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Posted on: October 11, 2011 4:48 pm

Woke up this morning and realized I have a day of football then a fantasy hockey draft tonight!  Now I know how Jesus felt… well not near the end but on the other days.


“Richard Seymour could have helped the Patriots today, but he can’t because he plays for the Raiders now.” – Some broadcaster with not too much to say about the Pats-Raiders game.

Of all the early games the only one on TV is the Bears-Panthers?!?!  Now I feel like Jesus on Easter.  Come on Chicago?!  You know you want to watch the Lions-Cowboys game.  Who is in charge of TV and what’s his phone number?!?!  Wait till I become president; then things’ll be different.

Nice job Devin Hester but, how hard would it be to return a kick for a TD really?  Don’t brag until I’ve tried it and verified its difficulty.

Life without Andre Johnson would be hell at the Shrieking Rainbow-Trout organization.

20-3! So glad they’re not playing the Lions game on TV.

So crushed they are not playing the Lions game on TV.

Somebody just ordered NFL Red Zone!  Suck it people who schedule the TV!

You gotta be upset if you’re a running back with a bunch of yards on a drive and they give the ball to Marion Barber on the goal line to take it in for the score.

When life has you down and you’re up against it- I want Calvin Johnson on my team.  At the very least he could spring for a hotel room while we wait for the heat to die down.

With the Lions on the goal line, less than a minute to play and the game on the line; the play I’d call would be for Matt Stafford to drop back 80-yds and throw a game winning TD pass to Calvin Johnson. Cause that would be more impressive.

Just once I want to see a defense put all 11 players on Calvin Johnson to see if he'd come down with the ball. Oh wait, he would… Never mind.

I live in Chicago, so I have a front row seat, and for the life of me I can not figure out what is wrong with the Bear's passing game.  It looks to me like Jay Cutler is bad at football, but maybe it’s the O-Line?  I really don't know?

Going to be a long day Monday at the offices of the Shrieking Rainbow Trout while we await news about Andre Johnson's injury.  Can not replace a player of his caliber on your fantasy team.

(When I save enough I buy the team and lead them to the Promised Land.)

Last week: $1.89
This week: $0.00

Got drunk with my roommate and I guess I needed $1.89 for something?  Starting from scratch week 5… I was so close… I’m an idiot!


DET 34 @ DAL30
There are moments in life where you feel like someone is up there looking out.

TEN 31 @ CLE 13
Not only is Tennessee still participating in the league, but they are 3-1.  Who knew?  

MINN 17 @ KC 22
Didn’t watch this game but I’ll bet it was bad. 

SF 24 @ PHI 23
I am surprised.  Guess you shouldn’t trade away all your quarterbacks no matter how fast the one you have is.  Oh, and it’s not like Vick was a rock-solid reliable citizen either… 

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