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Big 12 commish: league will be 10 teams in 2012

Posted on: October 11, 2011 11:04 am
Edited on: October 11, 2011 11:21 am
Big 12 interim commissioner Chuck Neinas said Tuesday his league will give Missouri as much time as it needs – until the end of this academic year, if necessary – to make a decision whether to remain in the Big 12 or leave for the SEC. 

“There’s no timetable,” Neinas said. “Everything is in place. We’re preparing for 2012. We’ll see what occurs.”

Neinas said he has had recent decisions with SEC commissioner Mike Slive. Neinas said he told Slive “if you’re going to extend an invitation to Missouri please let me know.” 

Neinas also said no matter what decision Missouri makes, the Big 12 would be a 10-team league in 2012 - with Missouri and new member TCU

"If Missouri is going to change horses (conferences), it won't be for 2012 anyway," Neinas said.

Whether the Big 12 eventually grows to 12 teams, there has been no decision made, Neinas said. 

“There is no consensus from conference members on going to 10 or 12 members,” Neinas said.

Neinas added there was some support last month for staying at nine teams (if Missouri left for the SEC), but that was no longer the thinking about league members. 

“The idea (with or without Missouri) would be (for the Big 12 membership) 10 or 12 teams,” Neinas said. “It won’t be 16.”

The decision to expand to 12 would have a big impact on the Big East. Sources have told that Louisville is the top candidate of the Big 12 if the league adds one member and if it expands by more than one, West Virginia is another strong candidate. 

Neinas did not discuss any potential expansion candidates on Tuesday’s conference call.

He did say, however, that an Associated Press report that Missouri could make $12 million more annually in a 14-team SEC was not accurate. 

“They (a 14-team SEC) would have to increase their television revenue by $168 million,” Neinas said.

The Big 12’s interim commissioner said Missouri reacted “favorably” to the addition of TCU. He also added Texas will continue to have a nationally televised Thanksgiving game, but with Texas A&M gone to the SEC, the Longhorns’ opponent for future seasons has not been determined. It, in all likelihood, will not be against TCU, Neinas said.


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Posted on: October 11, 2011 11:58 am

Big 12 commish: league will be 10 teams in 2012

TCU is a great addition to the Big 12.  Missouri should stay and then if the Big 12 wants to add 2 more for 2013, the Louisville and West Virginia are waiting.

The real question is who makes the best sense for the SEC?  Adding Missouri isn't a great fit - it would force one of the current SEC-West teams (likely Auburn) to switch to the SEC East.  Then Alabama and Auburn would still want to play the Iron Bowl every year, which would require that Auburn be Bama's permanent rival from the East.  This would mean the loss of the annual Tennessee-Alabama, the traditional 3rd Saturday in October rivalry.  So the domino effect of adding Missouri isn't worth it.

The team that makes the most sense for the SEC is Virginia Tech, but with the $20M exit fee from the ACC, I don't see any of the ACC schools making a move.

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Posted on: October 11, 2011 11:50 am

Big 12 commish: league will be 10 teams in 2012

Louisville and 2 other teams, probably from the BigEast and or BYU, will be in the Big12. It's just a matter of when. Missouri is gone. Regardless, there is no way they stay at 10 for more than one more year.

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Posted on: October 11, 2011 11:34 am

Big 12 commish: league will be 10 teams in 2012

While I would hate to see Missouri leave the Big 12... if they want to leave for the SEC (which to be fair to them does make sense geographically) then my attitude is... don't let the door hit ya' where the Good Lord spit ya'! Louisville, BYU, Cinncinati and maybe even WVU are just sitting around waiting on invites from the Big 12. For those that don't like that statement (and I know there will be tons of folks that don't) go ahead and post a response so we'll have the opportunity to go back and comment on them after the inevitable events unfold. 

College Football is changing and many don't like the changes... oh and put me in that camp that doesn't like them either. But it is what it is and we have no choice to deal with it.  

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