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Alabama, LSU, Okla State top my AP ballot

Posted on: January 9, 2012 11:24 pm
Edited on: January 9, 2012 11:25 pm
NEW ORLEANS – Based on Alabama’s dominating performance in Monday night’s BCS title game, the Crimson Tide are ranked No. 1 on my final Associated Press ballot.

Alabama (12-1) was ranked No. 3 on my final regular season ballot, but the Tide were impressive enough to leap LSU and Oklahoma State. LSU (13-1) may have had the most impressive regular season in college football history, but I only ranked the Tigers No. 2

Despite Oklahoma State’s victory against Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl, I dropped the Cowboys from No. 2 to No. 3. Their victory wasn’t dominating enough for me to keep Oklahoma State (12-1) in my top two.

Here is my final AP ballot for 2011. Last week’s rankings in parenthesis.
1. Alabama (3)
The Crimson Tide finished 12-1, defeating LSU in the BCS title game.

2. LSU (1)
The Tigers finished 13-1, losing to Alabama in the BCS title game.

3. Oklahoma State (2)
The Cowboys finished 12-1, defeating Stanford 41-38 in overtime in the Fiesta Bowl.

4. Oregon (4)
The Ducks finished 12-2, defeating Wisconsin 45-38 in the Rose Bowl.

5. Boise State (6)
The Broncos finished 12-1, defeating Arizona State 56-24 in Las Vegas Bowl.

6. Arkansas (8)
The Razorbacks finished 11-2, defeating Kansas State 29-16 in the Cotton Bowl.

7. USC (9)
The Trojans finished 10-2 and were not eligible for a bowl game.

8. Stanford (5)
The Cardinal finished 11-2, losing to Oklahoma State 41-38 in overtime in the Fiesta Bowl.

9. South Carolina (10)
The Gamecocks finished 11-2, defeating Nebraska 30-13 in the Capital One Bowl.

10. Wisconsin (7)
The Badgers finished 11-3, losing to Oregon 45-38 in the Rose Bowl.

11. Michigan (12)
The Wolverines finished 11-2, defeating Virginia Tech 23-20 in overtime in the Sugar Bowl.

12. Michigan State (15)
The Spartans finished 11-3, defeating Georgia 33-30 in triple overtime in the Outback Bowl.

13. Baylor (13)
The Bears finished 10-3, defeating Washington 67-56 in the Alamo Bowl.

14. TCU (17)
The Horned Frogs finished 11-2, defeating Louisiana Tech 31-24 in the Poinsettia Bowl.

15. Georgia (16)
The Bulldogs finished 10-4, losing to Michigan State 33-30 in triple overtime in the Outback Bowl.

16. Oklahoma (20)
The Sooners finished 10-3, defeating Iowa 31-14 in the Insight Bowl.

17. Kansas State (11)
The Wildcats finished 10-3, losing to Arkansas 29-16 in the Cotton Bowl.

18. West Virginia (24)
The Mountaineers finished 10-3, defeating Clemson 70-33 in the Orange Bowl.

19. Florida State (19)
The Seminoles finished 9-4, defeating Notre Dame 18-14 in the Champs Sports Bowl.

20. Southern Miss (21)
The Golden Eagles finished 12-2, defeating Nevada 24-17 in the Hawaii Bowl.

21. Houston (22)
The Cougars finished 12-1, defeating Penn State 30-14 in the Ticket City Bowl.

22. Nebraska (18)
The Cornhuskers finished 9-4, losing to South Carolina 30-13 in the Capital One Bowl.

23. Clemson (14)
The Tigers finished 10-4, losing to West Virginia 70-33 in the Orange Bowl.

24. Virginia Tech (23)
The Hokes finished 11-3, losing to Michigan 23-20 in overtime in the Sugar Bowl.

25. Cincinnati (NR)
The Bearcats finished 10-3, defeating Vanderbilt 31-24 in the Liberty Bowl.


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Posted on: January 10, 2012 1:26 am

Alabama, LSU, Okla State top my AP ballot

I guess I look at it this way:  If OSU had been given eight scoring opportunities against LSU tonight, how many points do you believe that the Cowboys would have scored?  Certainly more than what Bama did!  If the Cowboys had earned the nod against LSU to play in the BCS (and it was slightest margin between two and three in BCS system history), I believe OSU would have come out on top, just like Bama did.  We both know that HAD to play Iowa State after that terrible personal loss to the school.  But, if they had chosen to forfeit that game and been undefeated outside of that game, it would have been the 'Boys' night tonight winning over LSU.

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Posted on: January 10, 2012 1:03 am

Alabama, LSU, Okla State top my AP ballot

Wow,  Your logic is by all aspects, skewwed.  Your choice of Alabama as #1 is flawed in the fact that they played a team in LSU ranked #1 before this shell of a game.  Exactly who did LSU beat to deserve their ranking.  Rewind to earlier this year when they beat a ranked team in Oregon.  How did Oregon deserve their high rank? They had'nt played anyone.  Also look at the cupcake scheduale LSU had to play in their own conference.  World beaters all over that page.  Thanks to jackasses like you that litter the polls with nonsensical reasons why the SEC is the toughest conference in the land, were stuck with a mess that is known as the BCS.  Tonights game will forever be remembered by the ineptitude of a lack of creativity on behalf of the #1 ranked team.  Everyone saw that LSU was clearly lacking in an offense that was deserving a #1 ranking.  Taking nothing from Alabama, they are clearly a good defensive team, but to be as thoroughly outplayed as LSU was, no team ranked #1 should ever look that bad.  Someone out there can probably come up with a couple other #1 teams that laid a golden egg as large as the one laid tonigt. No excuse for it.  Other than they were clearly way overrated.   I had my MVP for the game picked out up until he missed an extra point.  They it all came crashing down, and I to gave it to the girl with the biggest t!ts.  Thanks MP;)   This college year will be more remembered for the great offences out west. Stanford and Oregon get it.  They just need to recruit a kicker. It was a 3rd stringer that cost the loss to OSU in a great memorable bowl game.  You can have your SEC teams atop the board,  but America saw tonight what those letters stand for:  STEEZY  EASTERN  CRAPALANCHE.  It was fitting that the dinasour named Brent Musberger was calling the game.  They wont be replaying this snoozefest anytime soon on espnCLASSIC.  Cant wait for more BROWN and SOUNDS like a BELL to fall out of your Blog.    Peace Out To The Girl With The Biggest T!ts.

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Posted on: January 10, 2012 12:50 am

Why was Alabama playing?

As far as I'm concerned.... there is NO reason that Alabama should have been playing tonight. BCS Chairman Bill Hancock said the BCS is trying to perserve the integrity of the regular season....Yet, they lose to LSU (in the regular season), and they did not compete in the SEC Championship game. Oh, and not to mention they backed their way into this game while the likes of OSU and LSU had to play their way in.

That being said....this is why we play the games and would be incredibly happy to a playoff system!    

Since: Oct 16, 2011
Posted on: January 10, 2012 12:45 am

Alabama, LSU, Okla State top my AP ballot

So if Bama took advantage of their 8+ scoring opportunities they had and actually scored a touchdown (well 2), would we be discussing how the SEC has no defense.  This game proved one thing - on any given day, any team can beat any other team.  Iowa State proved that too. I am convinced that OSU would have put up a much better game (win or lose) then that provided by LSU.

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Posted on: January 10, 2012 12:44 am

Alabama, LSU, Okla State top my AP ballot

McMurphy wrote: "...I dropped the Cowboys from No. 2 to No. 3. Their victory wasn’t dominating enough for me to keep Oklahoma State (12-1) in my top two..."


I agree Oklahoma State's victory could not be described as 'dominating'. But in voting LSU #2 I guess McMurphy thought that the Tigers' pathetic loss was 'dominating' enough for him.

Of all the lame-brained sports articles ever written, this feeble effort by McMurphy should be laying at the very bottom. He not only mis-treats Oklahoma State, he abuses the Cowboys' in-state rival Oklahoma by voting a weak Georgia team ahead of the Sooners in his final poll. Georgia ended up 10-4 after losing their bowlgame while Oklahoma ended up 10-3 and won their bowlgame. But I guess the Sooners' victory wasn't 'dominating' enough for him compared to the Bulldogs' loss.

He ranks Arkansas #6 far above Oklahoma at #16 and ignored how the Razorbacks and the Sooners fared against their two common opponents. Maybe he should have looked at the score of the OU-Texas A&M game and the score of the OU-Kansas State game, and compared them to how 'dominating' Arkansas was against those two teams.

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Posted on: January 10, 2012 12:42 am

Alabama, LSU, Okla State top my AP ballot

Hey McMurphy!  What about those LSU corners now?  Turns out they werent the greatest, just untested against the pass.  Finally somebody figured out that they dont have to kick it right to the Honey Badger.  You were wrong so many times over about LSU.

Since: Mar 18, 2009
Posted on: January 10, 2012 12:41 am

Alabama, LSU, Okla State top my AP ballot

Actually Thunderpants, you probably should thank them. I am sure that gave them a flag to rally around and probably made a big difference.

Since: Dec 6, 2009
Posted on: January 10, 2012 12:39 am

Alabama, LSU, Okla State top my AP ballot

@ Rangerman

Nice call trying to call out his Longhorns! Oh wait...that was pretty weak. He didn't talk shit to you, he simply stated a opinion about how good Arkansas's offense was in comparison to LSU so he could dispute your obvious "opinion" that OSU and other teams couldn't compete because LSU didn't score.

Yes, Alabama's defense was impressive, but as mchris metnioned earlier....that would be difficult to do. LSU's offense was anemic and it seemed as though any half decent defense could have held them under 10 pts or less. So, next time when someone tries to make and educated argument with you regarding the so-called facts you spew....why don't you do the rest of us Ranger fans a favor and shut up!

Since: Dec 7, 2010
Posted on: January 10, 2012 12:36 am

Boo, hiss, hiss, boo!

I'm a OSU Cowboy fan, but....  I don't think there's a college team that could have beated 'Bama tonight.  Saban had them ready for anybody!  Should be:
1.  Alabama
2.  Oklahome State University
3.  Arkansas or LSU....  your pick.  Doesn't really matter anyway!! 

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Posted on: January 10, 2012 12:35 am

Alabama, LSU, Okla State top my AP ballot

About the most amazing part of the Tide-Tigers game tonight is that the LSU defense allowed eight (potential) scoring drives!  I had hoped for LSU to lose, I must be honest, mainly because I am not a fan of the BCS.  But for 'Bama to have pulled off eight drives to none for LSU is unthinkable still in my thoughts, and I hardly missed a play of the entire game! 
My biggest reason for a playoff system is to keep teams sharp with competition, and to allow the players to determine who deserves to play in the championship game by whoever has the hot hand now.  BCS, thanks for picking a great 1-2 game.  Hopefully soon a system will be set up where teams will EARN the right to play by beating the best of the best in a playoff system.   

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