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Posted on: September 21, 2011 2:05 pm

And we are off.  This week I am focusing on healthier snacks because of a small coronary last week and poverty.


Shane on not having a laptop to check you fantasy football scores while watching the game:  “You lose a little something.”

I have a feeling I am going to see a lot of J-Lo singing in a car today.*

“Anytime you are on a list, and there are other good players on that list.  That’s a list you want to be on” – Some football color commentator.

If I farted on my brother’s head it wouldn’t be funny anymore.  Adulthood is sad… No, wait. If I farted on my brother’s head it would be hilarious.  Everything is okay!

The people who control the TV just switched from the Lions blowing out the Chiefs to the Bills-Raiders game.  How do they know we don’t want to see the Lions blow out a team?!  That’s rarer than a fourth quarter comeback!

Thank you TV people for switching to the Bills-Raiders game.

I missed the game-winning Nelson TD catch inBuffalo.  Never peeing again…

I start a blog and the Detroit Lions go 2-0.  Only one conclusion to draw from that; Calvin Johnson is good.

If you had bet a lot of money on a football game; how much would you pay a guy to throw a drink in the other QB’s face as he left the field for halftime?

The more commercials the NFL plays the more people will sign up for the Sunday Ticket package.  They can not stop making money.

I wish Phillip Rivers would come over to my house and yell at me while I’m in the shower in the morning to get me pumped up for my day.

(When I save enough I buy the team and lead them to the Promised Land.)

Last week: $7.93

This week: $0.93 

Was $7.01 over on groceries, but with a fridge full of apples things are looking good for a rebound this week.


JAK 3 @ 32 NYJ
I read somewhere that Rex Ryan called his brother and made fun of him for losing last weeks match up between the two.  I wish you could buy a coach’s jersey.  Maybe I’ll get one of those sweater vest things he wears? 

KC 3 @ DET 48 
Lions win 48-3!  I was kidding last week when I said Super Bowl, but seriously they won’t win the Super Bowl.

SEA 0 @ PITT 24 
If you don’t score any points you’ll often not win at football.

OAK 35 @ BUF 38
The Buffalo Bills don’t win at football.  What is going on here?

* Turns out I did see a lot of J-Lo singing in a car today.

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