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Boise, 3 more could get Big East invite next week

Posted on: October 14, 2011 1:58 pm
Edited on: October 14, 2011 7:11 pm
Once divided on whether to invite Boise State, the Big East is now united on extending an invitation to the Broncos, along with Air Force, Navy and UCF, college football industry sources told

Boise State, Air Force and UCF have indicated they are receptive to joining the Big East. Navy is prepared to also commit once a higher exit fee has been established, sources said. The official invitations to UCF, Boise State, Air Force and Navy could be extended as early as next week. 

Big East representatives, including Commissioner John Marinatto, met with UCF officials Friday in Cincinnati. On Thursday, Boise State and a Big East representative spoke via telephone about the Broncos joining the Big East.

Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson and C-USA commissioner Britton Banowsky confirmed Friday that Boise State, Air Force and UCF have had contact with the Big East.

On Sunday or Monday the Big East's presidents and chancellors are expected to vote and approve an increased exit fee of at least $10 million for football members. That’s double the current amount ($5 million), but less than what Marinatto proposed in an Oct. 2 meeting. In that meeting there were discussions to increase the exit fee to “150 percent of the gross revenues received by a departing team in its final year in the league,” according to league documents obtained by 

That figure would have been between $12 million and $15 million.

The addition of Boise State would be significant in helping the Big East retain its status as an automatic qualifying BCS league when the new BCS cycle begins in 2014.

The Broncos, ranked No. 5 in this week's AP poll, are among college football's winningest programs, with a 71-5 record since 2006.

"I believe Boise and Air Force are gone [to the Big East]," a source familiar with the Mountain West told's Dennis Dodd.

With the expected addition of Boise State, Air Force, Navy and UCF and the defections of TCU, Pittsburgh and Syracuse, that would leave the football membership at 10 schools, two shy of the 12 members the league said on Monday it was seeking.

Houston, SMU and Temple are being considered for the final two spots. However, one source said Houston and SMU are expected to get the final two spots because of Villanova’s concerns about adding Temple into the league.

Boise State, Air Force and Navy would join as football-only members. UCF, Houston and SMU would join as full members. Thompson, of the Mountain West, said that Boise State and Air Force would not be allowed to keep its non-football schools in the Mountain West if they left for the Big East.

The Mountain West source also told that the addition of Boise State, Air Force, Navy and UCF are, in terms of market, TV and football value, would be at least even with Syracuse, Pittsburgh and TCU.

A BCS source said the Big East has been given no sign from BCS officials that adding those teams would help it keep its automatic bid.

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Posted on: October 15, 2011 9:12 pm

Boise, 3 more could get Big East invite next week

Wait, Mike is from Syracuse? are talking about Temple football?  Syracuse...2005 1-10, 2006 4-8, 2007 2-10, 2008 3-9, 2009 4-8, 2010 8-5....Syracuse, 1 winning season in past 9 seasons?  That Syracuse? Heck, Temple has had 2 in the last 2, and are on their way to a 3rd.  Yes, Mike, I bow down to you and your team's supremacy.  I am sorry about questioning you.

Man, I thought I was at least talking to somebody with some pedigree.  It has been a long time since Brown or Csonka played for you guys...have you had anybody since Csonka?  And don't give me McPherson.

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Posted on: October 15, 2011 6:30 pm

Boise, 3 more could get Big East invite next week

Come on Mike

To quantify this for you: Temple plays in a stadium that cost $512 million dollars to build and is an acceptable home for an NFL football team, but unacceptable to you?  To put that in perspective, if you want to compare Temple to Alabama or Florida (unfair comparison but nevertheless), Alabama's stadium cost $80 million dollars to build, The Swamp cost $50 million.  And Temple has been able to cash in on playing at the Linc from a recruiting standpoint because most people, with the exception of you apparently, like to play football in NFL stadiums whenever possible.

And maybe I'm old school is this regard but I would say that a school whose football program was the only team to ever receive the death penalty would have the "worst" football tradition, but that's just me.

And resources and facilities absolutely matter in college athletics, especially from a recruiting standpoint.

If someone is in favor of having Villanova jump to the FBS with a 2-6 record, then Temple deserves to be in that conversation, already playing in the FBS with a 5-2 record and blowing out Villanova in the Mayor's Cup.

What is incredible to me is what I have been able to accomplish personally with a degree from a "poor man's college."

My point is that if the BE adds Temple, it can add a football program on the rise and not take a step back in basketball; if they add SMU and Houston as full members, they will be taking that step back in basketball.

And I don't think I am alone in this argument:

"Admit Temple immediately. They have a highly competitive football program with outstanding basketball tradition. They are a past BIG EAST member and an excellent school academically. And as all my friends say in Philadelphia, they are located in BIG EAST territory."
- Rick Pitino
" They lack any history, and will probably never be relevant on a national level." "poor man's college" "Temple is one of the most tradition poor football programs (if not the most) in the history of college football.”
- Mike from Syracuse

I am more inclined to side with Pitino based on credibility alone.

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Posted on: October 15, 2011 5:07 pm

Boise, 3 more could get Big East invite next week

Watching the Bronco's pre-game show right now on Idaho's news channel 7, and Boise president Bob Kustra just said on live t.v. that Boise State has not received a formal invite from the BigEast. 

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Posted on: October 15, 2011 4:58 pm

Boise, 3 more could get Big East invite next week

How are you wrong?  Because you are basing your assessment on ingnorance and history.  Temple historically has been a terrible football school.  Correct.  But lately they have been improving their program.  They beat the Big East champion last year (Connecticutt).  They have played Penn State 2 tight games in a row (yes, they lost, but this is an improvement).  Of course this is aided by a Penn State who is faltering, but they are still top 25.  It takes time to build a program.  They don't own their own stadium.  True, but I will take the Linc over most major college's stadiums.  It is certainly better than Nova's, which is a crumbling facility.  Their training facility is state of the art, built in the past couple of years.  And starting in the next 2 years they will be improving their schedule yet again, with Notre Dame.  So they are drawing bigger names that will give the Big East more prestige.  But no, they are not Boise State...but who the hell was Boise State 10 years ago...that's right, it was all about Miami, Ohio State, Michigan, Texas and Boise State.  Seriously?  And Temple has always put players (mostly linemen) in the pros.  Once you start getting guys like Bernard Pierce doing his thing in the NFL, you don't think that the Owls are going to see a bump in their recruiting?

As for Temple's basketball, they were faltering when Chaney was forced out...that is why they got rid of Chaney.  It has taken Fran Dunphy, formally of U of Penn, a few years to change the direction.  But they still make the tourney every year, still are near the top, or at the top of their conference every year, still beat Nova every year, and now their graduation rate is above expectations (since they got rid of the thugs Chaney used to recruit. 

Your comments about Florida and Alabama are ridiculous.  Shouldn't be in the conversation.  Unless they are joining the Big East.  Temple has done more than Houston or SMU in recent years, and those are the 2 that are probably going to beat Temple for the final 2 spots. 

And if we are talking about TV markets, since Nova is NOT moving up to the Big East for Football, then why shouldn't Temple as a football only school?  Wouldn't having a team that is capturing the attention of the local fans boost the conference's tv presence?  You think that the Philly fans are going to tune out anybody to watch that all important SMU vs Connecticutt game?  Or Rutgers vs. Boise State.  Most people around here couldn't tell you where Boise State is even located.  I can't wait to watch Air Force vs Boise State!  Those are truly Big East schools!

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Posted on: October 15, 2011 4:31 pm

Boise, 3 more could get Big East invite next week

Boise State does not belong playing in a conference Who's Commissioner has called them Nobody s, wanna Be's pretenders never playing any body even beating West Virginia. Then calling them LUCKY! they along with the South Eastern conference tried every thing to keep them out of the BCS. This is all about the Big Least GREED.

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Posted on: October 15, 2011 4:07 pm

Boise, 3 more could get Big East invite next week

Mike you can try but some people refuse to remove the blinders of parochialism and see things objectively.

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Posted on: October 15, 2011 3:54 pm

Boise, 3 more could get Big East invite next week

How am I wrong?  

Look at where Villanova's basketball program has been lately. And then look at Temple's.

I also said adding Temple would not help keep the Big East a BCS conference because of how medicore the football team is. Temple is not a Boise State, Florida or an Alabama.  You don't think I'm correct?

You sit here and go on about facilities and stuff. Temple doesn't even own their own football facility. They lack any history, and will probably never be relevant on a national level. Temple is one of the most tradition poor football programs (if not the most) in the history of college football. That's what the biggest deal is. The Big East needs football schools. Temple doesn't offer that. The Big East likes basketball schools, Temple hasn't done anything great in basketball recently. 

Sure you can invite Temple based on how average the basketball team has played lately, but football wise, Temple would not solve any problems for the Big East.

Say what you want about Temple. Fact is, Villanova's a better basketball program currently. Temple's greatness is history. If Temple isn't going to do anything in football, then why should the Big East waste their time? 

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Posted on: October 15, 2011 3:14 pm

Boise, 3 more could get Big East invite next week


This is false in so many ways and really speaks to the fact that you are limited in your knowledge and admitted it yourself.  Temple and Nova are always recruiting the same players.  Some have picked Nova and some have picked Temple.  That's a fact.  The advantage that Nova has over Temple is that Nova plays in a bigger conference that gets more exposure and Jay Wright has a good reputation of getting his kids into the NBA.  Fran Dunphy, the coach of Temple (how about a little research stud), has recently gotten a few players into the NBA as well.  And Temple basketball is the 6th winningest college basketball program of all time so we aren't talking about Nova's little brother here.  I could argue that historically, Temple is just as prestigious as Nova.  But you would need to take off your Big East blinders to know that.

From a resources and facilities standpoint, Nova cannot compare to Temple.  Temple has 35,000 students with a huge endowment.  Temple has an on-campus gym that seats over 10,000 while Nova has a sandbox that seats 3000.  If Temple gets into the Big East, Nova would have to split its big games with Temple at the Wells Fargo.  Temple already plays Duke there and sells it out whenever they play there.  Also, Temple plays football at the Linc, which is something that not many other college football programs can say, and will box out Nova so that if they try to step up to big time college football, they will need to find their own stadium to play (reportedly the soccer stadium in Chester where the Union play).

And saying Temple is a poor man's college shows how dumb you actually are.  Temple is not in a good area and is kind of on an island but its reputation academically is consistently improving with its medical and law schools being consistently highly ranked and various other undergrad programs.  And it has nothing to do with the campus.  The fact remains that Philadelphia is the 4th or 5th largest media market in the country, and Nova does not offer enough to satisfy that market.  They don't have a football program and don't have the talent or resources to step up.  Temple does.  Nova isn’t even in the city of Philadelphia but I know you don’t know that.  Nova is scared that they will become the little brother to Temple and are doing everything they can to stop that.  Pitino, arguably the best coach in the Big East, said to admit Temple immediately.  So that tells me what I need to know.  So Mike from Syracuse, you are person who lacks knowledge, has flawed arguments based on nothing, that spews nonsense without backing it up.  Do some research, educate yourself, and then come back at me.

That slob Massimino tried to destroy the Big 5 in 1985 and Nova finally will achieve that goal in 2011. 

Villanova should upgrade to the Football Bowl Subdivision and join the Big East Conference for football.  They have been outstanding in the Championship Subdivision and play in the major market of Philadelphia. 

Right.  They have been SO outstanding in I-AA that they are 2-6 currently and got blown out by Temple this year.  So, how are they a better football choice than Temple exactly?  Research people.  Temple blew out Maryland on the road and took PSU to the wire.  Nova beat James Madison 7-6.  So you tell me which team is rising and which team is falling.

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Posted on: October 15, 2011 2:52 pm

Boise, 3 more could get Big East invite next week

The Big East is becoming a Swamp Donkey. TCU got played by the alure of the BCS AQ and got lucky to get out and into the Big IIX. I would have to guess that the major Conferences are also using the Big East to encourage them to cripple the Mountain West of the teams that could turn them into an AQ conference after 2013. If Boise takes the AQ bait and moves to the Big East, their destiny will not be as good as TCU. Having to travel 3,000 miles back East for away games will kill their football program. Their Olympic Sports are nothing and what will they do with them but move them back to the WAC?

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Posted on: October 15, 2011 2:46 pm

Boise, 3 more could get Big East invite next week

Honestly, doesn't anyone care about ease of travel, excessive spending, maybe the students' schoolwork???  Boise State is about as far from the "east" as you can get.

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