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BCS Championship -Who will finish 1 and 2

Posted on: November 14, 2011 7:25 pm
Edited on: November 14, 2011 7:38 pm

Going into this weekend most "experts" did not mention Oklahoma in the BCS title game. Oklahoma st. and Stanford were the most talked about teams. I said then, and I will say it again. Assuming every team but LSU, (although they could lose to Arkansas)  finishes the season with one loss, it will be Oklahoma and LSU playing for the title. The "magic number' for Oklahoma to clinch is 90% in the both polls. Why 90? Because in the computer rankings, they will finish 2nd, which equates to a 96 ranking. The team ranked 1st gets a 100. 2nd-96, 3rd-92 etc; If you look at the Sagrain ratings, ELO chess, they best accurately predict the outcome of BCS computer ratings.When LSU beat Alabama they jumped from 3rd- 95.9 to a 1st-109, Alabama went from a 96 to 100 in the loss and dropped to 3rd. Coming into the weekend, the teams SOS was OSU(4), OU (7) LSU (8) Alabama (20), , Stanford (73), and Org (36).  Oklahoma has the most difficult SOS (13) remaining, Baylor(9), OSU(2), Iowa st.(28). Only OSU and OU have 6 wins vs the Top 30, and are 2-0 vs the top 10. OU wins in Stillwater, they will be 3-0 vs the Top 10, with each win coming on the road and the Sooners will be 9-0 vs the Top 30. Oklahoma will be ranked 2nd in the computer rankings and will only need to be a 90% in the coaches and Harris polls. If Alabama finishes 4th (88) in the computers rankings and finishes 2nd in each poll with a 92, then Alabama finishes with a (272) 90.3 average. Oklahoma will finish with a (96) in computer rankings, if they finish 3rd in the polls with a 90, Oklahoma's total is 276 or a 92 average. LSU, even if they lose to Arkansas, will play the winner of the OU-OSU game.

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