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Big East plotting football, hoops divisions

Posted on: October 11, 2011 1:50 pm

Officials from what’s left of the Big East’s dwindling football membership had another conference call on Tuesday morning and there remains no specific timetable on adding UCF, but “appears an invitation is forthcoming” for the Knights, the league’s No. 1 target.

The presidents, chancellors and athletic directors continued to discuss potential expansion candidates. Among those mentioned were UCF, Air Force, Navy, Temple, Houston, SMU and Boise State, a league source told

While Commissioner John Marinatto said in a statement Monday the league would consider a model with 12 football members, part of Tuesday’s call was discussing the possibility of splitting the football and basketball conference into divisions, once the football side is replenished.

Navy, Air Force and Boise State are being considered as football members only, while UCF, Temple, Houston and SMU are at the top of the list as all-sports members so it’s unknown right now how large the basketball membership could grow.

The Newark Star-Ledger reported one proposed alignment discussed at Tuesday’s meeting consisted of Rutgers, UConn, South Florida, UCF, Temple and Navy in an East Division with West Virginia, Louisville, Cincinnati, Air Force, SMU and Houston in a West Division.

However, there remains the very real possibility Louisville and West Virginia may not be in the league and bound for the Big 12 if Missouri leaves for the SEC or the Big 12 expands to 12 teams.

What make Temple, SMU and Houston attractive to the Big East, one source said, is their respective television markets. Philadelphia (Temple) is the nation’s No. 4 market, Dallas (SMU) is No. 5 and Houston is No. 10.

Beyond Navy, Air Force and UCF, a league source said “no one team is definitely next” as an expansion candidate.

There also appears to be conflicting opinions on pursuing Boise State. Some league members support adding Boise State because of the Broncos’ recent success, which would help the league with its future BCS status. However, others believe Boise State, located nearly 700 miles west of Air Force and nearly 2,200 miles from Tampa/USF, is simply too far to consider.

Boise State president Bob Kustra said in a statement Monday that the Broncos “are looking forward to their inaugural season” in the Mountain West Conference and he “has great confidence in the future direction of the Mountain West.”

“While we are certainly flattered to be mentioned in connection with other conferences and we hold those leagues in high regard, our current focus is on continuing to build the outstanding athletic programs that have helped make Boise State a popular and compelling national brand," Kustra said.

“The landscape of college athletics is exceptionally fluid, and we are continuing to monitor the situation. We are confident that Boise State will be well positioned for future success, and we will evaluate our status with the best interests of the entire university in mind. Boise State’s athletic achievements, academic and research successes, popularity, and vision for future growth make the university an extremely valuable conference partner.”

A league source also told that Army is no longer being considered as a candidate by the Big East. “They’ve been honest with us and that they’re not interested because of the challenges they had previously in Conference USA,” the source said.

Army was in C-USA from 1998-2004. The Cadets were 9-41 in C-USA play and finished last in the league five of the seven seasons.


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Big East plotting football, hoops divisions

SecRocks1, I understood ya. Im a Ecu Grad and love playing the ACC teams (even though we almost always lose), just was saying that we havent had the best of luck against them. As for the conf, yea it would never fly with all the TV markets everyone needs to reach and kids from outside the areas wouldn't want to come play in such a small conf. I can see how it would bring down the other schools as well... just wishful thinking from a fan that travels to alot of games. I could make every game if that were the conf.

ECU won't get into the ACC, again I wish it would happen but the ACC already has the NC market.

As for the Conf USA teams they so get out why they can and bring back some old members (Cinny and Louy) and creat a new conf much like the preposed (GCC haha) in earlier post.  Should call it the (BIG CONF USA EAST 30) since no conf seems to have the right numbers at the end of the conf names

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Big East plotting football, hoops divisions


I never said Pitt was a great program. Yes I've been a Pitt fan my entire life. I realize Pitt is a second tier school. Our academics are average at best. Our TV market is on the small side. And, our history in both football and basketball is spotty at best. I'm not saying Pitt is an elite program by any means. But Pitt had no choice but to leave for the ACC because the Big East is going down. And, I think Pitt can be competitive in football in the ACC. In basketball, we are probably going to get steamrolled for the first few seasons but the ACC is a recruiting draw and with our coaching staff, we should only get better. But to say we need WVU is rediculous. Why do we need WVU for anything? Sure the backyard brawl is great but Pitt can do without it. I realize you think I'm hating on WVU by bringing up the fact that the ACC and SEC have completely rejected the school and the BIG XII only looks at WVU as a last resort. You have to admit that WVU has poor academics, facilities and no media market share. It's simply a fact. Plus traveling to WVU is a nightmare. Teams have to fly into Pittsburgh and drive for over an hour. Pitt isn't perfect. But it is more attractive than WVU in just about every aspect. Keep in mind that I did attend WVU before transfering to LSU. I spent two years at the school so I do have a pretty good idea about the school.

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Big East plotting football, hoops divisions

Big East planning to add six teams.
The six teams in the Big East leave the exit door open by refusing to up the exit fee.

Doesn't take a genius to see these schools aren't confident in the leadership. 

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Big East plotting football, hoops divisions

its the triple option dude, of course theyre going to lead in rushing. they cant get skill position players so they have to run it. its fun to watch. i hope they win but they dont belong in an AQ conference

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Big East plotting football, hoops divisions

Georgia fan: "the other six teams are simply NOT BCS Caliber." Well Georgia fan, I remember you not being able to score a touchdown on us. We beat your face. Maybe you should lose your AQ.

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Big East plotting football, hoops divisions

This is a perfect example of just how desperate the Big East is getting.  If you look at the seven teams mentioned in the article, only Boise State has BCS type credentials.  Boise State is really out of the question because of the distance between Boise and the Big East teams.  The other six teams are simply NOT BCS Caliber.  If West Virginia or Louisville leaves the Big East, they are finished as a legitimate BCS Conference.  Everyone knows that West Virginia will take any offer that any other BCS Conference may make.  Louisville is seen as the #1 target of the Big 12-3+1, if Missouri is accepted by the SEC, leaving the Big 12-3+1 a 9 team conference.   The Big East is at the mercy of both the Big 12 and the SEC.  It is time for those two conferences to put the Big East out of it's misery.

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Big East plotting football, hoops divisions

DaveDawg, your GCC East looks OK except you really need to can Georgia State.  I can't even find anything about a Ga St football team.  What conference are they in? 

Why would you include Louisville but not Cincinnati?  They're not far apart.  With Cincy in your east division it would look pretty good. 

I don't think Memphis and Tulane are gonna cut it if you're going for BSC status.  In this scenario, which we both know ain't gonna happen, I'd court BYU for the west and maybe add FIU to the east and move UAB to the west. 



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Big East plotting football, hoops divisions

*****BernieRotton********, why do you make stupid, uneducated, discriminating remarks towards WV? Or are you just speaking from your A**. WVU will do just fine with or without Pitt, or anyone else that leaves the conference. Pitt leaving the conference for the ACC will be the single biggest mistake the university will ever make. Pitt will be of no relevance in this conference in football.  Basketball...well, you guys are an outstanding program! I think Pitt will do well in the ACC. But lets get back to football. Without WVU, there would be no Pitt football. Same kind of situation for us, as much as I would hate to say it.We kind of need each other. I believe that you think Pitt is a national power. They are far from it. The championships Pitt won are decades old, some even older. Today, Pitt has talent, as does WVU, but neither team is ready for a national championship. We are both just not that consistant. We can't even recruit the best players in the country. When we can recruit like LSU and Oklahoma, then we can look for the next level...not jump conferences out of desperation. The Big East is probably dead for football. WVU will , in my opinion, not stay. But if we do, WE will be the only reason the Big East will keep AQ status. But thats a longshot, because WVU will leave and don't be surprised that we end up in the ACC or SEC or BIG 12 even after all the so called turndowns. We are a wanted team, just as Pitt was. Don't forget that Pitt owes a lot to WVU as so does Pitt. Nobody would even care about either of us if it were not for the brawl. Another thing, you all wouldn't have electricity if it weren't for people from WV. You also wouldn't have your steal without the electricity we provide. Please think before you comment. You only make yourself look pathetic. 

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Big East plotting football, hoops divisions

Why do they run every play, you ask?  Because they can. 

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"Gulf Coast Conference"

Forgot about the Texas schools - need them for 12 total teams and two divisions anyway:

GCC West:
So Miss.

GCC East:
Ga State

Good rivalries, covers the population centers from Texas to the east coast.  Better than the pending alternatives.

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