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David Wright...Can He Come "BACK"?

Posted on: July 12, 2011 5:14 pm

  I don't see any team offering anything near what the true value of Wright is and the Mets would be foolish to believe that he can't come back and trade him for less than he is worth.  I hope he can overcome this injury and be productive to his previous level,  After all he is only 29 years old and should have plenty left to offer for the next 8-10 years.  My only fear with back injuries comes from looking at two players that had their careers cut short and/or found their ability level diminished.

Mike Bossy had to retire at 30 years old due to back injuries.  He tried to take off a year to rest his back after playing only 63 games in the 1986-87 season, but he could not come back.  Bossy scored over 50 goals per season for 9 consecutive seasons with the Islanders from 1977-1986 (still a record) and was one of the premier players in hockey during his career.

Darryl Strawberry hurt his back in 1992 and although most realize that off the field issues led to his overall downfall, his power numbers and ability to play a full season were greatly diminished by the back injury.  After 9 consecutive seasons of at least 26 HRs, Strawberry only hit 28 HRs over the next 6 seasons after he hurt his back.  He did not play more than 63 games in a season for those 6 seasons and it is remarkable that he was able to hit 24 HRs in 1998 with the Yankeesin 101 games at age 36.  


Joe Montana also had a serious back injury in the first week of the 1986 season.  He had a spinal disc injury, surgery, and his doctor recommended that he retire from football.  He was able to come back that year and although he palyed only 8 games, he was able to play that year, and for the next and for 6 of the next 8 years at Pro Bowl level and still have a Hall of Fame career. Montana beat all the odds and is the exception to the rule.  

Hopefully, Wright will come back and have the remainder of what seemed to be shaping up as a Hall of Fame career himself.

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Posted on: September 15, 2011 4:09 pm

David Wright...Can He Come "BACK"?

Excellent point regarding Bossy- one of the best pure goal scorers of all time. Strawberry's problems ran a little bit deeper, though.

As for Dave Wright, he will be back because if the Mets are going to be a future success then he will be a reason for this, even if they have to move him to 1B and try Ike Davis in the OF. 

Move the fences in at Citi Field, though.

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Posted on: July 13, 2011 2:26 pm

David Wright...Can He Come "BACK"?

I would concern myself with Mike Bossy who played a more physically demanding and violent sport or with Darryl Strawberry comparisions.  Strawberry needed the support of the team players that he had grown up with and played with for 10 years to function in a rules oriented environment.  He lost that went he signed with the Dodgers.  How did that effect his drug use or his commitment to rehab can only be supposition.  But he is not a valid comparison to David Wright who appears to be more grounded.  Wright won't be 29 until next season and while having fallen from the superstar level is still an elite 3rd baseman.
Wright will recover from this because he will invest the time and effort to do so, I see the same grit in him that I see in Daniel Murphy who is not long on talent and skill, but will beat you anyway.  Wright has the talent and the skill and he also has the "gym rat" overdrive of the overachiever Chris Mullin of the St. Johns Redmen in the early '80s'.  I do see that comparison.

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