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Temple likely headed to Big East in 2012

Posted on: February 22, 2012 1:23 pm
Edited on: February 22, 2012 5:46 pm
DALLAS – Temple is close to joining the Big East as an all-sports member in 2012, college football industry sources told Wednesday morning.

The addition of Temple is imperative for the Big East, which desperately needs a school to replace West Virginia this fall after the Mountaineers reached a $20 million agreement with the league to leave for the Big 12.

One source told that Temple to the Big East in 2012 "is done."

An announcement could be made as early as next week, sources told

MAC commissioner Jon Steinbrecher, attending the BCS meetings at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport Grand Hyatt Hotel, told that discussions are ongoing between Temple and the Big East.

"I don't know where those will lead," Steinbrecher said.

Big East commissioner John Marinatto, also at the BCS meetings, declined comment Wednesday.

The Big East initially wanted Boise State, which will join in 2013, to join this fall as West Virginia’s replacement. However, the Big East was not willing to provide the Broncos with about $10 million they needed to leave the Mountain West in football and have their Olympic sports join the WAC a year early.

Boise State president Bob Kustra confirmed Wednesday afternoon that the Broncos would remain in the Mountain West in the 2012-13 season.

"While we have had several discussions with the Big East and the WAC in moving our sports into those two leagues a year earlier than previously stated, the University feels there were too many obstacles to overcome to make the move at this time," Kustra said in a statement. "While there certainly would have been advantages in making the move a year early, it became clear that it would not be fiscally responsible, as all of the expenses associated with early entry into the two conferences would not be covered."

Boise State would have had to pay the Mountain West between $8 million and $9 million and also pay the WAC $1.5 million.

With Boise State out of the picture, the Big East then turned its attention to Temple. The Mid-American Conference's exit fee is $2.5 million with two years notice, but it's unknown what the amount would be for a school providing less than a year's notice, a source said. To leave the Atlantic 10 Conference, where the Owls’ Olympic sports compete, would cost Temple $2 million with less than a year's notice, a source said.

Temple was one of the Big East’s original eight football members in 1991, but was expelled from the league after the 2004 season for not being competitive and not meeting certain financial requirements. However, the Owls’ program has been resurrected under the direction of Al Golden and Steve Addazio, posting a 26-12 record the last three seasons.

Golden, who left for Miami after the 2010 season, guided the Owls to their first bowl in 30 years. Addazio completed his first year with a 37-15 victory against Wyoming in the New Mexico Bowl in December, only the second bowl victory in school history.

The addition of Temple will be the latest change for the Big East, which also added Memphis two weeks ago.

With Temple being added, the Big East’s membership is expected to have eight football members and 16 basketball members in 2012. In 2013, the football membership will grow to 14 with the addition of Boise State, SMU, UCF, Houston, Memphis and San Diego State. However, if Pittsburgh and Syracuse are allowed to leave a year early to the ACC, the league would have 12 football members.

In 2014, the football membership will be 12 (after Pittsburgh and Syracuse leave) but it will grow to 13 in 2015 with the addition of Navy.

Sources told, the reason the Big East decided to go beyond 12 football members is because the league is preparing for the possibility it will lose Louisville if the Big 12 decides to expand by at least another team.

Multiple sources have told that Louisville is the consensus choice for the Big 12’s 11th member, if the league expands, and that the Cardinals would accept an invitation to the Big 12.

Big 12 acting commissioner Chuck Neinas said Wednesday his league has no expansion meetings scheduled and is concentrating on the additions of West Virginia and TCU.

Two weeks ago when the Big East added Memphis, Marinatto said the league had reached its “primary objective” of securing a 12-team football league when Navy joins in 2015. However he opened the door to further expansion.

“We’re always going to be vigilant and we’re going to continue to do whatever is in the best interest of the conference,” Marinatto said. “You never say never (about future expansion), I guess. But we’ve reached our goal and we’re pleased that we’ve done that. But we’re always going to be obviously continuing to evaluate different opportunities as time goes on."


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Posted on: February 23, 2012 4:14 pm

Temple likely headed to Big East in 2012

Jestertrace: I dont think I was calling out Boise. The fact is ECU played them and beat them was the only point I made. ECU holds huge advantages in wins over Memphis 14-6, UCF 9-2, Temple 7-4, Cincy 12-5. The point being they are 42-17 lifetime against these programs and if you want to add the Boise victory then Ill make it 43-17. Memphis does not draw 15,000 fans a has a great 5-32 record. ECU was one of 22 programs that had been to 5 straight bowl games until loosing the last game of the year in overtime to extend that streak. If ECU were a member of the Big East they would lead the league in attendence. Temple was kicked out of the Big East because of poor performance and lack of interest by their fans, In 2010 the Owls drew just over 20,000 per game just the kind of numbers that SMU gets which is to say not much. When you think about it Greenville is a town of 75,000 people yet the Pirates have no trouble selling out their 50,000 seat stadium with another expansion planned. Temple is in the heart of sports crazed Philly and SMU in Dallas both towns inside the top 10 in population yet cant draw 20,000 fans. So the market argument rings hollow as far as Im concerned. I live near both The Naval Academy and the University of Maryland. Maryland struggles to draw 40.000 fans and the Navy gets roughly 32,000. Yet as bad as the Redskins are they get over 90,000 and the Ravens draw 75,000. My point is nobody in this market cares about these programs so I doubt anyone will be clearling their schedules to watch these schools once they are on TV.

I am a great admirer of Boise and yes I would say they have been great but one could also argue they have played a weaker schedule than ECU. The Pirates had won back to back CUSA championships then their coach left the week before national signing day so the program took a slight hit. With the new coach now entering his 3rd season ECU will be picked at or near the top once again in what remains of CUSA. While Im not saying ECU has been a consistent top 20 team, however they have a winning tradition and shown the ability to compete with anyone despite the huge finicial disadvantages of being a non AQ program. When they are compared to what now exists in the Big East the Pirates resume stands up quite well.

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Posted on: February 23, 2012 4:13 pm

Temple likely headed to Big East in 2012 do realize that VT has all of the Virginia Market (richmond, norfolk) and most importantly a good chunk of the Wash DC market. There is a HUGE alumni base in the DC area. Last I checked the DC market was a top 10 market.

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Posted on: February 23, 2012 3:14 pm

Temple likely headed to Big East in 2012

It is as Easy a 1,2,3!
1] location, location, location. 2] having enough Monetary Capitol to and of course Rivalries. Great Strategic Location  and immense Monetary Capitol are the mantra of business succcess in general. in Sports one must also add intense rivalries which tends to be centered arouynd  a close location in College Sports.
the former pac 10 is really centered around probably the 2nd largest Media center in the USA, LA [UCLA and USC is probably one of the greatest rivalries in sports] . Big 12 is centered around Texas [ whose flagship university is the 2nd biggest spender in College Sports behind  Auburn  and generates  by far the largest profit of any school  has an intense rivalry with Oklahoma  their rival university across the Red River]. The SEC and ACC are a little diffferent in that they have diversified by having Atlanta [Georgia Tech], Boston, Miami ,  Charlotte [ all three of their North Carolina Schools work that one], DC [Virginia and Maryland take care the unique nature of the DC area in that it incorporates both states in it's geography] and are now angling towards the New York media center [ the worlds largest media center] with Syracuse [that was a big loss to the BIG EAST incidentally] , and the Pennsylvania market with Pittsburgh. The SEC recently added Texas A & M for this reason, and they already had Georgia and Florida.
 while basket ball wise the BIG EAST takes care of the biggest media market in New York they are sorely lacking Foot ball wise. So it utterly befuddles me to hear them  going after schools that are not connected to major Media Outlets that have foot ball programs. How come they have not gone after the one major University in New York City with a D1 football team? who is that you might ask? why COLUMBIA UNIVERTSITY of course. and if you are going to go after Columbia then go after Princeton [ a nice rivalry for Rutgers whom they played in the first collgiate football game ever] And PENN [ a nice rivalry with Vilanova once they bosst up their football program and Temple] while you are at it! and for the charlotte market go after North Carolina A & T [ I beleive they are closer to Charlotte than the other schools from the ACC]. Houston was a good choice and the prior move to add South Florida a few years ago [ the largest university in the USA? NICE] takes care of that area as well. But COLUMBIA is simply the one that stirs the pot, they are a MUST HAVE.
the other option is to lose your BCS standing. if you do not add Columbia that will happen , guaranteed.  if you pull this off ,who knows? Maybe you can get St. John's  or Seton Hall to wake up and Smell the Coffee as well. That would be a beuatiful rivalry with Columbia in the Mix. [SUBWAY Rivalry ! Wink]

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Posted on: February 23, 2012 1:37 pm

Temple likely headed to Big East in 2012

This should be interesting to watch. Temple i can see in the Big East. But the other teams that will be different. Cuse being gone will suck but then i can watch them beat Duke so i cant wait for that.

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Temple likely headed to Big East in 2012

If the MAC brings any school up, Northern Iowa would be the best choice.  They are the most successful Missouri Valley Football team and their location would make them unlikely to leave after 5-10 years (i.e. Marshall and Temple)

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Posted on: February 23, 2012 1:05 pm

Temple likely headed to Big East in 2012

SEND Marquette BACK to Xavier's league where they belong...then Notre Dame will follow (maybe Butler). What are Marquette and ND doing in the 'remedial college class' league anyway!?

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Posted on: February 23, 2012 12:36 pm

Temple likely headed to Big East in 2012

"Boise which by the way also has a loosing record against ECU."

You know, I agree that I think ECU would be a decent candidate for the Big East, but this is about the dumbest argument you have made for their case.  ECU is 1-0 vs Boise State due to the close win in the 2007 Sheraton Bowl in Hawaii.  When you look at overall records over the last decade though you are comparing apples and oranges.  The Pirates haven't produced better than a 9-3 season since 1992.  On the other hand  Boise State's worst season since 1999 has been 9-4 and they haven't had a losing season since 1997 (which was only their second year as an FBS program).  In every other season they have produced at least 10 wins and they have been to two BCS Bowls in that time period.  East Carolina has never been to a BCS Bowl.  This also doesn't factor in the number of times Boise State has been a ranked team in the last decade.  Once again, to my knowledge East Carolina hasn't been ranked in the last decade (possibly more).  Since joining C-USA in 1997 ECU has had 6 winning seasons, 5 losing seasons and one where they broke even.  The bottom line is that with compared overall records over the last 12-13 years or so Boise State has been far more consistent with it's Win-Loss ratio than East Carolina has.  I still believe that like you that East Carolina should get a shot in the Big East, but proving it by trying to show how they are a better program than Boise State is just not smart given the bigger picture.

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Temple likely headed to Big East in 2012

I hope the Big East expands more (football only) after Temple get in.

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Posted on: February 23, 2012 12:28 pm

Temple likely headed to Big East in 2012

TEMPLE will perform well as a BIG EAST member and this time around will be an asset to the conference.  EAST CAROLINA is very deserving to be a member of the BE also.  ECU averages approx. 50,000 at home football games, travels well, has fine facilities, and located very convienent in BE territory.

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Temple likely headed to Big East in 2012

Lets see you have program that is 7-4 vs Temple, 14-6 vs Memphis, 12-5 vs Cincy, 9-2 vs UCF and would lead the conference in attendence sitting in the Middle of ACC country the very conference that destroyed the Big East in East Carolina. Yet the Pirates are left flapping in the wind, makes perfect sense to me. If its about market size why then add Boise which by the way also has a loosing record against ECU. There are plenty of successful programs with huge followings that are not located in Urban centers. The entire SEC comes to mind, same could be said about most of the Big 12. You had a program picked to play in a BCS game based on the fact they travel well in Virgina Tech. Take a look at their market which is rural farm country. The expansion was to be about football yet a 5-32 Memphis team is added that draws 15,000 fans. Where are the Neilson famlies lining up to watch this product?

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