking of.

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Posted on: October 6, 2011 9:23 pm

TCU to join Big 12 in 2012-13

I'm sick of hearing Boise State to a BCS conference. A 33,500 seat stadium is a high school stadium. They don't have a baseball program, weak in they play basketball? A women's volleyball or basketball program that is ranked in the top 25? What they have is a weak football schedule year in and year out, a whiney fan base and no close natural rivalries. They'd be lucky to get an invite to Conference USA.  

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Posted on: October 6, 2011 8:46 pm

TCU to join Big 12 in 2012-13

Why the hell would the Big 12 want Tulane?
C-USA doesn't even want Tulane. LSU owns Louisiana.

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