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Ta-ta, K-Rod

Posted on: July 13, 2011 11:45 am
Well done, Sandy.  It's easy to say the Mets should have received some actual ball players instead of two players to be named later, but the big thing is they set themselves to move forward.  K-Rod and his contract were an albatross.  I can't help but think Bobby Parnell can do the same job without all the drama (assuming the circulation issue goes away).

I'm on the fence about Beltran.  Does he have three more years like this in him?  Have the Wilpons' alienated him too much already?  Could they get him a little cheaper than they think if they asked nice?  Tough call...especially with Bay floundering and F-Mart looking like the F should be on the other side of the dash.

Have to keep Reyes.....and my bet is Mr. Sandy-man will get that done before the trading deadline, too.

One final note.....I know we don't like our owners "colluding".....but whatever has to be done to make guys like Scott Boras less of a factor....I'm all in.  There are enough variables off the field.  Agents and their stockpiling of ballplayers to use as leverage against other teams should not be one of them.  I hope K-Rod sets up games in Milwaukee.....and I hope Scott Boras is an irrelevant part of the decision.

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