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Posted on: September 27, 2011 1:30 pm

Very, very hung-over this week. I hope my off-blog conduct does not affect this blog, or the streak that the Lions and I have put together, together.



I Just heard that if the Detroit Lions want to do well this year Matthew Stafford needs to stay healthy.  That’s a really good point; I’m surprised nobody else has mentioned it…


Tom Brady WILL be president one day.


If Kerry Collins has a heart attack while dropping back in the pocket would the first defender to touch him get credit for the sack?


Someone should write a movie about players banging cheerleaders and the antics that ensue.  It could be real or made up.  Come to think of it, someone likely has already made a film on that very topic.  To YouPorn!!!


YouPorn is Google for boners.


Miguel Cabrera should play for the Lions, just see what happens.



I got drunk last night and now you’re letting the Vikings beat up on you.  I’m sorry I’ve let my drinking affect your performance on the field. Please bail me out on this one and I’ll never drink again?


If anyone wants to sleep over I’ve rearranged my room and can now fit an air mattress in there. Only thing is when it’s blown up we won’t be able to open the door so we both have to pee in a bucket.


Anyone know the score of the Pats-Bills game?  Fox has not shown any game breaks for a while.


If you threw a dagger, like an actual knife, at Calvin Johnson- he’d catch it.  Same goes for a live barracuda.  What I’m saying is he’s great at football.  Not that I wish him any harm.


I don’t imagine cup cakes are all that difficult to make.


Thank you Jason Hanson!  Once again you’ve kept my alcoholism from affecting the Detroit Lions.


Things are not going well with my fantasy organization.  Rivers, Forte and Starks are all vastly underperforming for the Shrieking Rainbow-Trout.


Ryan Grant may be injured…things are looking up!


I feel like successful football blogs start at the line of scrimmage.


Steelers-Colts tonight; I will say no thank-you NFL.


I’m looking forward to all the Brett Favre to the Eagles rumors this week.


(When I save enough I buy the team and lead them to the Promised Land.)

Last week: $0.92

This week: $1.89

I have partnered with Bank of American in a program called “Keep the Change Transfers”.  When I buy things via debit they round up to the nearest dollar and put that money back in my account.  I’d like to go on the record that the Bank will in no way have any ownership in the Lions.




DET 26 @ MIN 23
Great teams make second half comebacks; just ask Joe Montana.  Seriously, ask him!  I will check with him and make sure you did.

NE 31 @ BUF 34
Seriously though, cut it out Buffalo Bills.  You are a bad football team.   


NYG 29 @ PHI16
Eli Manning; doing it for little brothers everywhere!


NYJ 24 @ OAK 34
I’d like to see Al Davis and Rex Ryan drinking together.  

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