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Bush To southbeach?could increase Thomas value.

Posted on: July 14, 2011 11:25 pm
The rumor mil as yet another destination for Reggie Bush in 2011. With the Dolphins as a possible landing spot.  If this was to happen Daniel thomas could see an increase in value. Whom I belive will be the best Rookie RB in the 2011 season.  This move would set in stone that niether Ronnie Brown of Reggie Williams would be returning to the Dolphins in the 2011 season.  As both are free agents this year.  This move would also insure that Thomas would be the primary first and second down back. He would also see a majority of the goalline work as well.  While many belive Mark Ingram to be the Best Rb of this class.  In pure talent i would agree. However even if bush leaves the saints.  Ingram is still in a crowded backfiled with very capable backs Pierre Thomas, and Chris Ivory.
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