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My Hornets Draft/Free Agent Ideas

Posted on: April 23, 2012 5:07 pm

At this point theres about 3 draft scenarios at this point that interest me that will include a trades with the Celtics & Warriors and sorry theres no Rondo included.

Scenario 1 Draft Anthony Davis with #1,trade the 10th pick,Jarrett Jack and Xaiver Henry to the Celtics for the 22nd & 42nd picks and trade Trevor Ariza to the Warriors 29th pick.With 22nd pick draft Fab Mello,29th pick John Jenkins and 42nd Scott Machado.Anmesty Okafor

C McGee-Smith-Mello
PF Ilyasova-Davis-Ayon
SF Batum or Matt Barnes-Aminu-Jeff Green
SG Gordon-Courtney Lee-Jenkins
PG Deron Williams or Goran Dragic-Vasguez-Machado

Scenario 2 Draft Drummond with #2,Same trades,at 22 Tayshaun Taylor,at 29 Draymond Green and 42nd Kris  Joesph.Anmesty Okafor.

C McGee-Dummond-Smith
PF Ilyasova-Green-Ayon
SF Batum or Barnes-Aminu-Joseph
SG Gordon-Lee-Gerald Green
PG Williams or Dragic-Vasguez-Taylor

Scenario 3 Draft Gilchrist,same trades,at 22 Mello,at 29 Green and 42nd Machado.Anmesty Okafor

C McGee-Smith-Mello
PF Ilyasova-Green-Ayon
SF Barnes-Gilchrist-Aminu
SG Gordon-Lee-G Green
PG Williams or Dragic-Vasguez-Machado

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