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NCAA adopts new basketball recruiting model

Posted on: October 27, 2011 3:53 pm

By Jeff Borzello

The NCAA revamped more than just its student-athlete requirements and aid on Thursday. The Board of Directors also adopted a completely new recruiting model for basketball.

The most important changes are:

  • Contact is mostly deregulated starting June 15 after a recruit’s sophomore year. Coaches will be allowed to send unlimited text messages, make unlimited phone calls and send unlimited private messages via social media websites.
  • Two weekends in April will be opened up to coaches.
  • July will be trimmed to three four-day periods, as opposed to two 10-day periods
  • Official visits can begin January 1 of a recruit’s junior year, with travel expenses for the recruit and his family being paid for by the school
  • On-campus evaluations during official visits will be permitted
  • Some contact at a recruit’s high school will be permitted beginning during a prospect’s junior year

These are changes that needed to be made by the NCAA. With prospects making their decisions earlier and earlier, the line of communication between a player and school needed to be enhanced. Official visits being permitted during a recruit’s junior year will allow prospects to get a better feel of the campus, at an earlier age.

Opening up April was a must. Cramming all AAU evaluations into July was too much in a short amount of time. Coaches can now track development of players during their school season, spring AAU season and summer AAU circuit. Moreover, it will be lessen the impact of middle men, who coaches need to rely on when they can’t watch players.

The unlimited contact makes sense, although it could become a problem if recruits are spending too much time taking to coaches during school hours. If prospects don’t get bogged down with the new contact rules, it will be a win-win for everyone.

Overall, these were changes that needed to be done. This will lessen the impact of unofficial visits, which has been a major problem in recruiting over the past few years. To me, the more communication there is between coaches and prospective recruits, the better.

This won’t solve all the problems in the recruiting process, but it’s a significant step.

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NCAA adopts new basketball recruiting model

NCAA sponsor ATT loves the new rules

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Posted on: October 28, 2011 12:28 am

NCAA adopts new basketball recruiting model

This is a good step - along with the proposed alternative to offer multi-year scholarships vs the current 1 year renewable that all schools operate under.  The sooner and more often a real college coach can communicate with a prospect instead of having to go through "his uncle" the better. Let the coach relate the facts...minimum high school GPA, ACT or SAT minimums, etc.  The "uncles", runners (for agents), and shoe company coaches don't generally bother with that. Through in the proposed $2000 student "expenses" alternative and multi year scholarships and now you have an interesting competition that benefits the players. Let's be real - for many of these kids an athletic scholarship toward a college degree is the only hope of breaking the cycle and avoiding a life of living on the "dole" and driving a transit bus.  Where do you play your high school ball - a Nike high school or a high school that offers tutoring and realistic achievement of an academic minimum that qualifies you for a scholarship? A 4 year guaranteed scholarship from Butler or a 1 year "renewable" from a Big 6 conference school - begins to put it in perspective since a very small % of college athletes and an even smaller % of high school athletes ever make to "the league". What is better for the kid - hearing from Coach Roy or his assistants "how is that math class coming along" or shutting them out and hearing from the "uncle" that "don't worry bout anything -we'll take care of you and your mom till you hit the league"?

Did I mention that Parish should do an interview with WWW and see what his take is on the higher academic progress scores, higher entrance bars, $2000 stiped, and realistic coaches contact rules are?  (how many "newphews" does Nike World Wide Wes deliver to Coach Cal annually?)

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