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Posted on: October 11, 2011 4:51 pm


So my girlfriend and I have the same birthday.  It's on Monday.  The Detroit Lions will play the Chicago Bears in football this Monday...  Looks like I need to sit my girlfriend down and have her watch the original Star Wars trilogy, so she can discover that there is still good left in her to do the right thing; she just needs to search for it.  That and destroy the emperor.



Most years I have trouble keeping track of which week of the season we are in.  At this point I am keeping track of that by how many wins the Lions have, man this is sweet!


Jon Lynch on Carolina stopping Drew Brees  “They got to pray a lot. It is Sunday…”


Al Davis:  I did not know the man, but what I heard I liked.  He was successful doing things his way.  I guess we all are successful doing things our way, but his way won Super Bowls.  We live in a world that often rewards conformity.  To go against the grain and win titles must have been a very good feeling for him.  Perhaps the over-confidence he gained from this led to some of his questionable decisions in later years.  Or, maybe when you own a team for that long you are bound to miss a few times.  Either way in my opinion there’s a guy who can go to the grave saying, “I won, baby!!!”


My girlfriend is about to yell at me for not being ready to go to her Grandmother’s for lunch (I am on the couch wearing a towel, it is not attractive)… here it comes…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..nothing… hmmm.  Guess cause it’s Canadian thanksgiving…


Well, the day has come.  Today the Johnson River Shrieking Rainbow-Trout will take the field without part of our namesake, Andre Johnson.  It’s a sad day for our organization.  I realize I am speaking about him like he is dead, and in a way he is.  In today’s world if you’re not putting up fantasy points, then… well...

Now for my MVP of the 1<sup>st</sup> quarter of the season…  This year’s award goes to:  Peyton Manning.  I’m shocked that the Colts have done so poorly without him.  On offense they have the pieces to have a strong running game.  The have one of the best centers in the league in Jeff Saturday, and Reggie Wayne leads a group of great receivers.  His 3 MVP’s make a little more sense to me now.


Tim Allen is in a new show called “Last Man Standing”… hope that is not set in Detroit.


(When I save enough I buy the team and lead them to the Promised Land.)

Last week: $0.00
This week: $3.32

A little birthday money allows for a nice rebound.  That and I only missed one day of work last week.  Look out NFL the next AL Davis is on his way!!!  (Please don’t stab me Raider fans.)



DET 24 @ CHI 13
Oh, eat it Chicago.  Not only do the Lions own you but I walk around the city wearing my Matthew Stafford t-shirt afterwards!

ARI 10 @ MINN 34
Looks like Donovan McNabb is a better QB than Kolb (not really).

SD 29 @ DEN 24
Okay Tim Tebow, I will support you.  But you CAN’T thank god for your ability or any success you have from this point on.

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