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Randy Moss

Posted on: August 2, 2011 12:35 am

A lifelong Vikings Fan, I have a special reverence for Randy Moss.  He was all-time talent, but he never quite reached his potential.  Amazing that he ranks in the top ten in almost every category, and a majority of people to believe him to be the second best receiver ever, next to Jerry Rice, and yet he never lived up to his potential.  He had some outstanding years with the Vikings in the beginning, and then a few bad ones with Oakland, and a few more good ones with New England, and the disaster that was last year.  He was always underperforming to his potential, and now retiring young at only 34, cutting a career short, that is destined for Canton. He retires as 5th all time in touchdowns and 8th all time in receptions.  Rice was 10 years older than Moss is now, who knows how many more receptions Moss could have had or more touchdowns.  Rice was always the hardest worker; Moss was a slacker, with immeasurable talent.  It is unfortunate that we will never know what true greatness could have been from Randy Moss.  What if he didn't have those 3 bad years?  What if he had played harder, and practiced harder in the good years, what if he would have played another 10 years?  Would he have been better than Jerry Rice, would he have had better statistics than Jerry Rice?  We will never know....except that we live in the Brett Favre era, where retired is never really retired.  Most likely this is all a stunt to generate interest and drive the price of his services up.  Will it matter whether he plays another 10 years or not?  Will he ever be concerned as good, or better than Jerry Rice?  What made Jerry Rice special was his work ethic, his determination, and his desire to be the best, if you gave Jerry Rice, Randy Moss's talent the results was would be unfathomable.  Moss will go down as the second best Wide Receiver to play up until this point, the question that will always follow us is oh what could have been?


Randy if this is the end…thanks for the memories!

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