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Stupid stuff I hear from broadcasters

Posted on: October 4, 2011 9:59 am
Edited on: January 30, 2012 11:14 am

This will be a running tally of stupid shit broadcasters say

- "I love to see big bodies banging" - John Gruden
- "Michael Vick is terrible" - Bill Cowher
- "Auburn is 8-0 when both Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown rush for 100 yards" - Auburn was 11-0 at the time, making this the most useless statistic I've ever heard
- "If there was a vote in Minnesota right now, he'd get all ten thousand votes.  One for each lake" - Al Michaels during Christian Ponder's debut
- "Now he'd only get ninety six hundred votes" - Al Michaels after Christian Ponder's first incompletion
- "They need to get Reggie Bush in space?!?  Reggie Bush needs to get himself in space!  You're in space!!!!  Outer space!" - John Gruden freaking out on Ron Jaworski
- "Watch him squirt through the hole... and unLOAD!" - John Gruden, being gay over Maurice Jones-Drew
- "The running back is really important in this offense because they put a lot of pressure on him to run" - Phil Simms
- "I fell in love with this guy" - Brian Billick being gay over Patrick Peterson
- LSU quarterback throws the ball 30 yards to an LSU receiver for a completion - "and its.... INTERCEPTED!!!!" - Verne Lundquist
- "I like James Starks because he's a guy who can come in and make things happen" - Kordell Stewart talking about an uncoming Packers Lions game.  James Starks had already been ruled out with a knee sprain
- "Joe Flacco is as mobile as any quarterback in the league right now" - Chirs Collinsworth
- Brent Musberger on Joe Paterno:  "Noone, other than the kids who were molested, felt worse about it than he did" 
- "In the last 10 years, UConn and Pitt are tied with 6 Big East Championships a piece"

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Stupid stuff I hear from broadcasters

Roger Staubach made that same play every game he ever played.

Yeap, and Roger Staubach has rings - Superbowl Championship rings (2 of them)  He also has a Heisman Trophy and sat out the prime years of his life to serve his country in the Navy.

Maybe Bill Cowher's comment was brilliant after all  Cool

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Posted on: October 7, 2011 12:10 pm

Stupid stuff I hear from broadcasters

During the Broncos game they cut in with a play where Michael Vick ducked under a guy and completed a pass and Shannon Sharpe said muh bluh blub bloo bee blubbyboo. So I replayed it with the Sharpe translator on and he said that Vick is the only guy on the planet who could make that play. Which is utter bullshit because guys make that same play every week. Roger Staubach made that same play every game he ever played.

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