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Big East plotting football, hoops divisions

Posted on: October 11, 2011 1:50 pm

Officials from what’s left of the Big East’s dwindling football membership had another conference call on Tuesday morning and there remains no specific timetable on adding UCF, but “appears an invitation is forthcoming” for the Knights, the league’s No. 1 target.

The presidents, chancellors and athletic directors continued to discuss potential expansion candidates. Among those mentioned were UCF, Air Force, Navy, Temple, Houston, SMU and Boise State, a league source told

While Commissioner John Marinatto said in a statement Monday the league would consider a model with 12 football members, part of Tuesday’s call was discussing the possibility of splitting the football and basketball conference into divisions, once the football side is replenished.

Navy, Air Force and Boise State are being considered as football members only, while UCF, Temple, Houston and SMU are at the top of the list as all-sports members so it’s unknown right now how large the basketball membership could grow.

The Newark Star-Ledger reported one proposed alignment discussed at Tuesday’s meeting consisted of Rutgers, UConn, South Florida, UCF, Temple and Navy in an East Division with West Virginia, Louisville, Cincinnati, Air Force, SMU and Houston in a West Division.

However, there remains the very real possibility Louisville and West Virginia may not be in the league and bound for the Big 12 if Missouri leaves for the SEC or the Big 12 expands to 12 teams.

What make Temple, SMU and Houston attractive to the Big East, one source said, is their respective television markets. Philadelphia (Temple) is the nation’s No. 4 market, Dallas (SMU) is No. 5 and Houston is No. 10.

Beyond Navy, Air Force and UCF, a league source said “no one team is definitely next” as an expansion candidate.

There also appears to be conflicting opinions on pursuing Boise State. Some league members support adding Boise State because of the Broncos’ recent success, which would help the league with its future BCS status. However, others believe Boise State, located nearly 700 miles west of Air Force and nearly 2,200 miles from Tampa/USF, is simply too far to consider.

Boise State president Bob Kustra said in a statement Monday that the Broncos “are looking forward to their inaugural season” in the Mountain West Conference and he “has great confidence in the future direction of the Mountain West.”

“While we are certainly flattered to be mentioned in connection with other conferences and we hold those leagues in high regard, our current focus is on continuing to build the outstanding athletic programs that have helped make Boise State a popular and compelling national brand," Kustra said.

“The landscape of college athletics is exceptionally fluid, and we are continuing to monitor the situation. We are confident that Boise State will be well positioned for future success, and we will evaluate our status with the best interests of the entire university in mind. Boise State’s athletic achievements, academic and research successes, popularity, and vision for future growth make the university an extremely valuable conference partner.”

A league source also told that Army is no longer being considered as a candidate by the Big East. “They’ve been honest with us and that they’re not interested because of the challenges they had previously in Conference USA,” the source said.

Army was in C-USA from 1998-2004. The Cadets were 9-41 in C-USA play and finished last in the league five of the seven seasons.


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Posted on: October 12, 2011 11:42 am

Big East plotting football, hoops divisions

I agree that ECU has not been productive against the ACC schools but ECU does fit the BEast profile.

clab4tune, I was responding sarcastically to an emotional, hateful, unprovoked post against the ACC and the North Carolina schools.  ECU is not an easy W.  Their record this year hasn't been helped by their schedule.  A lot of teams would be 1-4 after playing South Carolina, Virginia Tech, North Carolina and Houston.  I agree they could be a good addition for the Big East. 

Not trying to be a smart... but because of the impact of TV on college athletics, your conference idea, while encouraging rivalries, would actually demote all those schools to the level of App St rather than elevate App St.  The TV market of N Carolina, S Carolina, Virginia, W Virginia and Maryland would be smaller than the Southern Conference market of N Carolina, S Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama.  They'd never do it.     &n
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Posted on: October 12, 2011 10:55 am

Big East plotting football, hoops divisions

It is my feeling after the BIG EAST Officials and Presidents make the final decision to add 6 more schools, EAST CAROLINA will be invited to the conference.  East Carolina would be a great choice for the BE, and definitely an asset to the league. ECU has a very nice stadium, great sports fans, and a very convienient location for Big East fans. You can ask any ACC school that plays ECU, and they will tell you that ECU is ready to play you in football anytime, home or away.  To me, it would be a huge mistake for the BE to pass over ECU. NOTE: I am not an ECU fan,  But I respect their program, fans and great facilities.

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Posted on: October 12, 2011 10:55 am

Big East plotting football, hoops divisions

If this happens instead of just letting the BEast die as it should.....all I can say is people better lay off the Big 10 for their name being inaccurate because there is NOTHING east about Air Force, SMU, Houston, and Boise.  Why not just take the refguees from the dead BEast and add them to the "new" MWC......semantics.

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Posted on: October 12, 2011 10:37 am

Big East plotting football, hoops divisions

I agree that ECU has not been productive against the ACC schools but ECU does fit the BEast profile. And all-time against the other schools that the BEast is looking at ECU has done very well, which is what you need to look at. 1-0 vs Boise State (Again we had Chris Johnson that game) 8-2 vs UCF, 7-4 vs Temple, 6-4 vs Houston (Last one was Houston crushing ECU) 2-2 vs SMU and 0-2 Vs Navy (Again another crushing defeat last time). And everyone knows that ECU brings the crowds to Bowl Games (when they get into them). The ACC does not need another North Carolina Team thus why they got Pitt and SYC. But ECU (Just like any other team) would get better because of the BEast Rep. in sports kids would want to play against the Uconns, WVU, USF (ECU would love to beat them because of Skip Hotlz).

If i started a new conf. it would be centralized (Duke, NCST, UNC, WF, USC (Gamecocks), Clemson, Virginia, WVU, VT, ECU, App ST, Maryland) would be ok in all sports! and bring up App st to D1 or the FBS whatever they call it now. What ya think?

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Posted on: October 12, 2011 9:55 am

Big East plotting football, hoops divisions

Gasman, even you have to admit that the SEC has its up years and down years from division to division.  Put WVU in the East this year and they are competing for a shot at the SEC Championship Game.  Put them in the West in the early-mid 2000's and they are competing for a shot at the SEC Championship Game.  On a consistency basis, I would say that WVU is like UGA or Arkansas.  That is a pretty respectable place to be in the SEC.  So to throw out the term "average at best" is pretty irresponsible.

That's why fans aren't making these decisions.

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Posted on: October 12, 2011 9:54 am

Big East plotting football, hoops divisions


whoaaa lil buddy!

You don't understand too much about LSU football, do you??

1- LSU's defense is built on bend don't break and let the other team hand you the game

2- THINK! WVa (according to ABC commentators) averaged 50% conversion of possessions into TD's  so LSU's goal was to pin them back and make them work.  I know we punted to WVA 6 times and the average start on those 6 possessions was the 10.  So WVa would have to drive 90 yards 6 times and assuming 50% conversion that is 21 points and 270 yards.  HMM! that seems to have been the case

3- THINK! LSU is #2 in forced turnovers for the NCAA.  think 6 long drives produces any turnovers?  OOPS 2 TO's led to 14 points

4-  Think! LSU has the #2 offensive efficiency in the SEC.  (that means they score a lot of points per drive)  LSU had 7 TD's vs WVA  2 were direct result of turnover one was at the 1 yard line and a punt return.  So 5 offensive TD's.  their average drive was 60 yards.

with that said

1- WVA scored 3 td's on 16 possessions  19%  oops a bit off their 50% ave

2- WVA had 533 total yards, 270 resulted in points  263 didnt  (do you really want to brag about all those worthless yards??)

3-  LSU "only" had 360 yds, BUT 300 yards produced 33 points, only 60 yards produced nothing...
     (actually 1 td from 1 yard, so 59 produced nothing)


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Posted on: October 12, 2011 9:47 am

Big East plotting football, hoops divisions

the BE MUST take ECU as well that would be good for the conference to get a school in NCarolina that actually cares about football and doesn't have to answer to tobacco road, and the BigEast can give the ACC a lil "take that" in their own front yard.
Yeah GoldRusher,  that would really be a crushing blow to the ACC.  Just imagine them taking what Sagarin rates the 6th best team in North Carolina behind UNC, Wake Forest, Duke, NC State and Appalachian State.  They have losing records all time against all of those but perennial football power Duke, which is 5-5.  Just think, what if any other team in North Carolina cared about football.  Brilliant idea, I'm sure the Big East will jump right on it(sarcasm, if it's not obvious). 

How about telling us what it means to " have to answer to tobacco road".  Can you give an example?   

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Posted on: October 12, 2011 9:08 am

Big East plotting football, hoops divisions

In the end, WVU lost.  But, for you to claim WVU would get killed in the SEC... just makes you look foolish.  That is something sleepy might say over.... and over... and over...

I guess I'm foolish then.  Funny how everyone - outside of WVU fans - thinks that they would be average at best in the SEC.  

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Posted on: October 12, 2011 9:05 am

Big East plotting football, hoops divisions

Wow! Let me think. East Carolina has won 2 of the last 3 CUSA football championships, is NC's second largest university, has a basketball team that is getting better, a consistently good baseball team, CUSA titles in other sports, packs 50,000+ in the football stadium on a dreary day with a down year team, is a foothold in a state with 4 ACC schools, has a fan base across the state, is actually in the eastern US, and there is not much mention here about them.

If the powers that be in the Big East can't see this diamond in the rough, then they are certainly the epitome of "can't see the forest for the trees"!

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Posted on: October 12, 2011 8:52 am

Big East plotting football, hoops divisions

I simply pointed out that your 'stats' were no big deal and irrelevant.

Irrelevant?  Because WVU didn't win?  You are the one who claimed WVU would get killed in the SEC.  If WVU could amass those kind of stats against the best of the SEC, what would they do against the other teams?

I said it's because WVU threw as much as 3 SEC schools vs LSU.  Looks like a wash to me.
To make all those attempts means you have no running game (or at least that night....and you're behind in the scoreboard)...all night.

Every team LSU has played from behind.  Yet none of these teams accomplished in points or passing yards or total yards what WVU produced.  Who cares if WVU got their yards through the air?  LSU didn't give up those kind of numbers to any other SEC team.... right?

In the end, WVU lost.  But, for you to claim WVU would get killed in the SEC... just makes you look foolish.  That is something sleepy might say over.... and over... and over...

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