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WVU headed to Big 12 if Missouri leaves

Posted on: October 25, 2011 11:22 am
Edited on: October 25, 2011 6:36 pm

Shortly after Missouri officially announces it is withdrawing from the Big 12, West Virginia will be extended an invitation to join the Big 12, college football industry sources told

The Mountaineers invitation to the Big 12 is contingent on Missouri leaving for the SEC. Once Missouri notifies the Big 12 it is leaving, the Mountaineers' official invitation could come within "24-48 hours," a source said. 

The Mountaineers would be the latest to leave the Big East Conference. Pittsburgh and Syracuse announced they are leaving for the ACC and TCU will join the Big 12 next season.

If West Virginia informs the Big East of its intention to leave before the league adds Navy or Air Force, the Mountaineers would only be held to a $5 million exit fee. If the Big East has added Navy or Air Force before the Mountaineers notify the Big East, they would have to pay $10 million. Either way, the Mountaineers would not be able to leave the Big East until June 30, 2014 – the same time frame as Syracuse and Pittsburgh.

Without West Virginia, Pitt, Syracuse and TCU, the remaining football league members are UConn, Rutgers, USF, Louisville and Cincinnati.

Two days ago in Washington D.C., Big East commissioner John Marinatto met with officials from Boise State, Houston, SMU, UCF and Navy, but no official invitations were extended. Air Force did not attend the meeting. Representatives from other Big East schools also attended.

The Big East hopes to add those schools – along with Air Force – to get to a 12-team football league. Even if the Big East adds those schools, without West Virginia, they still would need another school.

The Western contingent of the Big East's possible future members - Boise State, Air Force, Houston and SMU - are pushing for the Big East to pursue BYU. It's unknown if the Cougars, who had talks with the Big 12, would be interested in joining a 12-team Big East.

If the Big East could land BYU - along with the other six new schools - it would have two divisions: West - BYU, Air Force, Houston, SMU, Boise State and Louisville and East - UConn, Rutgers, USF, Cincinnati, Navy and UCF that Big East officials are confident would be worthy of retaining its BCS automatic qualifying status.

Besides BYU, other possible candidates for the Big East's 12th member would be Temple or East Carolina.

On Tuesday afternoon, Big East spokesman John Paquette told that a Las Vegas Journal report that Marinatto would meet with Conference USA commissioner Britton Banowsky and Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson Wednesday in New York about a merger between the leagues was inaccurate.

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Posted on: October 26, 2011 12:02 am

WVU headed to Big 12 if Missouri leaves

As I have said before, the Big 12 just needs to wholesale raid the Big East for their football schools. Make an east/west division balance. Divide the teams as old big 12 vs new big 12. old being current members only. TCU and the 6 big east schools plus one other random east coast university become the eastern division.  Then both divisions only play each other in the regular season so travel isn't an issue. each side sends a conferance champion to a neutral site game.  This would be a great football/basketball conferance.  UCONN/KU anybody? plus at 16 teams the conferance would be too big to raid. This would expand big 12 tv sets to the entire east coast from new jersey to florida.  Each team would have 7 division games, 4 non con games and their would be a title game for a 12 game season.  If the Big east loses one more school they lose aq status because their is a rule that you have to have atleast 5 of the same teams remain in conferance over a certain period of time( i think 3 years) so the next dog out the door kills the Big East.

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Posted on: October 26, 2011 12:02 am

WVU headed to Big 12 if Missouri leaves

Thank you Big 12 for taking West Virginia.  I was so afraid the SEC might take them.  Thank you thank you thank you.

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Posted on: October 25, 2011 11:41 pm

WVU headed to Big 12 if Missouri leaves

Nope.  UT won't do Pac12. Pac12 won't do OU w/out UT.  Big12 committed for 6 years essentially by pledging TV money.  Big12 staying together in large part due to geography which is being ignored by fantasizers.  WVa would benefit hugely in Big12 b/c, despite earthquake-like shakiness. is a very strong conference.  Even the weaklings can make decent showings.  WVa has a geography problem in Big12, but not to the magnitude that other conference prospective scenarios yield.  Feel bad for BigEast, but greedy is greedy and no one wants to be responsible for being left out in the cold because they did not yield to greed.

Another note by the way: TxA&M made great move in joining SEC.  They need to make a total clean break from Big12 teams and stop trying to schedule non-conf stuff, esp w/ UT.  A&M really needs to remove UT from it's stupid fight song and get normal and entirely removed from its VERY unhealthy co-dependent, hate-relationship with UT.  A&M is a magnificent university throughout.  I wish they could look at themselves and realize how held-back they are with the UT thing.  The school needs complete DIVORCE from UT and in a few short years, Texas will have 2 mighty major universities in 2 great sports conferences.  Gig 'em.

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Posted on: October 25, 2011 10:33 pm

WVU headed to Big 12 if Missouri leaves

So if WV joins the Big 12 and in two years, OK, OKState, Texas and TTech head to the Pac10, WVU will be worse off than they are now. Where else will Pac 10 go for expansion? There are no guarantees how this will wash out. The Big10/11 thinks they have everyone begging to get in but at the end of the day, what is a hot conference in January becomes a non-player in March. Look, two months ago, the Big 12 was all but put out to pasture.

I still like the thought of having WVU, Cincy and Louisville hold steady and play hardball with ND and the BE if they have a Big12 offer to join in hand. If ND would join BE, Pitt and Syracuse would probably re-join. TCU to the Big East was a terrible thought and incomprehensible logistically. So is WVU to Big 12. WVU is better than that. Don't be a TCU.  

WVU's best chance to be relevant is in the BE, ACC, that order. A WPa recruit will have trouble selling his parents on wanting to play against Kansas. They must keep regional in order to survive. Make a plan and execute it correctly Oliver. Some of the best moves are moves that aren't made!     

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Posted on: October 25, 2011 10:32 pm

WVU headed to Big 12 if Missouri leaves

WVU doesn't like Mizzou because we feel(rightly or wrongly, most likely wrongly, but this is about feelings and doesn't have to be rational) that Mizzou stole our spot in the SEC. WVU feels that it's a perfect fit for the SEC. We all have at least one aunt or uncle that has moved to the Carolinas. Myrtle Beach is practically little West Virginia during the summer. We're familiar with the south, we talk with a southern accent and there are more Rebel flags in Morgantown than American ones. We identify with small market southern teams with a grudge and something to prove. I'm out in Columbus and I just talked to a Florida grad today and he said of our fanbase that we fit in because we're just a little too crazy and take things just a little too seriously and we're proud of it. Culturally, we feel that we're a perfect fit for the SEC and all of a sudden, the SEC had an opening. In our heads (again, rightly or wrongly), there is no reason that we're not in the SEC. To us, it seemed like peanut butter and jelly. All of a sudden though, we got blind-sided by Mizzou. Mizzou represents everything that West Virginians have a problem with. To us, they seem lackadaisical. They aren't better fans than we are, they aren't better teams than we are, they don't have anything that would make them a better choice except that they happen to be in a different spot and bring more money to the table. We feel excluded because of things completely out of our control and based exclusively on the fact that we are geographically isolated. It feels like we were disrespected and passed over due to things completely beyond our control. Again, this is perception. My cousin graduated from Mizzou and it's a nice place. I've been to Columbia many, many times and I know they like their team and they are just looking out for themselves, but it doesn't feel that way. It feels like they screwed us. We're happy with the Big XII. We're happy and relieved they took us, but we feel like an SEC team and we feel the Mizzou stole that from us.

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Posted on: October 25, 2011 10:13 pm

WVU headed to Big 12 if Missouri leaves

Am I missing something???
Where is the TV market expansion for the BigXII with WVU???
They are going to blow their entire budget on travel.

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Posted on: October 25, 2011 10:07 pm

WVU headed to Big 12 if Missouri leaves

Big 12 is gotta pick up Cincinnati also from the Big East locking that tv market then convince BYU, Boise St. and the biggest of them all Notre Dame.. Just to get back at all those that bailed and be able to hold on to the existing Big 12 members. We all know this is about tv money and positioning for a BCS berth but league officials hopefully think carefully & be considerate to the next best money maker which is Men's Basketball.  Both football and basketball would be winners if they were able to get all those schools and sign a big tv deal with someone other than ESPN who I think was part of starting this realignment mess.

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Posted on: October 25, 2011 10:06 pm

WVU headed to Big 12 if Missouri leaves

West Virginia is a worthy candidate to replace Missouri. It has better football and better basketball. But - it is in the wrong time zone. I get that TV is driving the train now. But I don't get how school administrators - supposedly academics - can sentence their non-revenue sports to travel three days to play a single game. The Big XII is a Midwest league. Adding TCU was a no-brainer. Adding any school so far away is hard.

The report, like many rumors about conference realignment, may be false. The doubt I have is that the Big XII has actually extended a conditional bid to join. Certainly talks have been held with WVU, Louisville, Cincinnati and BYU. But a firm bid - not so likely. The other question not answered is will the Big XII try to add two more to get to twelve? Until they signal their intentions they may be holding up any plans that the Big East has. The money and the competition is better in the Big XII than a reconstituted Big East. But these are days of speculation so everyone might as well chime in.

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Posted on: October 25, 2011 9:55 pm

WVU headed to Big 12 if Missouri leaves

The Big 12 has no presence in FL right now.  I'm sure they are interested in having a presence in FL for the TV markets alone.  Who's to say they won't add South or Central Florida in the future?  Even if that doesn't happen WVU can pick up a non-conference home and home series with either one of those schools to keep the FL pipeline going.  Have some faith Mountaineers, there will be ups and downs, exciting upset victories ans dissapointing losses, just like there has always been.  Just like there is for every team.  I'd much rather be in the position we are in now than to be stuck in the Big East.  Has anyone checked out the bowl schedule for the Big 12?  They have 8 or 9 bowl tie-ins and 10 teams.  We are virtually guaranteed a bowl game every year.  The way I see it the future is very bright for WVU in the Big-12.  How about the basketball?  Instead of teams like Syracuse and U Conn comming to Morgantown once every 2 or 3 years we will see Kansas, Oklahoma, Kansas St, Texas, Baylor - the whole Big-12 - every year!

Since: Jun 28, 2011
Posted on: October 25, 2011 9:51 pm

WVU headed to Big 12 if Missouri leaves

Again idiots on here.. ANyone knows it is a fact that WVU already have commit top 100 High School player and 8th best qb in the country coming in next year and he is from Texas. Blah blah RECRUITING WILL BE BETTER NOW! Kids want to play in this offfense so stop making things up how this will kill recruiting. Bring facts

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