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Pitt, Syracuse won't try to join ACC this fall

Posted on: February 14, 2012 8:46 am

Although West Virginia is bolting from the Big East early, Pittsburgh and Syracuse will not leave the Big East this fall for the Atlantic Coast Conference, college football industry sources told

West Virginia, Pittsburgh and Syracuse were scheduled to leave the Big East in 2014, but the Mountaineers filed a lawsuit to exit early. reported last week that West Virginia and the Big East reached a verbal agreement that would pay the Big East $20 million and resolve the issues between the two parties, allowing the Mountaineers to join the Big 12 on July 1. 

Sources told that Pittsburgh and Syracuse won’t try to leave this summer, but will attempt to negotiate deals to allow them to join the ACC a year early in 2013. Unlike West Virginia, Pittsburgh and Syracuse have not pursued any legal action to get out of the Big East’s 27-month exit requirement and leave before 2014.

The main reason Pittsburgh and Syracuse are not trying to leave the Big East this season is both schools don’t want to be “any more disruptive to the Big East” for the coming season. If Pittsburgh and Syracuse left for the ACC this summer, the Big East could be down to only five football members.

Another reason, Pittsburgh and Syracuse aren’t trying to join the ACC this fall, is because the ACC doesn’t desperately need the teams to fill out this year’s league schedule, like the Big 12 needed West Virginia to replace Missouri in its 2012 schedule.

With West Virginia paying $20 million to leave the Big East two years early, Pittsburgh and Syracuse each would likely have been required to pay the same amount to leave this summer. Also by waiting until 2013, they likely can negotiate a deal to only pay $10 million – double the $5 they initially paid when they announced they were leaving. That $10 million figure is the Big East’s current exit fee since Navy announced it was joining the league last month.

Finally the timing of a move in 2013 for Pittsburgh and Syracuse also would make more sense logistically since that’s when the Big East will be adding six members – Boise State, San Diego State, Houston, Memphis, SMU and UCF.

In December, Syracuse athletic director Daryl Gross said his school would honor the Big East’s 27-month exit agreement, but indicated the Orange preferred to leave sooner.

“We’re just open to seeing what happens,” Gross told two months ago. “They (the Big East) are starting to put together what the new Big East will look like. As they go forward to put together new multi-media deals, they’re going to need us to move out of the way. We’re waiting for that.”

Big East commissioner John Marinatto has said repeatedly that West Virginia, Pittsburgh and Syracuse would not be allowed to exit the league until 2014.

Two weeks ago, when the ACC announced that Pittsburgh would compete in the ACC’s Coastal Division and Syracuse in the ACC’s Atlantic Division when they officially join the league, ACC commissioner John Swofford would not speculate whether the ACC would help Pitt and Syracuse financially to leave the Big East before 2014.

“The fact we made our decision how we will schedule and compete certainly helps us (when they join),” Swofford said. “In terms of when that time may come, I don’t want to get into a hypothetical of this or that. Our position continues to be that we want to prepare ourselves when they’re ready and it’s appropriate for them to join us.”

That won’t be this summer, but the ACC won’t have to wait until 2014 either.


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Posted on: February 15, 2012 12:13 pm

Pitt, Syracuse won't try to join ACC this fall

in response to dynamo

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Posted on: February 15, 2012 12:12 pm

Pitt, Syracuse won't try to join ACC this fall

funny guy over here

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Posted on: February 15, 2012 11:40 am

Pitt, Syracuse won't try to join ACC this fall

Like you BigDaddyHQ,  I agree the ACC will be ready for PITT and SYRACUSE for the 2013 school year with all-sports and full football and basketball participation. These two great schools will be welcomed by the current 12 universities into a dynamic league that will span the Atlantic Coast from Miami to Boston. The beauty of this new expanded ACC will be that all 14 schools are situated in the Eastern time zone, which really helps athletic teams when they travel, especially in football and basketball.  I noticed recently that PITT and VT already have each other on their football schedule for 2012 and 2013, so this great past rivalry will get started again this year.  I am happy that BIG EAST Comm. Marinatto has now publicly stated yesterday, that the BE would consider letting PITT and SYRACUSE leave for the ACC in 2013.  The ACC and both PITT and 'CUSE are to be commended for the manner in which they have handled this transition. 

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Posted on: February 15, 2012 10:49 am

Pitt, Syracuse won't try to join ACC this fall

Pitt and Syracuse moving to the ACC in 2013 makes good sense all the way around.  First, Pitt and Syracuse would not have to pay the 20 million that West Virginia got saddled with.  Next, the Big East would basically be destroyed as a football conference if the two moved this year.  A 5 team conference would end their AQ status.  A 7 team conference is really going to damage is as is.  Next, it would be a tremendous hardship for the ACC and Big East to start redoing schedules at this late date.  The Big East is already having enough problems trying to fill in for West Virginia's departure.  Two more departures would be catastrophic.  Both Pitt and Syracuse are not going anywheres this season.  They have a much better chance in the Big East than they would in the ACC.  There is no need tocause a major disruption in two BVS Conferences.  Leaving in 2013, when the ACC can prepare their schedules and the Big East adds enough teams to field a legitimate conference is the obvious answer.

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Posted on: February 15, 2012 10:32 am

Pitt, Syracuse won't try to join ACC this fall

Why should Pitt and Syracuse care if the Big East will be left with five football schools?
It's not their fault the conference can't manage programs and has 2x as many basketball schools as football schools.
Perhaps the Big East would understand how much they need to improve the football side of the conference if this were to happen. 

I'm late in on this one but I can certainly see your point. I think the reason is these schools, for the most part, have been well directed and the athletic departments&
nbsp;running ethical, honest programs. They want to leave the Big East (and are) but want to leave showing some class - unlike WVU. So you have two schools looking like they're trying to set a strong moral example for their student athletes and one that apparently has no class at all in west virginia. As a Pitt fan and alumni I am not surprised by any of this.
By the way, here's an oldie but a goodie! "How do you get a WVU grad off of your porch? Pay him for the pizza!" 

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Pitt, Syracuse won't try to join ACC this fall

dynamos7, as I imagine that she was merely doing research for her interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Comparative Physiology and Ethnic Studies, I'm quite certain that she would have gone the extra mile were it necessary to do so. Still, height, as well as the length of a man's digits, being proportional to the subject under discussion, I suspect that she confined her search among her gridiron heroes to the taller receivers. I mean, science is a cruel mistress, but even she wouldn't demand that a girl do the nasty with a Big Ugly, would she?

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Pitt, Syracuse won't try to join ACC this fall

dhuffdaddy, The bylaws were and are enforceable, to the point of damages. No court is going to enforce specific performance in such circumstances, though, at least not on a public University in another State. Sovereignty has its perks, one of which is immunity from such high-handedness.

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Pitt, Syracuse won't try to join ACC this fall

do all the syracuse football players get sexual favors from mrs fine or is it just the the hoops  players?

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Posted on: February 15, 2012 8:32 am

Pitt, Syracuse won't try to join ACC this fall

Said by mikeee_56
You apparently didn't read the article above.. Cuse and Pitt will in fact be playing football in the ACC in 2013..  That's the football season after next football season...  Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Marinara sauce said just yesterday he is holding Pitt and Syracuse to 2014....  Drrrrrrrrrrrrrr  --Mac Bridger wrote

Isn't Marinara that nice Dutch boy with the finger so far up his keester that he no longer has the faintest idea what the truth is?

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Posted on: February 15, 2012 8:23 am

Pitt, Syracuse won't try to join ACC this fall

Said by Canesguy
Miami leads the WVU series 16-3 and has won FIVE national championships to WVU's ZERO national championships.
True, WVU hasn't won a national title.  How many of "the U"'s were bought?  Miami has had more recruiting violations than even USC.

Trust me, WVU will be very very very lucky to win the Big12 once every ten years.  Let's not forget WVU was crushed at Syracuse this past season and lost to Lville at home.  Clemson was a joke this year with about 4 lucky wins, so WVU was so lucky they did not play Stanford or Oklahoma State in their BCS game!
Just like Miami is lucky to win the ACC once every decade.  Yes, WVU lost to UofL and Syracuse.  3 losses in Holgorsen's first year.  When is the last time Miami saw a BCS bowl, let alone in a new coach's first year?  And yes, Stanford and OSU were both better than Clemson.  But Clemson was leaps and bounds above your canes.  Shoot, Maryland beat you.  And you want to talk trash on WVU?

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