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Friday Mailbag: Most intriguing BCS match-up?

Posted on: November 4, 2011 11:59 am

Here is this week's mailbag. As always, if you have questions, send them to me via Twitter at BFeldmanCBS.

From @PaulPabst   Which would get a better TV rating...Boise State in BCS title game vs Bama/LSU or Stanford vs. Bama/LSU?
Both would be huge ratings hits because there'd be a David vs. Goliath quality yet would still have the credibility factor and lots more intrigue than your typical huge underdog or "little guy" program.  People have seen Boise knock off brand name "powerhouse" programs in recent years. Even those who don't buy that the Broncos play a tough enough schedule to merit being in the BCS title game (and there are many), they still have some fear that, in a one-game setting, Chris Petersen is such a good coach and Moore is so effective that they might pull some big upset.

I'd be very intrigued to see either of these match-ups because you have elite college QBs trying to solve dominant defenses with better athletes. My hunch is the best TV rating would come with Stanford against the unbeaten SEC champ because there is so much buzz surrounding Andrew Luck as the best pro QB prospect in years that NFL fans who might not care about college at all will be curious. 

As curious as I'd be to see Luck try and attack the SEC talent, watching Boise finally get a chance to play for everything would be fascinating. For years now this same debate keeps bubbling to the surface, to have an actual answer and see what would happen would be a lot of fun. Then again, I guess you could accomplish something similar if Boise ended up facing the loser of LSU-Bama, but even if the Broncos won that game, you'd still hear people lament that they didn't beat the SEC's best.

  From @LoqueBSU  45-2, losses by total 4 points. Does Kellen Moore's legacy serve any purpose in Heisman or BCS consideration? <s class="hash">

It may help get him to New York for the award ceremony because people are so familiar with him, but he is still fighting such an uphill battle because voters don't take Boise's schedule very seriously. They expect him to put up gaudy stats because he's playing, at best, two top 50 teams, much less top 20 caliber teams. The second-best team he'll face this season, is TCU, and to a large extent the Horned Frogs got exposed this season in Week 1 when they gave up 50 to a Baylor team that hasn't proven to be one worthy of a national ranking either. Then TCU lost to SMU a few weeks later. That hinders Moore--and Boise's--cause. I don't think Moore can ever "win" the Heisman in a manner than Andrew Luck or Trent Richardson can if they have great performances because they'd come against teams people pay attention to. But if they really struggle or get injured, he and Case Keenum would become much more viable candidates. Still, I just don't see another QB overtaking Luck. 

From @HoyaEagle   Will BC LB Luke Kuechly get overlooked for awards b/c he's on a sub-par team?

I don't think so but playing on such a bad team certainly won't help his cause. Kuechly, who has been a tackling machine from the moment he arrived at BC, is a pretty well-known talent and it's not like there are so many other high-profile linebackers thriving on top 10 teams. Yeah, you do have a Courtney Upshaw at Alabama piling up TFL numbers, same for Stanford's Chase Thomas but there will be a lot of support for Kuechly. The guy leads the nation in tackles and it's become almost routine to see him up around 20 tackles for a game. That is special. 

The people who vote on the non-Heisman individual college awards is a much smaller group and is usually compromised of folks with more connections to covering the sport on a daily basis. Not all the other awards are set up like that, but many are. The upshot: great performances and eye-catching individual numbers usually don't get lost.

From @racefortheprize  Could you see UW's Keith Price becoming a Heisman contender by his Sr Year in 2 years, behind a likely improved Husky squad? 

Yeah, Price is definitely someone to keep an eye on especially as Steve Sarkisian keeps upgrading the talent around the program. In fact, I'd be surprised if he wasn't a contender in 2012.

He has started to show some signs that he may be losing some focus or wearing down. He wasn't sharp at Stanford two weeks again and really struggled against Arizona last week (three INTs). Price can give his cause a real boost heading into next season if he can get back to playing how he did in the first half of the season.

From @jonajoyce   is Matt Barkley not on the (Heisman) list becuz of the sanctions? His #'s say he should be. What's the deal- in your opinion? 

He's been very good, but also has been shaky at times. He wasn't good in their loss at ASU and he wasn't that sharp in their Thursday night win at Cal. Obviously, the sanctions don't help, but it's more than that. There is still a gap between him and Andrew Luck, who is generating most of the buzz on the West Coast. USC has had a decent year and much of that vibe comes from the way they handled Notre Dame in South Bend. Barkley would've had to outplay Luck significantly and lead USC to a win over Stanford to even get strong consideration to get to NYC this year. I do think if Barkley stays for his senior year, he'd be a frontrunner for the Heisman given the fact that USC is allowed back in the bowl race in 2012 and he'll have an even better group of receivers considering that Robert Woods and Marqise Lee will only be one year more mature and that much more polished.

From @diegoterpflyer  Any chance MD fires Edsall and the AD after the season? That would be fantastic! 
No, I think there's essentially no shot of that happening. While this has been a nightmarish first season for Edsall at Maryland, you can't fire a guy after one year unless there is some off-field scandal attached. I could see Edsall making some big changes on his staff, but beyond that, he deserves more time to figure things out.  Obviously, no one expected the Terps to be this awful. The only FBS team they've beaten all season was a Miami one that was a shell of itself because it got decimated by NCAA player suspensions. The Terps have been crushed by Temple at home and lost by double-digits to BC, who hadn't beaten anyone at the FBS level before. It's been all bad. Expecting more than a 3-9 finish from a team that figured to win at least six or seven, at worst, seems bizarre. Now, if he follows up a 3-9 with another dismal year, then things could get sticky but this team will have a lot of experience coming back for 2012 and seemingly should be better for it.

From @abellwillring  Is there any D-Line unit playing better than FSU's in the past month?

I'll say that Penn State's is. This is a defense that actually did a solid job containing Trent Richardson earlier this season, where he had to work very hard just to get 100 yards.  Devon Still is having an All-American season inside and PSU actually has a couple of guys playing at a very high level up front now. The guy next to Still, Jordan Hill may be the most underrated player in the Big Ten. Hill is second on the team in tackles with 51 and also has eight TFLs. Just ask Northwestern about how well Hill is playing. Last week, he had two sacks and deflected a pass that got intercepted and returned for 63 yards to set up a TD. Not bad for just a "two-star" recruit.
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